My hands are shaking as I write these amazing miracles.

May 16th, 2020

הודו לד כי טוב כי לעולם חסדו
My hands are shaking as I write these amazing miracles. Words are too poor to express my gratefulness to HAKUDOISH BURICH HI!! Still I want to shout & share my experiences & the open YAD HASHEM I saw the past few days. I mentioned many weeks ago, that I lost my job & didn’t know how I will pay bills but will publicize when I see a yeshia. I started my own company but didn’t get paid from clients yet. A large bill is due this weekend. This is what happened:

  1. My car insurance was reduced – carrier gave a Covid-19 deduction
  2. I give money for an almunah every Rosh choidesh, I was in a dilemma how to give her the money and didn’t have the heart to tell her how tight I am financially. She called me before Rosh choidesh, she heard I lost my job & will NOT take money from me until I have a regular income.
  3. I got a retainer from a client – paid last minute
  4. A client that owes money, gave a partial payment
  5. I saved delivery charge to get an important package from out of town – my husband happened to be (in other words “HASHGUCHA”) in that neighborhood THAT DAY!!
  6. Old boss who owed me money for months, emailed this week to ask how I want the payment. I asked, please pay to the credit card company. He didn’t agree, after a few back/forth emails he gave me banking info, so I was able to pay online day before the due date.
  7. Interesting twist, I thought due date was yesterday, actually its tomorrow. EVERYTHING fell into place. WOW, WOW!!!

Achron, achron chuviv!! This is a double miracle!! I’m applying for a mortgage; the credit card balance is on my credit score. Now that I made the payment today, it will clear by the time the bank checks my credit score.
ישתבח שמך לעד מלכינו

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