Thankful Thoughts
  • Thank you hashem no one in my family is sick Thank you hashem for a beautiful Chag Thank you hashem my family lives close to me Thank you hashem I’m able to stay home for chag Thank u hashem I have hired help Thank you hashem that $ isn’t a stress this chag Thank u hashem my babies usually sleep the night Thank you hashem for my generous in laws Thank u hashem for my healthy children Thank you hashem u gave me children Thank you hashem I have a husband Thank you hashem my five senses work Thank you hashem my husband is well Thank you he cares about minyan and Halacha Thank you hashem for my koach and health Thank you hashem I’m not itchy Thank you hashem that my baby eats well Thank you hashem I’m usually not in pain with her eating I’ll publicly post when this annoying pain passes and I’ll publicly post when she sleeps ok    ~~~!~~~
  • Thank you hashem for not s/t happem to me I was davening that it shld be good and so far it’s good thank you!    ~~~!~~~
  • Thank you Hashem in advance for my son to have a legal parking spot when he comes. Thank you Hashem    ~~~!~~~
  • Thank you Hashem in advance my son should be able to get the medication for his wife. Thanking Hashem in advance they should be able to reach the doctor. Thank you Hashem in advance the doctor should call in the medication to the pharmacy. Thank you Hashem    ~~~!~~~
  • I drove into NYC and my car inspection was expired thank you hashem that I didn’t got a ticket    ~~~!~~~
  • Thank You Hashem That Baruch HaShem me and my family had a beautiful wonderful Yom Tov till now Thank You Hashem In advance for a beautiful Yom Tov further bezras Hashem yisbarach Thank You Hashem that my family is gezunt in shtark Thank You Hashem That Baruch HaShem my stomach is great Thank You Hashem That Baruch HaShem my digestive system is great Thank You Hashem For everything that you give for me and my family Thank You Hashem Thank You Hashem    ~~~!~~~
  • Thank you Hashem for my cleaning lady. Thank you Hashem she b”h showed up chasdei hashem. thank you Hashem for my family thank you Hashem for our health. thanking Hashem in advance for my family to have a simchas oneg Yom tov. Thank you Hashem    ~~~!~~~
  • Thank you Hashem my husband is waiting for his next by his appointmentm thanking Hashem in advance he should be called very soon. Thanking Hashem in advance it should not take long. Thanking Hashem in advance for my husband’s appointment to be with hatzlucha and siyata dishmaya. They should not ask any questions. Thanking Hashem in advance it should go by smoothly. Thank you Hashem    ~~~!~~~
  • Thank you Hashem my husband is at his appointment now. Thanking Hashem in advance it should go with hatzlucha and siyata dishmaya. Thanking Hashem in advance they should not give him a hard time. Thanking Hashem in advance they should not ask any questions. Every thing should go by bosholom iyh. Thank you Hashem    ~~~!~~~
  • Thank u hashem my brother had a health baby Thank u hashem for my hired help ThNk u hashem my family is healthy Thank u hashem my baby seeps well Thank u hashem my toddler sleeps well Please help her adjust to new bed ok    ~~~!~~~
  • Thank you Hashem my husband is going to take care of something today I’m thanking Hashem in advance he should have haztlucha and siyata dishmaya in whatever he is taking care of today. Thanking Hashem in advance they should not ask questions thanking Hashem in advance they should accept whatever he is returning and that should be good enough. Thank you Hashem my husband should have hatzlucha anf siyata dishmaya on his day today. Thank you Hashem. My husband should come and go gezunterheit. Thank you Hashem    ~~~!~~~
  • Thank you Hashem my young couple is coming for Yom tov. Thanking Hashem in advance it should be a beautiful Yom tov calm and relaxed . Thanking Hashem in advance for the meal to go by ruig my kids should behave I should not have to be embarrassed. Thank you Hashem for a calm relaxing beautiful Yom tov. Thanking hashem in advance for my husband to be calm and relaxed with my son the entire Yom tov. Thanking Hashem in advance everyone in my family should enjoy the Yom tov. Thank you Hashem    ~~~!~~~
  • Thank you Hashem for a beautiful morning. Thank you Hashem we woke up healthy. Thank you Hashem for a good night of rest. Thank you Hashem for my husband and beautiful children. Thank you Hashem for all u gave and give my family all day every singel day. Thank you Hashem for this beautiful platform where we can just plain thank you Hashem all day long every day. Thank you Hashem    ~~~!~~~
  • Thank you Hashem. I have been having alot of pain in my leg and foot for a fee weeks. Thank you Hashem that it’s much better. Still need a Refuah. Please Hashem. Thank you Hashem fire always taking care odd me. I love you Hashem    ~~~!~~~
  • Thank you hashem for a good night sleep.Thank you Hashem for waking up today.For another day of thanking HASHEM. Thank you for giving me all that I need. Thank you Hashem in advance for making my husband relaxed and calm and enjoy yom tov. I love u Hashem    ~~~!~~~


