I misplaced my diamond necklace.

September 5th, 2021

This past week I misplaced my diamond necklace. I was beside myself. It was erev Shabbos and I had no time to search for it. So I thanked Hashem and bentched Licht. I tried to remember what I did with it where I could have hidden it. In middle of everything I started to say Thank You Hashem what ever is your will. Shortly after I remembered where I put it and after Shabbos to my great relief I found it. Thank You Hashem!
Thank You Hashem! As always I thank Hashem when my fridge goes into Shabbos mode. One day I hope to get a mechanic in so that it works normally. Until then I Thank You Hashem for all the times it goes on easily and also when I have difficulty.

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