I had big issues with the town on a house that we were doing construction

June 14th, 2021

I had big issues with the town on a house that we were doing construction, they found some stuff that wasn’t on the permit. They shut us at the time & issued many fines. We later on received those other permits they wanted us to do, they made it so hard until they actually approved them. After 2 years we finally got everything through, but we never paid the fines. But now we’re in need for the final CO & they won’t issue it to us until we take care of the penalties. I asked that we have another meeting to see if we can work this out. Being that the construction official is a known רשע, I knew that the chances are weak & he will make us pay every dime, but I figured let’s do השתדלות. Her secretary scheduled me for a meeting with him last week Wednesday for this week Wednesday the 26th. She also added that the construction official I was supposed to meet is leaving (or being fired) this week Friday the 21st, so I’ll be meeting with the new boss, a current inspector being promoted. I came to our meeting yesterday the 26th & we spoke about the job & I said I’m sorry, I learned the hard way, etc. He was thinking for a few minutes, than he said these fines are a few thousand dollars, I’ll make it for two hundred dollars….
I’m soooo thankful to hashem for this & for everything he does for me & my family!

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