I’ve been going through a difficult time

July 28th, 2020

I’ve been going through a difficult time as a single mother trying not to drown in the sea of expenses with the lack of work because of this virus that shook everything up. My landlord doesn’t want to renew my lease because of a few late payments, as of now I’m only behind one month which is the last month of my lease and the landlord won’t accept a check issued by an assisting program. Needless to say, getting accepted into a new apartment with not such great credit and at the moment no bank account is presenting a challenge but I believe that ‏ישועת השם כהרף עין! HASHEM is capable of anything so I’m thanking HASHEM first of all that I found an apartment that suits my needs and I’m also thanking HASHEM in advance for making it happen and finding me a way to move in by August 4th!

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