Thankful Thoughts

My wife and I have been waiting for a doctor’s appointment for my 2 daughters for a little while now, and our appointment was finally coming up tomorrow morning. Boruch Hashem not for anything serious, they are both healthy and happy. But it was just a time thing that we had been waiting for, and needed now. About an hour ago, my wife gets a phone call from the doctor’s office saying that both my daughters’ insurance cards are not active, and not going through. Due to that, unfortunately we would not be able to come without it being resolved. It usually takes a while to reach the company that takes care of the insurance cards, and more time till its resolved. I told my wife to say, “Thank You Hashem for all the times that we had no issues and all the times when things just ran smoothly”. I myself thanked Hashem as well. Boruch Hashem, within a couple of minutes they had answered the phone, changed the ID numbers on both cards, and everything was all set, and the appointment is back on. Thank You Hashem for Everything!