My family was packed up and ready to begin our drive back to Florida.

September 12th, 2021

Thank You Hashem!

6 am:

My family was packed up and ready to begin our drive back to Florida. It was raining and just 20 minutes into our trip we innocently drove through a relatively small puddle. Suddenly our vehicle started to sound really off and we pulled over to figure things out. Thank You Hashem for all the times our car got us safely to our destinations, I said as I picked up a tehillim while my husband called for roadside assistance. “Hashem, I know that everything You do is good, please let us see the revealed good in this situation. ”
Thank you Hashem that it was so early into the trip that my mother and brother in law came to pick up my children and myself while my husband waited for help.

1 pm

a tow truck finally arrived and brought the vehicle to a service center…lots if waiting, lots of Thank Yous to Hashem that we were all safe and it was just car trouble holding off our trip. At close to 4, just before the mechanics closed shop, they looked at our car and saw that it was a simple fix to get it ready to go.

My grateful husband went to personally thank the mechanic, who eagerly told him that he, too, is “one of the tribe.”
He was so happy to put on tefillin, which he had not done since his bar mitzvah in 1973…and we were so happy to see the revealed good in our inconvenient happenings.
Thank You Hashem!

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