My husband got a job upstate for the summer

July 28th, 2020

Thank you hashem for all the good you put into this world and for the beautiful world we live in.
My husband got a job upstate for the summer, we had a very hard time finding a place to rent due to covid. B”H We found a place 5 days before my husband started his job. It wasnt our first choice in places but we said B”H we found something and hashem is putting us here for a reason. The next day the owner calls and says “someone took the electric box from outside and the electric company said they can come tomorrow (wed) to check it out put it in the system on Thursday but can’t promise when they will come, It could take up to two weeks.” Now my husband starts work on Monday  we were planning on leaving on Friday to clean the house and settle in. I said thank u hashem for finding us this house and for all the good u do for us. On Friday morning the owner calls and says the electric company came and put in a new box u move in whenever you want. B”H!
While this was going on I was trying to find a cleaning lady to help me clean the house when we got there remember this was this first time I’m going upstate. Anyway on Friday afternoon one of the board members of the estates called me and said “your house is clean” the cleaning lady couldn’t go Sunday so she cleaned it today! Thank u hashem!!! The house was ready to move in.
B”H we smoothly settled into the house on Sunday. On Monday we realized we didn’t have internet, which my husband needed for his work. We called spectrum, they sent us a box with everything we needed to hook up the internet, it still wasn’t working, we called them again, they sent someone down to check it out he checked the line in the basement and he said the line was dead. They give the order in to a contractor to put in a new line and that could take 2 WEEKS!!! Now we came upstate for my husband to work, he is an essential worker and he also works with post covid patients and needs the internet for teletherapy. He had all his appointments set up what was he going to do? We spoke to supervisors and nothing helped. Thank u hashem for all the times we had working internet and for all the times you gave us what we needed. The next day I saw a spectrum worker working on the main internet boxes I told him our story and if he can check it out. He checked our main line and the basement line and said it was dead and we had to wait for the contractor to come put in a new line in 2 weeks! We again thanked hashem for everything, for all the good he did and does for us. About 2:30 the same day I walked my husband to the car and we see all way down at the other side of the estate there is a man working on the main box for that side, after my husband left I walked down to him and started talking I told him our story and he said he will take a look when he finishes this job about 45 min later I thought he forgot (cause he didn’t come for us) and I said thank u hashem, 15 min after that I see him walking up my path, he checked the basement and says “I have a live wire it’s crackling but it’s live” What? I told him two other workers came and said the line was dead. He temporarily fixed the line and hooked up the internet for the router. I kept saying thank u hashem. Anyway I thanked him and said I don’t know if u believe in God… and I bentched him with all good thing. He says well I’m a Christian so I believe in God, then he says well actually my mother is Jewish, whaaaaat? If your mother is Jewish that means you are jewish, he said his mother is Jewish and his father is Christian. I gave him more brochos and spoke some more till my husband came back and tried putting tefillim on him. He said he thinks he put on the boxes when his grandmother passed away. THANK YOU HASHEM FOR ALL THE GOOD YOU DID FOR ALL THE GOOD YOU DO AND FOR THIS BEAUTIFUL WORLD WE LIVE IN.

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