It was night time (after 10 pm) and I was doing something

April 18th, 2023

Mar 1/17
It was night time (after 10 pm) and I was doing something in the closet and “out of nowhere,” something buzzed by my ear. I had no idea what it was, so I took out my eye glasses to look more carefully.

It was a bee and I had no clue how it got inside and usually they are not around at night. I did not know what to do and it was flying around by the light that was on in the hallway, so it stayed in a small area, which was good. I kept trying to tell it to go near the door, which was close by, so I could let it out. Then I asked Hashem for help. There is a great tzaddik’s name I decided to say, who I heard a story about using it for when you are dealing with a situation where you need protection and hoped that would help. I said it like this, “Eloka, de’Rabbi Meir (Bal Haness) Aneini!”
What happened next was hard to bee-lieve. I had a shower rod that I use inside in that area for laundry and there were some hangers on there, at the time.
The bee settled on one of the hangers and I simply lifted up the hanger, brought it to the door and let it outside. What was most amazing, is that it did not move off the hanger when I moved it. The whole time was taking the bee out on the hanger I kept saying, “Eloka, de’Rabbi Meir Aneini!” Yishtabach Shemo – Baruch Hashem, in the merit of Rabbi Meir Bal Haness!

I wished I could have recorded this, because is was something le’ma’ala min ha’tevah that is really hard to fathom. Of course, that couldn’t have been done, unless someone else was there with me.

Mar 2/17 Next day
Today, I saw something very strange and unusual right outside my door, that seemed to be attached to a crack in the stucco of the wall and I also never saw a crack in the stucco before. I was not sure what it was, so I went outside to look. It was a bee that was dead, but how did it get there? Was that the same bee I let out last night that was flying around by the light? I will never know for sure, as I let it out last night, but did not kill it. I took the dead one out of there and put it on the earth of the ground nearby.
Thank You Hashem!

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