My son had extreme difficulties with learning.

May 6th, 2021

Thank you Hashem!!
In the beginning of the school year my son had extreme difficulties with learning. He couldn’t remember “Alef, bais”, or identify them when shown to him. A month in, my son came home crying completely embarrassed that all kids remember and know the alef bais with the nekudos and he doesn’t know even one. My heart broke for him. I started praying for him deeply, listened to a tznius hotline for 40 days, and all of a sudden he started to remember a few letters. His excitement was beyond. But still the teachers weren’t thrilled with the progress, saying he needs help and the situation seems almost hopeless. But I knew only Hashem can help. He is the source of all wisdom and beyond. I took upon myself 40 days of מזמור לתודה, and on day 40, 9:30am I get a call from his teacher: the entire class was clapping for him as he said an entire line of letters with the nekudos perfectly with no mistakes! The power of thanking amazed me and I didn’t stop there. Last week I finished my second round of 40 days of מזמור לתודה, and shortly after got another call from his teacher to tell me he has progressed beyond his entire class! THANK YOU HASHEM

My son is not feeling so well tonight, may this post of thanking Hashem publicly be a zechus for him for a quick complete recovery amen!! TYH!!

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