Of course the car started!!

August 9th, 2020


It didn’t happen so quick..

I had to wait till after 1pm the time when we ALL Daven our Holy Tfilas Todah..

I’ve tried many different ideas to get to the bottom of the bottom of the problem.. I almost ordered a specialist to come down to my car site to make a new key on the spot.. it would’ve cost me a nice amount.. And here comes the Real AMAZING story..

A few minutes after finishing Tfilas todda, I received a phone call from a good friend of mine that tells me that he’s not the BIG mechanic.. But he still offered to come down and try his luck in finding the solution..

After searching for a good few minutes he pointed on a small device on a hidden corner at the dash board and asks me WHAT IS THIS?? I insist that I I don’t know MUCH about this used vehicle/gadgets.. he points out that there’s a very small wire that is unplugged.. As soon as he plugged it back in place the engine started working like nothing before..

Thank you Hashem for giving me the chance to thank you in public.. this Tfilas Todah was definitely a big part of the success of the story..

Duration of my problem: 3.5 hours (till around 1:30, which was around the time I finished saying the Tfila)

Keep thanking Hashem!!!

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