Normal Person

Thank you hashem yesterday I didn't feel so well had feever and I said if I will wake up today like a normal person I will publicly thank hashem so thank you hashem I woke up like nothing happened !!!!!!!

Pink Eye

I recently came across your movement and I was inspired to try it for myself. I woke up one morning with a really red eye and I was nervous that it might be a popped blood vessel or pink eye. Both of these take a while to go away. So I just prayed and promised Hashem...

Bad Cold

Hi was not feeling well have this bad cold and felt feverish. Said Hashem thanks for all the times I felt fine. Pls help me I should feel better and will post on the group. B"h little while later started feeling better... Thank u Hashem...


Thank u Hashem last night I felt like I was coming down with a virus was not feeling well didn’t have a appetite .. I said thank u Hashem for always making me feel good and giving me strength to take care of my family plz Make me feel better and I’ll post it on the...

Daughter Headache

My daughter got up with a strong headache which usually means she stays in bed, I told to thank hashem for all the times she is feeling good and we will publicize it on the group when it gets better and it didn't take long she started feeling better and was able to go...

Blurry Vision

Out of the blue, I got very blurred vision. My lenses were bothering me, and I couldn’t see normally. I wasn’t local, so I couldn’t get my glasses. I can’t see without lenses, and it was very frustrating, and extremely annoying, that I couldn’t see clearly. I then...

Fine Morning

I wasn't feeling well last night, and I couldn't fall asleep. I said, “Hashem, if I will feel better, and be able to sleep, I will thank You publicly”. B”H I felt a lot better, and fell asleep!! This morning, I was fine!! Thank you Hashem!

Feeling Fine

I woke up not feeling well, and thanked HaShem for all the times I was ok. Now I'm feeling fine! Thank you HaShem for my health!

Feeling Well

My wife wasn’t feeling well, so she thanked Hashem for every time she felt okay, and we said, “We will thank Hashem ברבים if she gets better”. B”H it went away without going to doctor!! Hashem is the רופא נאמן!!!

Scary Bump

My son had a very scary bump on his body, and I promised to thank Hashem in public, if the Doctor says it's nothing major. Now here I am. That's what the doctor said! Thank you Hashem for this, and for everything you do with me, and all Jewish people!!! THANKS HASHEM...

Rubbing Eyes

My eye was hurting me on Friday. It was bothering so much. I kept rubbing it until I looked in the mirror, and saw it’s red and swelling up. I said I’ll thank Hashem publicly if my eye will feel better. In minutes, I felt better, and there was no problem! Thank you...

Headache Better

Thank you hashem. I was suffering from a severe headache and said I'll post public if it goes away. Bh I started feeling much better. Thank you hashem always.

Hand Hurt

friday night my hand started hurting me little and wasnt sure where came from.. So I Thanked Hashem and said if it feels better soon i will post on group.. B"H was so much better by morning!! Thank You Hashem!!!!!

Lucky Cut

I had a door fall on my head and cut it open 2 inches. Doctors that heard what happened told me that I am very lucky that my head got cut, if not I could have died. THANK YOU HASHEM FOR MY LIFE!!

Stubborn Teeth

Something got stuck between my teeth and would not budge. I thanked Hashem for all the times this did not happen before, and said I iyH would thank Hashem publicly when (if!!)it came out without doing damage.BH! THANK YOU HASHEM for releasing it a few seconds later!


I was away for Shabbos, and my 1-year old nephew began to choke on something. I looked away, and right away said, “I will thank Hashem b'rabim when he is ok”. Thank You Hashem, he is absolutely fine, and it came out right away!! Thank You Hashem!

