Had Pain

December 16th, 2019

Last night at about 10:00 pm I took 800mg prescription strength Ibuprofen for pain that I am having
At 12:00 as I was getting ready to go to sleep I reached out to the table intending to take one of the regular medications that I take. I took out two tablets. But as I was swallowing them I realized that I had taken 2 more of the 800 mg Ibuprofen. That totaled to 2400 mg of Ibuprofen. I started to panic and tried to force myself to vomit but nothing worked.
I called Hatzolah who told to call Poison Control. Poison control took all information and told me that it is not necessary to go to the hospital. They told me to drink milk and eat something.
I did as they advised, but I also said the tfillas Todah. I promised to publicly Thank You Hashem that BH there were no adverse effects.
I will also donate $18 to the Thank You Hashem Organization

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