A tremendous Simcha for the TYH nation, with the completion of a perush on every perek of Tehillim.

February 12th, 2020

Shortly after the launch of the Thank You Hashem movement, a certain Talmid Chuchim who requested to remain anonymous reached out to the organizers. He offered to post relevant recordings every day to the TYH nation, on the various platforms. The recording is usually a pasuk or a short vort discussing the concept of always being thankful to Hashem.

About a year ago, he started doing a commentary on Tehillim (Psalms). David Hamelech was the embodiment of stop crying and start thanking. If you look carefully into each perek, you will see a recurring theme.

Every time David Hamelech finds himself in peril, he finds a way to praise Hashem, and each time Hashem sends salvation anew. This month we have finished the commentary on the whole Tehillim, causing great celebration among the followers of TYH.

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