My brother had to fly back to Yeshiva.

July 21st, 2021

My brother had to fly back to Yeshiva. By filling out the entrance documents, it didn’t work, so we called to the office in Israel, and they told us that they had problems with the program so when we are in the airport the airline should call them, and they will let him go through.
In the airport, the airline tried to call, but the phone was busy. The man called again and again… by now my brother has only one hour left. A half hour later, the man reached the office in Israel and let him go.
We were sure that he wouldn’t manage to get on the flight. He had only a half-hour left and must take the train and go through the security, etc.

Later we called his friend who was already on the plain he told us that he didn’t see him yet, but the gate is still open, and he will call us when he sees him. I saw that my brother doesn’t have any chance to get the flight, I straight promised to thank Hashem and posed if he manages to get on the flight. A few minutes later we call again, and his friend told us that the gate is closed, and he didn’t see him coming up.
We were very worried and were sure that soon he is going to call from a public phone, or he will come home. But he didn’t call and didn’t come home…
The next morning he called us from Israel, bH! He told us that he saw his friend, but his friend didn’t see him. Perhaps that we should get a message to never give up thanking Hashem even the last minute, although it looks impossible!!!