Foot Pain

My son woke up crying last night, that his foot hurts. I said, “Thank you Hashem that his foot was never hurting, and please have the pain go away, and he should fall back asleep. I’ll publicly Thank you Hashem”. B”H a few minutes later, the pain went away, and he...


I was having some on and off heartburn that was uncomfortable, and was waking me. I Thanked Hashem for all the times I felt good and that I would say,” Thank You” publicly, when it subsided. B”H Thank You Hashem I am feeling better! Thank You Hashem for all Your...

Hot Reminder

My baby was up burning with fever in the middle of the night. First, I got scared, then I said, “Thank you Hashem for all the times he was well”, and I had in mind to publicize if he is better. He woke up in the morning, and seemed completely fine all day, and I...


I was with my infant son in the hospital last night, for many hours. There were so many people there, with all kinds of serious illnesses. I promised to thank Hashem in public, if after the very long wait, we would be discharged with just a prescription. And yes, that...


Last night, my husband realized he got a splinter, which was very deep, and caused a bruise. I promised to thank Hashem in public if he managed to get it out himself, without needing to wait for a doctor tomorrow. B”H after a few minutes it was removed, and he was...

Contact Lens

Today I was at an appointment and rubbed my eye. All of a sudden, it was bothering me, and I realized my contact lens is half-way out. It was really uncomfortable, so I decided to just take it out, even though it would mean that I have no way of putting it back in...

Daughter Sleeping

My daughter has a very bad cough and couldn’t fall asleep. I said, “Thank you Hashem for all the times that she sleeps well”. Now she sleeping B”H!!

Ear Pain

My daughter had terrible ear pain yesterday, and was feeling terrible. I told her to thank Hashem for the pain and promise to publicize if the pain was better in the morning. Boruch Hashem she woke up this morning feeling much better and the pain almost completely...

Side Pain

I had a really bothersome and somewhat frightening pain in my side for the last 2 days, that made me very uncomfortable.  It wasn't improving with time, and even painkillers didn't seem to help. I thanked Hashem that I am usually pain free. Last night, I promised to...

Ear Infection

I've had an ear infection for the past 2 weeks. I finished my antibiotics, and my ear was still hurting badly. I thanked Hashem for all the times that my ear felt good, and said that I would thank Him publicly if it would get better. When I woke up this morning, my...

Nothing Wrong

The last 2 weeks, I had a lot of headaches. Today I made an appointment by the doctor. On the way to the doctor, I thanked Hashem for my health until now, and for the health of my family. I promised to post in public if it’s nothing. Thank You Hashem, the doctor said...


I had a big sonogram that had to be done, and I was really nervous about the results. I thanked Hashem for my health, and said that if the sonogram results were good, then I would thank Hashem publicly. B”H the results were excellent, and I would like to publicly...

Stopped Coughing

My son has a cold, and got a bad coughing attack in middle of his sleep. I asked Hashem to make him feel better, and Thank you Hashem the kid instantly stopped coughing!  B”H he slept through the night peacefully, as well. Thank you Hashem!

Pain in the Neck

A few days ago, I had a stiff neck, and I was really uncomfortable. I thanked Hashem that my neck never hurt me before, and I also said that I”yh I’m going to say, “Thank you Hashem” publicly, as soon as its going to be better. B”H it’s gone today!! Thank you Hashem...

Home Care

My baby has mrsa, and I was afraid we would have to go to the emergency room for them to drain it, as it’s in a very sensitive area. I promised to thank Hashem in public, if I can drain it at home without going to the hospital. Thank You Hashem I was able to do just...

Fever Gone

Thank You Hashem! My fever is gone and I am well! I promised to post in public, and I am able to do my work. Thank you Hashem!

Sore Throat

I woke up this morning with a terrible sore throat, and was immediately thinking strep throat.  I thanked Hashem for all the times I woke up and felt fine, and in minutes it was completely gone!! Thank you Hashem! There is nothing hashem can't do for us!!

Feeling Better

Thank you Hashem, today I woke up and I wasn't feeling so good. I decided to thank Hashem for all the days that I B”H feel good. Thank you Hashem that I'm feeling much better now! We always have to remember, keep thanking hashem before we get sick, and pray for the...

