Thank You Hashem – Week 210

  • This story starts about 2 months ago. I was by my parents for Shabbat. They had invited their next door neighbor over for Friday night meal who were going to be moving out of town soon. The wife was telling us for hours about her grandfather a big Talmid Chacham who was also a big Talmid of the Meshech Chochma and wrote lots of sefarim. One of the sefarim was even studied by Rav Elchanan  Wassermann who used to teach it to his Talmidim! His name was Rav Yisroel Krieger. She invited me to pick up a few copies that she had extra in her house after Shabbat. Shabbat was over late and I never got a chance to pick them up. Fast forward now to this past Friday. I totally forgot about the sefarim. I’m in Lakewood for the summer and I went to Lakewood judaica to buy something. I was walking around and I happen to notice a table that was set out with piles of books. There was a sign that said free leilui nishmat the mechaber (author). I took a few copies and went to the register to pay for an item I wanted. At the register I pointed to the books and I said it’s very interesting that I was just talking to the granddaughter of the author of these sefarim. He tells me oh I’m also a descendant of him. Then he asked me who the granddaughter was it must be a relative. I told him Who.  He tells me that’s my second cousin and in a matter of fact I personally went to her house and picked up a that whole table of sefarim being that she is moving and was clearing out her stuff she wanted to donate them in memory of her grandfather! It is unbelievable how Hashem orchestrated this Hashem knew that I wanted those sefarim but I could no longer get them from my parents neighbor so Hashem sent those very sefarim from her house in Brooklyn all the way to Lakewood to the very store that I went to of all the stores in Lakewood to deliver those sefarim to me. Thank you Hashem!
  • Baruch HaShem my circuit breaker at home operated properly and saved me and my family from a very devastating event Chas Veshalom
  • Many years ago I was in a class and the Rav was saying that Friday night after if you finish your amidah after the Chazan says vayichulu, you should try to say it together with another person as opposed to saying it by yourself. From that time on I was always makpid on keeping to this Halacha. It was not always easy sometimes I had to ask complete strangers and other times people didn’t understand what I was talking about or they told me really you don’t need another person you can just say it yourself etc. and also I felt like I was the only person doing this I used to look around the shul after arbit and I never found anyone else that was into this. This past Friday night I missed vayichulu with the Chazan and I said to myself I’m just gonna say it to myself this time I didn’t know anyone in the shul and I didn’t want to embarrass myself again by asking someone to do vayichulu. All the sudden I feel a tap on my shoulder I turn around some stranger asks me “vayichulu”? I couldn’t believe it no one ever asked me before to say vayichulu with them, it was a clear sign from Hashem that I should not give up and every mitsva that we do no matter how small is so dear to him Thank you Hashem!
  • I got a call on my house phone from my cell phone one afternoon this week and my daughter answered it, it turns out someone found my cell phone and wanted to return it. thank you Hashem for sending me the cell phone back before I even realized it was missing and be worried about it
  • Thank you Hashem for always dealing with us with Chesed. I hear stories everyday of things that are going on in the world. And I hear of all the miracles and it just amazing to hear. So I thank you Hashem for everything we have and get from you. I just want to get closer.
  • Hashem hides himself from us-bihester- thank you Hashem for letting us see your greatness thru the disguise of Mother nature. B’ezrat Hashem all our nation should be safe and protected.
  • My wife and kids were driving in Lakewood and accidentally drove over train tracks. The car was stuck and unable to drive over the raised track being it was a spot where the road did not rise up to the tracks. She didn’t know what to do and someone said to call Chaveirim. All of a sudden she turns around and there is a chaveirim volunteer right there on the spot!!! and they ran over to help her right away, she didn’t even have to call.They were able to get the car out from the train tracks without any damage. Thank you Hashem and thank you Chaveirim

