Our son was having high fever

November 4th, 2020

הודו להשם כי טוב כי לעולם חסדו!!!


Last Friday night our son started to have a high fever so we gave him Tylenol and put him to sleep, shabbos morning we realized that something must be very wrong by the way that he looked and acted, so on motzeh shabbos we ran to the dr.
The dr said to us _listen_ I can’t say anything certainly but I have a slight feeling that it is walking pneumonia based on the fact that my daughter had it 3 weeks ago. He then drew blood and wanted to check his CBC only to realize that the machine is not working so he sent the blood to a lab and in the interim he gave us antibiotics to start.
Sunday morning we get a call from the dr and he sounded frantic, he says we need to see him immediately, we ran over and he explained that my son’s white blood cells are abnormally high (which indicates a massive infection) to an extent that we need to take him into the hospital. But before taking him he wanta to run some blood again and so he did and this time the machine worked and he told us that he is so glad that he started us on medication even before knowing exactly what this is cuz the number’s are coming down but very slightly so he still wanted us to go and make some tests and so we did just to find out that he had the right feeling and it was pneumonia, when we came back to him he said that he wants to give him a shot of antibiotics to see if this is gonna bring down the white blood cells, he gave the shot and told us to be back Monday morning, and bh his blood cells were normal.

So the Dr shared with us the following…..

He said if I wouldn’t have seen ure daughter 3 weeks ago I would probably not have started him on the antibiotics immediately on motzeh shabbos and I would have sent you into the hospital which usually takes a few days to get out of. So you need to thank hashem that he gave me that thought,

So here I am screaming out loud

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