Health Scare

Today, I wasn’t feeling well, and had a big health scare. I promised to thank Hashem publicly if it goes away and i feel better. B”H I feel much better! I want to Thank Hashem for my good health today and always!!

Root Canal

Promised to post in public if I don’t need a root canal right now, a day before my granddaughter's wedding!  Thank you Hashem!  I don’t!  How wonderful You are Hashem!  Also, I'm feeling better with my throat.  I'll feel completely fine tomorrow BH!!  I can always...

Wrist Pain

I woke up Shabbos morning with pain in my right wrist.  I thanked Hashem for all the times it didn’t hurt. I promised to publicize if it will go away before I have to start playing on a job tonight. Now the pain is gone B”H!! Thank you Hahsem!


I had fallen asleep on the couch on Shabbos morning, and felt like I couldn’t move. (It happens to me from time to time.) In my sleep, I promised that when I will be able to move, I will thank Hashem in public. So here I am thanking Hashem!

Red Eye

My son had a red eye yesterday. I said then if he wakes up without it, and I don’t need to go to the doctor, and he can go to חדר I'll publicize Hashem’s great name. Thank you Hashem, he woke up much better and went to חדר like nothing would have been wrong!...

Pain in the Throat

I had throat pain. I said, “I will thank publicly when it goes away completely”. B”H it went away so I'm here to thank ברבים THANK YOU HASHEM!! YOU ONLY DO GOOD AND THANKS FOR SHOWING US THE GOOD!

Stomach Flare-Up

I have a stomach condition and wasn't feel well last night. I have a big week coming up, and was hoping it wouldn't be something major. I thanked Hashem for helping me through all the tough times and flare-ups over the years. Thank you Hashem I woke up feeling great...

Sinus Headache

I had a terrible headache, and was afraid it’s a sinus headache. I thanked Hashem for all the times I had a small headache that didn’t last long, and if the headache goes away, I’ll post it in public. And B”H It went away! Wow! Thank you Hashem!!

Good News

I had to take blood work early last week by the doctor, regarding some concerns he had. B”H we didn’t hear back all week, so we assumed no news is good news. After Shabbos, I hear a voicemail that was left half hour before Shabbos, to call the doctor. Since it was...

Feeling Dizzy

When I awoke this morning, I felt very dizzy and couldn't get out of bed. So I lay back down, and after a few attempts I still felt dizzy. I then thanked Hashem for all the times I got up feeling ok, and told myself if the dizziness subsided, I would publicly thank...

Better Playing

My son wasn’t feeling well for a while, and he wasn’t getting better even after a few days. We decided to thank Hashem when he feels better, and starts feeling “alive” again, like playing and eating like he used to. So now we are thanking Hashem for the chesed he has...

Short Headache

Today at work, my head was hurting me for 30 minutes. I decided to thank hashem for all the time that I did not have a headache. 7 minutes later my headache went away! Thank you Hashem!

Sinus Healed

My husband had a job today, and in the morning, he woke up with a sinus and cold. He didn’t think he would be able to take the job. I said, “Thanks Hashem for giving my husband jobs, and for all the times he was well. And if he feels better, and if he takes the job,...

Insurance Covered

My wife and I have been waiting for a doctor’s appointment for my 2 daughters for a little while now, and our appointment was finally coming up tomorrow morning. Boruch Hashem not for anything serious, they are both healthy and happy. But it was just a time thing that...

Chest Pain

A few days ago, I had terrible chest pain. I said, “Hashem, thank You for my wonderful life, and thank you that I'm healthy. Please take this away, and I'll thank you publicly”. And guess what, it was gone, and still is!! THANK YOU HASHEM!!!

New Meds

My wife wasn’t feeling well today, and it was very hard, so she did what we all do, she thanked Hashem for all the times she felt good, and promised to publicize it as she feels better. B”H, she is feeling excellent!!! (In the past she used to take medication for it,...

Medic IV

I had a Yiddish patient on my ambulance this night, and the paramedic was trying to start an IV line to give fluids for him, but was unsuccessful. After trying a few times, the son told the medic, “It’s a waste of your time, because every time they need to start IV on...

Got Better

I had some pain which really bothering me. I thanked Hashem, and promised to thank Him in public if gets better.  B”H it got much better! Thank you Hashem!