Thank You Hashem – Week 209

  • I went to Menachem avel to a parent who lost a 3 year old child in Lakewood.This father is a very special person to say the least. The words he was saying are nothing short of a kidush Hashem. He is a person who recognizes Hashem in his life. I mentioned to him how this Thank you Hashem email started 4 summers ago after hearing some sad tragedies and that we wanted to recognize all the great that Hashem does. He asked me to put this in this weeks edition…He said there is going to be a time when this email gets flooded with all of the thanks to Hashem for tragedies like this. We do not make a beracha Tov hamativ on these tragedies because we can not understand it right now. But there will be a time at mashiach when we are going to thank Hashem for how great and perfect this was. How every detail was so perfect, the way it happened, the day it happened, peoples reaction to it-every minor detail. We will see how it was all 100 percent perfect and we will be Happily Thanking Hashem for it. Hashem does only perfect for everyone. A child needs to take medicine, he has a cherry flavored medicine. A grown up needs medicine, he takes a pill. Everyone has what is designed for him and we can not wait to send in our emails thanking Hashem for tragedies like this that are really perfect beyond our understanding.
  • Still can’t believe the timing of what happened last night… Picked my daughter up from the airport (with her car) & was pulling into Lakewood after midnight when I hear a noise coming from the tire that sounds like it is flat or going flat soon. I get out to see what’s going on & all tires are full & look fine. Not really sure what the issue is. So I continue driving home & the noise is persistent. When I pull into my driveway, I check all the tires with a tire gauge & all are fine. My daughter is asking me what she should do about the noise & if she should take the car to the mechanic. While we are discussing what to do, my mechanic drives by (12.45 AM!) & stops right by my driveway & asks me how everything is doing!!! I tell him what is going on. He drives the car for a minute & takes out his flashlight & goes right to one of the tires & shows me a big nail (with a large head) sticking out. Pulls out his repair kit from his truck & 5 minutes later the issue is resolved! This helps me realize that Hashem is watching over me all day long… Once in a while we get to see it so clearly to remind us it is happening ALL THE TIME! Thank you Hashem!
  • Thank You Hashem for an enjoyable summer & that everyone came & went safely. To camp, as well as vacations, with a lot of traveling. We are truly blessed.
  • Hashem is incredible! I get to see it each and every single day – big things, little things – everything!!! And on top of all – Hashem has treated me with a fabulous summer and summer vacation to pristine beauty. Just in case I had doubts about the beautiful world of Hashem or His abilities etc. – I got reminded that Hashem can do anything and everything – that He is behind and in front and around everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Thank you Hashem for a beautiful happy healthy and rejuvenating vacation. We traveled to Niagara Falls for a few days. Seeing the water falls leaves no doubt that only Hashem could’ve  created something so powerful and beautiful. Hashem created a magnificent world and we are lucky to be able to enjoy it. Thank you!
  • Thank You Hashem for such a wonderful best summer which You arranged for me second by second!!I thought I’d be working this whole summer and wouldn’t even feel the bein hazemanim but in the end had something great and fun spontaneously taking place every single day (without even knowing that morning most times) and free- including private bungalow with private jacousy and pool, with great company and outings without paying a penny and without losing more than two days of work!  And I see it’s not finishing.. You are sending more the whole time! Thank You Hashem! I really feel I’m in Your hands!    Thank You for teaching me how to thank You and for teaching me that it changes the whole life to the good in a turnaround way!    When I feel a little down I remind myself that I haven’t focused on thanks and then it all changes! Thank You for every time I feel inspired enough to thank with feeling – it is also a great present as the person himself is not always inspired even when thankind dryly but it’s a present from Hashem!    Thanks for this email group where the thankers get together 😊
  • I had two errands to run one morning. Just as I was leaving the first place, the exact person that I had planned to go to the 2nd place to meet  walked in – saving me time and energy of going to the other place and she would not have even been there! Chasdei Hashem!
  • Thank You HaShem for everything you give to me, every step you guide…even though at times things may seem “rocky” and not as easy to get through, You HaShem are the One that gives us the strength and guidance.  You know what is best for me, how can I even think that I would know.  Please HaShem continue to guide me and all of us the way You know is best and to deal with any and every situation the way You know is best.  Thank You HaShem for this month and new opportunities. Thank You HaShem for everything!
  • Thank You HaShem for letting me be healthy… I saw someone’s bill for being in a rehab for a few days and it was over $10,000… I can’t imagine how much I owe HaShem for every single day of my life! I can never thank You enough!
  • Thank You Hashem for the boys getting off to a great start to the Elul Zman. A wonderful time of Aliya & Ruchneyus!   Looking at the pictures of what’s going on in Houston & so grateful for everything that we have! Thank You Hashem for not challenging us & blessing us with amazing weather!!
  • Thank You H-shem for giving us the month of Elul to overhaul our lives and to change it for the better to focus on the real purpose why we were created.
  • Yesterday I was walking home in the rain on avenue M. a car was turning on to the avenue from east twelve straight at me and the driver was looking the other way. . It was so scary because I knew he didn’t see me I kept thinking I am getting hit by a car and then I was on the floor. It was raining and I was alone. I must have yelled so loud because he stopped and people came running. It’s a miracle that mostly my ego got bruised. I don’t have a scratch on me. I don’t even remember landing on the floor. Thank you Hashem for protecting me and for sending it because everything is for the good.

