I’m on orlando and I switched from one house

February 16th, 2020

I’m on orlando and i switched from one house to the other i made 2 trips to the new house my sister took one trip and dropped of some stuff and then came back to collect the rest of the stuff to drop off at the new place when i got there none of the boxes where there i called the management and garbage company no one had it i was getting nervous i said thank you Hashem and said that if we can find our boxes and everything we left in front of the house i’ll post it on the group publicly. 3 min later my husband said maybe she dropped it off at a diff house. My sister had sent me pics of all the boxes she dropped off so i looked at the pic and i saw a diff welcome mat so i asked her to describe to me the house she dropped it off at and were it was located on the street i went to check and all the boxes were there b”H!!! A real miracle those were important stuff i needed.

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