My toddler fell from a stone surface.

June 14th, 2020

This shabbos my toddler fell from a stone surface. Down to concrete. The first hour he wasn’t acting himself. We were super worried. I said hashem, thank you for this gift of a healthy baby and thank you hashem for continued health for my child! I calmed down and just davened to hashem that he should help that my baby should be ok! I promised to thank publicly and then tried to calm everyone around me. He started acting and sounding himself a bit after I said this. We had hatzolah check him but they said just observe him for a few hours and if something doesn’t sound right then call us back. We didn’t have to! Hashem helped him heal on his own and he is perfectly fine! Thank you so much hashem for healing him! For his continued health and continued good health for our family! Thank you so much for watching over my baby!

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