Thank You Hashem – Week 208

  • I have an Ophthalmology practice in Lakewood New Jersey. On that unfortunate day of 9/11 I was seeing patients in my office. My nurse walks in as I am seeing a patient and tells us of the plane crash that had occurred. My first reaction was, they’re here. I tell her to prepare the front office to leave for the day. She was a little surprised. She returns and says a second plane has crashed into the towers, I repeat they are here. She says who? I say the terrorists, seeing what is going on in Israel and all I was not surprised by such an attack. I tell her to clear the waiting room and we should all go home. As I was leaving and walking thru my waiting room to exit I see a couple still seated in the waiting area. The husband had a gemara in his hand and he was seated next to his pregnant wife. I comment on the blessing of seeing she is expecting. They say thank you and tell me that they have 4 girls at home.   I politely tell them that we are finished for the day and they should head home etc…They tell me they have an emergency. I ask what is the emergency? The woman explains that when she closes her eyes she sees a dot. I didn’t think much of it but said ok step inside quickly being my technician is about to leave but still inside. We go in and do a quick test. She tells myself and my technician of a second spot in the top corner that she is seeing.     I immediately charge out of the screen room and approach the patient. I tell her we have an emergency, you need to have 2 surgeries simultaneously. You are hemorrhaging! You need an operation by your eyes and a second one at the same time to remove the baby! I explain that the mother might not survive and the baby might not survive either. I call Monmouth medical and see which surgeons are there. I tell them quick get there now I am arranging things on that side. They say they want to ask a Rabbi What to do. I explain there is no time for that, they need to move NOW! They quickly exit the office. I then do the same and now deal with the events of September 11. I did not hear back from them. Six months ago,over 15 years later, I see a man in my waiting room and he approaches me. He says do you remember me? I look and say yes but not sure why. He says I was in your office September 11th. I perk up and utter out, is your wife alive? He says yes. I say is the baby alive? He says yes. Now relieved I ask, did you get your boy? He says yes.      I ask what happened that day,how did it go? He says we had an extreme emergency on our hands as you advised. I asked did you make it to Monmouth Medical? He says no, they went to NYC to Columbia. I do a double take and say, on 9-11 you got into the city as it was all going down? While we were under attack? While the city had no access what so ever? He answers yes. He says he called up a Rabbi of his with the details of the situation. The Rabbi somehow instantly arranged a Helicopter to take them into NYC and they were saved. Three weeks ago I am sitting outdoors with some family having lunch. We were close to the sidewalk and had something on the floor close to the walking path of the sidewalk. Walking down the street is a gentleman with his neck in a brace and his head pointed upwards. He did not see the obstruction and was about to trip on it. We quickly shouted and alerted him. I apologize and ask him about his injury. He starts to tell me how he is a Marine who has survived many dangerous life threatening missions. What happened to him now forced him to retire from the Marines. He explains how a teenager was texting while he was driving and drove into the back of his car. He had several discs damaged in his neck and needed delicate surgery. The Marine goes on and says that he never in his wildest dreams imagined that this would be how his position would end. By a teenager texting! I immediately thank him for his service to our country and ask him to sit down and have lunch with us as a gesture of our appreciation. He joined us. He starts telling about his scary missions. How he would fly these f5 type of jets in Afghanistan.  He is telling us a bunch of stories and then says that of all his days the saddest thing he ever experienced was September 11th. I asked where he was. He says he was in Virginia when he got the call. He was ordered to air patrol NYC. He said this flight normally would take over an hour but he went full throttle and got there in 15 minutes. He was ordered to shoot any unauthorized aircraft in the vicinity of the downtown area. He was describing the sad things he was witnessing as he was hovering in the air at the world trade center. What he saw in the buildings. The people he saw in the building which I will not describe here but you can imagine. As he is saying this, I realize who is in front of me, I stop and ask him a question. I ask, did you see a Helicopter in the sky that day? He shockingly looks at me and says, how can you possibly know that? I tell him I am a Dr. and one of my patients had a medical emergency. I ask him what happened? He says he had orders to take down any and all unauthorized aircraft, he describes how he approached the oncoming helicopter and radioed to them his stern warning- He told them make a 180 right now and get out of this airspace immediately or I am taking you out right now!!! Ready to fire at them he said they told him they have a medical emergency and they show him the pregnant woman. He then says for some reason he made an exception and he flew side by side with them speedily escorting them to the Hospital. He explained to me how close they came to being taken out. Hashem’s hand is so wonderful.
  • Thank you Hashem for showing us your greatness in experiencing the Lunar Eclipse
  • Thank you Hashem we got back from the mountains safe and sound!
  • I was driving on route 18 on Sunday and as I was driving a see that my father got pulled over by a cop.  I immediately started praying to Hashem and asked him to not give my father a ticket.  When I meet up with my father, I asked him what happened and he said the cop clocked doing 86 mph in a 65 mph speed zone and the cop only gave him a warning and asked him to slow down.  Thank you Hashem for listening to my prayer and saving my father from a ticket / points!
  • After seeing 2 entries here mentioning people being saved from an accident while driving wrong way on the highway or facing someone driving the wrong way on a highway- I just heard on the news someone drove on to the Henry Hutchinson parkway the wrong way and this story did not have a happy ending. Made me think how great Hashem is and what a nes it was for these people to be saved. Thank you Hashem
  • Thank You HaShem for the people You send to give us hizuk!!  May You bless them and all Am Yisrael for Good!
  • Thank you HaShem for my eyes   – All Summer I have been thanking Hashem for sending me a certain customer a while back. Now as the summer is coming to a close, that actual customer has just called in another order. Thank you Hashem
  • Decided to treat myself with a rosh chodesh treat. Went to the coffee shop and ordered a nice fancy coffee drink. The worker says that will be $7. I take out my money and my reward card that they check off, every 10 cups you get 1 free. He takes it and says, your lucky day, this one is free. Thank you Hashem. Glad I ordered something expensive too J

