Last week Tuesday my central air conditioning system started to go slow

July 27th, 2020

Last week Tuesday my central air conditioning system started to go slow so I went to home depot to pick up a few window units to help cool down the house, on Thursday evening we all of a sudden hear a blast n the house started smelling like fire, we started searching where the smell is from just to realize that it was from the central air so we immediately shut it. Which is chesed number 1 (as last week Thursday night the same thing happened to a different family in Williamsburg and it ended up burning down parts of their house) my daughter immediately ran and put the windows units in so the temperature in the house shouldn’t drop and it worked perfectly for the night which is chesed number 2
Friday morning we called a company to check it out and they told us that the motor of the fan blew up, and they have to order a new 1 which will not arrive before mid next week, which ultimately mentions that we would have to move out of the house for the weekend which would make it very uncomfortable for the entire family as we had guest coming for shabbos, we set down and thanked hashem for this challenge and we ended up dancing with the family for the miracles that hashem has done for us till that point. A of sudden the company called telling us that they found al the exact motor in their wear house and the will be back in a half hour to install it and so they did and we had an aw shabbos.

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