Hashgacha Journal

This project was inspired by Mr. Charlie Sultan A”H

After his passing, his son discovered over

twenty notebooks of hashgacha pratit stories

spanning over two decades. He lived with

Hashem, guiding him through his life in all


It all started when a friend of his, Rabbi Frankel,

showed him a letter signed by the leaders of

the generation, Rabbi Yaacov Kaminetzky and

Rav Moshe Feinstein of blessed memory. It

was an open letter to the Jewish people to pay

attention to Hashem’s guiding hand and to

record such instances. Mr. Sultan placed the

letter at the beginning of one of his diaries with

the following words on the side, “Try it (writing

down these stories), a few words (at a time), as

not to make it a strain.”

These few words give us a glimpse into his

realistic approach to serving Hashem. We

too can change our lives by writing down our

experiences of Hashem’s divine hand directing

our lives. By noticing this we will have a closer

and more tangible relationship with Him.

On the first page we added a sample filled in

by one of Mr. Sultan’s sons, describing how he

found the diaries. Interestingly, there was a total

of exactly 613 pages in Mr. Sultan’s notebook,

corresponding to the 613 commandments that

are strengthened through focusing on Emunah.

letter gedolim heb letter gedolim eng

Letter from the Gedolim

As any thoughtful person will understand, it

is very important in these times to implant

the belief in the heart of every person that

Hashem watches personally over the life of

each individual. This is especially critical when

educating our youngsters, because this is a pillar

which upholds our entire belief system.

A good strategy for reinforcing this faith is to

keep a notebook chronicling any situation in

which a person sees and feels Hashem’s direct

supervision in matters of daily life.

One can easily discern that this approach will

uproot and negate the sense that things occur at

random, or that the forces of Nature dominate

our lives, or that it is “my fortitude and the power

of my hand” that accomplish things in life.

By strengthening this mitzvah all the other

mitzvoth of the 613 will be fortified. Then we will

experience the words of the prophet Habbakuk:

“The righteous man will be vitalized by his faith.”

Rabbi Yaacov Kaminetzky

Rabbi Moshe Feinstein


With the Guidance of Rabbi David Sutton

the Journal was created, please click link below

for the Journal Download.

Hashaga Pratit Diary

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