I needed to have around $50,000 to start Medical treatments

August 5th, 2020

Hi I want to share a experience recently happened we need to learn to thank hashem for everything we have and everything we dont because all is for our best interests.
I needed to do some medical treatments that we try going through insurance it didn’t work out I needed to have around $50,000 to start.

It was very stressful on us how we can get such an amount of money fast, we were looking into loan options the best way to do it we figured to refinance my house for it to get some money out… but it started to get hard on us with all that we had to do in order to work out.. as time went by I turned to the only one in control “HASHEM” I started thanking him of everything I have, and hope for him to help me…

I was so lost… as soon as I started thanking him I got a phone call that I was approved through some program that “they will take care of all my financial need in full!!”

Thank you hashem for listening and helping me in such a great way! By sharing the story I hope for the best and full recovery! all should be in a good success!

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