Ki toiv hashem

November 22nd, 2020

I feel so blessed and am in awe of Hashem’s power. I feel extremely privileged to be the beneficiary of such greatness and I’d like to thank Hashem publicly for pulling thru the unbelievable.

My brother is marrying off his oldest child in Israel this week and it is quite a big deal being that he is my only sibling living there while the rest of us all live in the tri state area.
Most of us were planning to go to the wedding but with corona, e/o backed out and it was just me and one more sibling who said we will still make every effort to go despite the difficulties involved. We needed to get a special visa entry and we started the process 3 weeks before. We tried lots of different ways. In some tries we were denied(whereas the previous week, we had heard countless pple who actually received it via this way) In another attempt , we were asked every day for diff documents and then left hanging. There was no one to talk to or reach out to, to even try to find out what was going on. The unknown and the constant back and forth paperwork was extremely challenging. It was phone calls and emails non stop and nothing seemed to be moving. Of course we davened and gave tzedaka and waited some more. We kept on hoping maybe today, maybe in an hour, maybe before Shabbos. Friends & Family kept on checking in, hoping to hear the good news from us.

Well, the Shabbos before the wedding we still didn’t have the long awaited visa. As a matter of fact, our other attempt finally emailed us a denial Friday afternoon.

Thursday night 2 diff pple suggested we try our original method one more time thru 2 different channels. We emailed the docs once more and then I just let go and let Hashem take full control and reign. He could do anything and I decided to just let Him handle it all from now on. We had done all our hishtadlus humanely possible. I promised Him that if He’ll come thru, I will share this in the TyH group as well as with all my family and friends.
I went into Shabbos with a certain calmness and relief knowing I was in the best hands possible.
(BTW it was murderous, but I did not follow up with anyone on Friday or motzei shabbos… My hands were itching but I prevailed TYH)

On motzei shabbos , I got a text from my friend telling me that her sil got visas for her family and maybe I want to contact her to find out what she did.
I did and she told me what she did. I discovered that the person who helped her was my first cousins bil. So I contacted my cousin and asked him if he wants to get himself involved. He was really happy to try to do it for me. @1220 AM we had already emailed our info to Israel.

Ki tov Hashem!!!!! Ein Oid Milvado!!!!! Hodi leHashem!!!!
By 6:37 AM the visas were in my inbox!!!!!!

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