Thank You Hashem – Week 207

-I was on a trip with my family this week. I was unfamiliar with the roads and was following my Gps. It was a little confusing on the screen and I made a wrong turn. I made a u turn on the side street and drove up ahead to the light to turn back onto the highway. The light turned green and I tried to make a quick turn before the oncoming cars. It was a close call and the oncoming cars just missed me. I continued driving straight for a few minutes when I noticed a cop behind me with sirens. After a minute I realized he wanted me to pull over we pulled over. The cop came to our car asked for license and registration and told us we did 2 things wrong illegal u turn and failing to yield to oncoming cars. I thought he would never let us go because we did 2 things wrong. My wife said some tehillim and we prayed that we wouldn’t get a ticket. The cop came back 2 minutes later hands us back the license and registration and says drive safer next time. I couldn’t believe it I was so happy and thankful to Hashem for saving us from getting a big ticket and points.

-Saw beautiful kidush Hashem in Lakewood this morning. I was on the line to pay at the bagel store and the person in front of me was an elder man who had on one of those army veteran caps. He was telling the cashier all he ordered so he can tally up the bill. He had a nice sized order. The cashier says that will be 77 cents. The man did a double take and said how much? He said 77 cents. He said how can that be, the cashier tells him- another man on the line gave me money to pay for you to show his thanks to you for your service to our country and said to tell you THANK YOU. He was thrilled and put on a gigantic smile. He asked which man, the cashier answers a nice jewish man that was here before your turn on line. The veteran turns to me smiling and says this happens often to him and every time it happens he takes the money he would have spent and donates it to charity. So I guess this jewish man also gets a zechut for the extra charity as well. Mi- Kiamecha Yisrael.

-Thank You Hashem for saving my 16 year old daughter this week who went jogging but passed out from dehydration and low blood sugar. Thank You for sending the off duty police officer who found her and called the ambulance. B”H she was attended to and is recuperating well.

Thank You Hashem for saving my 22 year old son in March when he fell through the roof of an old warehouse he was working on. Thank You for leaving the parked crane just under the spot where he fell so that he could fall on it instead of the 25 feet to the floor. Thank You that he just had a sprained ankle!

Thank You Hashem for saving my 26 year old son a year and a half ago when he was held up at gun point. Thank You that although he experienced trauma, he was not physically harmed, and they only took his cash. Thank You that he moved with his family away from that State and now lives 2 1/2 hours away, and You’ve give him a good job!

