I see lights behind me

July 27th, 2021

Last week I am driving a truck in the catskills

I see lights behind me
I pull over to the side and then start thanking hashem

and then the unbelievable happened
the officer goes over to the passenger side

and my non-Jewish assistant got a ticket for not wearing a seatbelt and I was let go free
even though I wasn’t wearing a seatbelt either.

Today I am driving the truck and I see lights behind me and I was wearing a seat belt
and I was not speeding
and I was wondering why I was pulled over
but I was thanking Hashem regardless
and hoping for the best

the officer comes to the car and says I apologize for pulling you over
your license plate, I had entered incorrectly…..

I am totally convinced thanking Hashem really works!

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