I waited 5 weeks for an eye Dr. Appointment

August 6th, 2020

I waited 5 weeks for an
Eye doctor appointment
For my husband.
The day before the appointment I came home from the pool and
Saw a missed call.
I redialed the number.. there was no answer.
On the way home to the city I was checking my phone and realised There was a voicemail from the
Eye doctors office that The appoinrment is cancelled…..the eye dr
Will not be there.
Everything is bashert so we went back to the city anyway.
An hour after we were home our alarm system went off…. fire… smoke… On 2nd floor I ran upstairs and bh all was clear
Meanwhile 3 units from the fire department came screeching down the block.
Had we not been home..they would have broken down our door..
Vandalize and ransacked
Our apartment.
Chasdei hashem.

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