Thank You Hashem for guarding my 28 year old son during his service in the IDF and thank You now for giving him a good job!

Thank You Hashem for giving me my own business doing what I love, for helping me meet expenses in the first year, and improving my talents.

Thank You for the wonderful home You’ve provided for me, and my loving family. I am so grateful.

-My mom was in Brooklyn on Sunday helping my sister with some errands. As she was doing some errands, she realized her cell phone was missing ! She retraced her footsteps & she remembered getting out of the car on Kings Highway & East 9th St.  She said  she must have  forgotten it was on her lap, and it probably fell onto the street when she was getting out of the car.  She went back to the spot where she thought she lost it & she could not find it.  Her granddaughter said to say the beracha and you will find your cell phone, so she said it & she still could not find it.  A few hours had passed, when  suddenly a man texted my mother’s day worker saying he found a phone and can she help him find the owner?  The day worker calls my Father, my Father calls my sister and says “Get Mommy on the phone”.  My Father tells my Mother that a man found her phone and you have to go to East 18th St in the next 10 minutes to go get it.  I took my Mom to get her phone and the man is waiting outside to give it to her.  My Mom was so thankful & offered him a reward. He says it his pleasure to fulfill the mitzvah of returning a lost object and refuses to take anything from us.  Thank you Hashem for making an honest Jew find her phone and helping him find the right owner!

-happened last year but I remember like today… there were mosquitos that were in my room for a whole week straight and I could barely sleep every night​- besides for biting they also buzzed in my ear and I had to sleep with a blanket covering my face,and the worst part is I couldn’t kill them cuz it was in middle of the night…Then that week on Shabbat I go upstairs to get something from my room, I look on the wall and lo and behold there’s a mosquito there! I look around carefully on the walls and I see the other one. I was SO tempted to kill them that second and was justifying myself with a million excuses but I stopped and said HaShem controls everything who do I think I am to be mechallel Shabbat.

That night motzai Shabbat I was getting ready to go to sleep then I remembered them I look up and they were still there!! I was able to get rid of them all and they did not harm me on shabbat (it was already like 12 at night bugs don’t sleep for that long)

Baruch HaShem it was really a miracle!! Its the small things that really count!

-Hashem is so kind!  I had a very long trip into Cedarhurst from Lakewood today. Lots of traffic, rain, getting lost(no GPS or Waze) – it was challenging. The return trip took a quick  1 1/2 hours house to house. That’s right – 1 and a half hours – I’ve never ever seen the Belt Parkway with few cars on it and move at a fast pace….. For whatever reason Hashem willed that the trip in be the way it was and serve as yissurim for whatever purpose – after the purpose there was no more reason and the trip home was an absolute pleasure! I love you so much Hashem!

Thank You Hashem – Week 206

-Thank you Hashem for giving us the opportunity to become close to you on Tisha B’av and have so many classes and Rabbi’s available throughout the day.


-I was driving home with my family from Lakewood (Before I left Lakewood I made sure I prayed with a mynian Arvit).  and there was too much traffic on the 440 going into the Outerbridge Crossing to Staten Island. So Waze was directing me thru the back streets to avoid traffic ; somehow I missed the entrance to one highway and I ended up going to another highway thru the exit the WRONG WAY!!!!!  Not realizing I was going the wrong way until I got into the highway all of a sudden I see a car coming toward me so I swerve to the right and then I see about 100 feet away from me cars coming on all three lanes.   B’H I was able to turn around into the grass that was on the shoulder and get the car back into the right way and exit.  So many open miracles happened; 1. when I was coming into the highway nobody was exiting 2.  As I got into the highway I was able to go to my right and nobody else was coming at that moment  3. I was able to turn into the grass and it wasnt such a big step.  4.  I was able to turn my car around with no accident watsoever.  Thank You H-shem for saving my whole family and me.


-Towards the end of the day on Tuesday I was home and my friend sent me a message that the Chofetz Chaim video is unbelievable, especially Rabbi Shapiro and that it is not to be missed. It was already late in the day and I knew that I already missed the video presentation in shul and would not be able to see the speech. I was wondering who would have a copy of the tape or where I can catch the video before minha. I got into the car to head to Shul about 40 min before Minha and was planning on listening to a class or learning something before minha started. As I walked in to the back of the Shul the lights were off and the workers were cleaning up the room. Yet there was the Chofetz Chaim video playing and 2 people were watching. The speaker finished and the 2 people left. I was then left alone in the room with the video still playing. After a few moments the next speaker comes up on the screen….Rabbi Shapiro! I couldn’t believe what was happening. There is no logical reason why the video is playing at this time or why the video would be left playing on a giant projector to an empty room. The program was not scheduled for that time and there was no one there. I wanted to hear this particular speech and so I Hashem arranged a private (unscheduled) viewing of the speech just for me!  Thank you Hashem.

