I’d like to share a wonderful story.

September 21st, 2020

I’d like to share a wonderful story with you of watching miracles by saying thank you to Hashem for everything that happens whether we interpret it as being favorable or unfavorable. Last week I was overjoyed to hear that the gallery has an interested buyer in my painting. The check was not yet written and the painting was not yet finalized so I did according to the book my sister sent me titled “Say Thank you and See Miracles” by Shalom Arush and I thanked HaShem for not yet selling my painting. I was only doing this because I had read this book and I felt that if it worked so well for others I should also implement the practice of thanking HaShem for everything even things that I would judge to be hardships for me. It would make no logical sense to thank HaShem for not having yet finalized the sale of this painting however…listen to what unfolded. Because the painting has not yet been officially sold and shipped off to the buyer it remained hanging on the gallery wall. I promise you the following is a true account of what happened: a second set of buyers completely fell in love with this one painting and have been contacting the gallery owner to find out if the first buyer is moving forward or not. The gallery owner very intelligently created yet a second opportunity for this by telling them that if the first buyer does go through with the sale that they in turn can commission a similar piece. So you see by thanking Hashem for what seemed to me at the time a very irrational thing as Him not finalizing the sale of my painting to which I could greatly use the money He orchestrated a doubling of my profits! These paintings are selling for more money than I could have ever dreamed of and I feel I am slowly being pulled into a dream of creating and being paid for art as a living. May you all have a wonderful Shabbos and a very very happy new year. May we all see Hashem’s blessings even in our trials and may we continue to thank Him to receive even greater blessings.

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