I would like to share my miracle story.

June 16th, 2019

I would like to share my miracle story.

This happened 2 weeks ago
I was waiting for an approval from a city agency in reference to a very valuable project. I got a response that this is a ‘Definite no’ I will not get it approved.

Today in the morning I decided to make a call and convene again, i gave Tzaduka and promised to publish the story and thank Hashem, and, the unbelievable happened I got the approval a hour after the phone call!!!

Thank You Hashem!

And now this week It only got better

After I thanked Hashem I got last Friday the first day Shveeas another approval from the city. I was waiting 3 years for this!

This is abnormal as the city process is slow during coronavirus and now they have me the approval!

Thank You Ari for keeping me inspired by the amazing stories day after day!

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