Hashem send me a job offer

October 26th, 2020

I had to give up my job when covid first started. I never started searching for a new one till 2 weeks ago when I became desperate.

Im going through a very difficult time in my life these days… so I kinda gave up on everything. At my witz ends hashem sent me a job opportunity, the one I was dreaming of all the time..with great terms…even more, they were the one reaching out to me after getting their references. So it was a done deal by the time they called me asking if im still looking for a job. I was thrilled, and clearly saw that hashem doesn’t let me down even in the worst times even though he is the one doing this all to me. So I promised to share my story and give a donation to TYH group if all arrangements work out in order to actually take the job…bh tyh!
I hope to start next week iyh, and everything should work out amazingly!

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