My marriage was in risk for the first time ever.

January 16th, 2019

My marriage was in risk for the first time ever. I promised HaShem that if it would be restored back I was going to announce it publicly. My friend started reciting Tehillim for us since Sunday night and today my spouse and I had a conversation for the first time after 8 days of not talking to each other at all, the talk was not successful but I thanked HaShem afterwards because I knew He allowed us to be in that situation for a reason. A few minutes later I read a powerful quote on Chabad about marriages and sent it to my spouse to read it too. When I got home we started talking back in a very kind way and just a few minutes ago, my spouse apologized to me and we reconciled and won’t divorce!!!
HaShem is real!!! He is a powerful G-d!!!
Thank you HaShem because you invented the marriage and love families! Baruch HaShem! Thank you HaShem for Tehillim and thank You for this amazing group!
Thanks a lot Ari for being an instrument of HaShem. This group is wonderful because we can crown our King every day through our stories and the miracles He performs every single minute in our lives! B’H

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