My business has been struggling for months

July 19th, 2020

My business has been struggling for months. Im owed a lot of money and waiting over 6 months from a certain customer to pay up. I never gave up and continued thanking hashem that it’s all for the best. This week I finally got payment from that customer. Little did I know that Hashem had already planned out way before when the exact time I should get payment when I needed it the most. In addition, my babysitter took off for a few weeks, now that business is very slow, it couldn’t have been a better time. So that I can stay home and it won’t cost me now. So I can’t thank hashem enough for the tremendous chesed. Even when things don’t look like they’re going our way it truly is for our best. I can’t wait to THANK HASHEM on this group and to give a big donation when business picks up again to help spread HASHEMS name….


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