I’m in Israel for my sons wedding

July 21st, 2020

I am in isreal for my sons wedding בשע”ט when we arrived in airport wehad to fil in a form they wouldn’t except it, they decided to send us all to a motell ,we weren’t going to have it, we try to argue with them, well argue with isrealy is hard one, after an hour messing around with them I thought to myself I will get out I will thank hashem when I am sorted.with in no time we were out at the passport control they asked what you doing here I said: “I don’t know” they started shouting at each other I said leave me out, I only spoke english and we were out we turned round to each other looked and said wow where are we. like we were laughing from relief and happiness. ב”ה
our 14 days are over every
one is healthy and thank you hashem for sending us all the great people to do shopping for us

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