Vacation Pain

I was on vacation, and I started to feel pain in my foot. I was afraid that I'll not enjoy the vacation. I thanked Hashem for everything, and prayed that the pain on my feet should go away. B”H the pain went away completely! Thank you Hashem!

Thanked Also

I wasn’t feeling well this whole week.  When I checked my phone, I saw how so many people are thanking Hashem, so I did the same. I thanked Hashem, and asked to feel better, and promised to post in public if I feel better today. I woke up, and felt good and strong, so...

Clear X-Ray

I had an injury where I thought I broke something, and was in alot of pain. I said, “Thank you Hashem for all the times that I did not have pain and was able to walk”. I took X-rays, and all was clear! Thank You Hashem!

Itchy Itch

Last night, my son woke up crying that his foot was itching him. I put on cream, and Thanked Hashem that we never had this problem, and if it goes away, I’ll post in public. This morning, he woke up crying that his whole body was itching him. I told him, will take him...

Leg Pain

My son woke up with extreme pain in his leg that he couldn't fall back asleep. We both thanked Hashem for his healthy legs till now. I sat with him in his bed, and within 5 minutes he fell back asleep! This morning, he woke up with all the leg pain forgotten!! Thank...

Throat Pain

Believe it or not, I just lived through a real miracle. I had throat pain for the last few months, and already went to the doctor a few times. There was always another diagnostic. Once they said it was a virus, once was a sinus, etc., but it never went away. Today I...

NO Dentist

I have had a lot of trouble with my teeth, and needed a lot of dental work over the years. This week, I started to feel pain and was concerned I would need to go back to the dentist, and have more extensive work (which would entail pain and money I don’t have now). I...

Clean Health

We were dealing with a medical issue for the past year. Before every appointment, and before every procedure, and anytime I worried, I kept saying, “Thank You Hashem”. Baruch HaShem, I got a call from the doctor today that I’m in the clear! Thank You Hashem for my...

Dizzy PTA

I had PTA for my son tonight. I was sitting with the teacher, and all of a sudden I got very dizzy. I thanked Hashem for all the times I felt well, and said, “If it goes away, I will post it in public”. B:H it went away! Thank you Hashem!!

Cough Better

Last night my son was croup coughing and crying. I said, “Thank You Hashem, for mine and my family’s overall good health”, and said, “I would post in public if he gets better soon”. My wife took him in the shower to inhale steam, and after a few minutes, he said, “I’m...

Arm Click

My baby’s arm clicked out of place. I ran to the doctor. Two doctors tried putting it back into place and it didn’t work. I said, “Thank you Hashem, I will post in public if it gets fixed without going to the emergency room”. On my way out a 3rd doctor came after me...

No More Fever

This morning my granddaughter woke up with fever and was throwing up. I started Thanking Hashem that they came to visit, thanking for her and her twin’s health. Thanking Hashem for all His free gifts. I took out the other two grandchildren for ice cream, and her...

Kugel Ache

I have a stomach condition and get terribly sick when eating food with MSG. Without knowing, I ate a piece of kugel Friday night with MSG and was up all night feeling sick. I kept thanking Hashem for all the times I felt good and all the times Hashem has gotten me...

Overnight Healing

I woke in middle of the night with back pain the past 2 nights. I said out loud, "THANK YOU HASHEM for all the times I didn't have back pain, and please help me this time too”! THANK YOU HASHEM I woke up without the pain B"H!

Instant Refuah

Last night, my wife woke me up that she's not feeling well. She thinks we should call Hatzolah. I said, “Thank you Hashem for all the times she feels great, and if we won't have to call, I will post it ברבים”.  ב"ה she started feeling better! THANK YOU HASHEM...

Boiling Over

I boiled up some hot water to put into a hot water bottle. While pouring, I didn't realize that I had reached the top and the boiling water spilled over on to my hand. I quickly put it into cold water and was expecting my whole hand from my wrist down to be burnt. B”H...

Pain Away

My wife often suffers from extreme stomach pain, which usually last 2-3 days. It’s a gas kind of pain, where nothing goes up or down. Just sits in there and travels around to the back and side. This time the pain was unbearable. After trying everything she usually...

Healthy Liver

I went to the doctor to do some blood work. A few days later I get a call from the doctor’s office that my liver enzymes are elevated and they recommend further testing! I Scheduled an appointment. Before I went to the doctor, I thanked Hashem for all the Good he...