I wasn’t feeling well with a bit of COVID

May 20th, 2021

Thank You Hashem!!!!! This past Sunday I wasn’t feeling well with a bit of COVID like symptoms lower back pain and leg weakness. Strangely I had COVID about 3 Months back.
I took a COVID test and B”H C”H came up Negative. Monday I went to the Doctor and I received some back pain medicine. Early Tuesday morning I woke up with strange feeling, upper back pain and some chest area discomfort. Thinking it was likely back pain/ acid reflux I took some medicine.. and went back to try to sleep. A Bit later In shul I met a Orthopedist who I was Friendly with and I decided to consult with him thinking he would tell me to come into his office. Instead he advised me to go for EKG. So doing my Hishtadlus, I went to Urgent Care for an EKG which B”H C”H showed up Normall. Even so the Doctor said he wanted to send me to the emergency room because he didn’t like my story. Hatzalah took me to The hospital and I was given a blood test. Shockingly at least to me, My Tropinin level (Possible Heart Attack indicator) was very high and things started to go into a bit of a spin. What other test to do? Which type? Why is this number so high?
I Thanked Hashem For all the times that my Heart was working well and I said I would publicaly Thank Hashem when all goes well. After many Test and a Day in the hospital B”H C”H I was Discharged. Aspirin and seemingly unknown cause. Thank You Hashem For This amazing Miracle!!! Thank You Aibeshta For Every Breath And Every Heartbeat. Thank You Hashem For all Your amazing Miracles you Perform for Gantz Klal Yisroel and Your Entire world. Thank You Hashem for Everything!

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