My son had to quarantined in yeshiva cause a boy was tested positive to COVID 19

July 21st, 2020

My son had to quarantine because one of the boys in his yeshiva was positive.
The mashgiach decided to quarantine with the boys in yeshiva. This was great for me so that my son would be able to be in good company and continue learning. I thanked Hashem for having things work out so well.
However at the end of the 14 days one boy was found positive and most of the boys don’t feel well.

I thank Hashem that my son who is now positive has a mild case and I am thanking Hashem that iy”h I should not catch it and if so it should be mild being that I am at risk.
I will thank Hashem in public again if by chance it would work out that the mashgiach will go with the group of boys to recuperate in one of the hotels available.
I have strong bitachon that everything will work out for the best

Thank you Hashem for always watching over me

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