Misplaced ear puds

March 8th, 2021

I truly had a miracle. A small one but nonetheless big enough to say this is real. When saying, Thank You Hashem, Hashem is listening but really paying attention and appreciates our thanks!!
My daughter misplaced her headphones called EarPods. She looked all over and couldn’t find them. Then she asked me to help her. We looked and looked and couldn’t find them. We even checked the garbage. I started saying I’ll Thank You Hashem when I find it but wasn’t that sure it’ll work. And that feeling is there even though it worked so many times in the past!! I didn’t find it!
A few minutes later I went to my bedroom to prepare negel vasser, and there sitting right on my dresser are the AirPods!! THANK YOU HASHEM! And Hashem helps us, even if it may not be the exact moment that we feel we want or need!!

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