-Thank you Hashem for everything! I Applied for a mortgage, the process went through much smoother then expected. Bank approved us for the mortgage. Hashem I cannot thank you enough for bringing me all the way where I am now and I ask you Hashem to please help us all further.

-Thank you Hashem,I don’t wish this time to write all the details of this thank you but want to keep some of them private. However I want to say thank you and express the soul’s joy and gratitude and overwhelming love to you this very moments as I write these few words.Thank you for being there. Thank you for being my friend. And thank you for being Hashem. We love you.

  • Came back to my desk and found that my credit card had fallen out of my pocket. It was sitting on my chair where anyone could have found and taken it. Thank you Hashem.

-Thank You HaShem for the consistent hizuk and inspiration that you give me…B’H it seems that when things may seem not so smooth, You HaShem send someone or something again and again with the message saying something like, “Don’t worry, I’m with you, you just do the right thing, you just keep trusting in Me.  I’m the one that is giving you these situations and you know I love you and am doing it for your good.”

Even if it’s not as easy sometimes, I know You are in control HaShem and i love You and thank You for everything.   Please give me and all of us more and more the strength and love never to forget that and always trust in You! Thank You HaShem!

  • I received a bill for over 200 dollars. Within a few minutes found out it was in error. Thank you Hashem for this great feeling.

  • Wonderful news, I had given an elder man while in the hospital a pair of sisit. I said you never know, he may weare them today or he may wear them in  a month or he may wear them in 10 years. It is now about 7 years later and I found out he has just started to wear sisit. Baruch Hashem, Hashem is great

-Thank you Hashem for giving me the zchus to live in a makom Torah.

-Hi, thanks so much for your amazing Kiddush Hashem news letter. I read it by my Shabbos table almost each week and my kids really enjoy too. This is the first time I’m submitting a Thank You Hashem anectode:

My 5 year daughter came home one afternoon from her friend’s house and asked me to submit the following anecdote that happened to her that day: “I went to my friend’s house, and her Mommy was serving soup for supper and she gave me and my friend soup to eat. In middle of eating the soup I asked my friend’s Mommy if the soup is Milchig/Fleishig or Pareve. Her Mommy told me it’s Pareve. I was so relieved that it was pareve bc I realized that maybe my Mommy is serving milchig for supper and if the soup was fleishig then I wouldn’t be able anymore to eat my Mommy’s supper – Thank You Hashem that the soup was pareve!”

Thank you Publisher!


-Thank you Hashem for another week! For the zillions and billions of times that You watched me and my family – for protecting us from dangers and harm that we are unaware of. For the ability to function, to live, to enjoy summer vacation, for the beautiful weather, for the normal hum drum of life, for the ability to work, to simchos and friends to enjoy, for my family, for everything!!! And one last thing  – as I’m writing this – the music is on and the song that is playing is “Mah Ashiv L’Hashem” – from Hallel – exactly – How can I ever properly Thank You Hashem? I cannot….. I love you so much, Hashem! Always Always Always with me!!! Please continue to hold us strong together.


-Thank Hashem for my boss not needing me this afternoon I had the opportunity to visit my great aunt who is 99 years old! May she live until 120 with Hashems blessings!

-Thank you Hashem for my mother . I don’t know what I would do without her

-Thank you Hashem for sending us extra money from an unexpected source. It’s an amazing feeling to know that you are there calculating our expenses and helping us always!!

Thank You Hashem – Week 205

Happy moments praise Hashem

Difficult moments seek Hashem

Quiet moments pray to Hashem

Painful moments trust Hashem

Every moment thank Hashem

Author unknown

but benefits well-known

-Grateful for life each and every day. It gets hard to see with the hum-drum of normalcy – B”H!!!! – but alas that is the greatest gift! Last week, I was driving over the train-tracks near my home at night. As I was crossing I saw a flood of light coming – but didn’t think much of it and continued crossing. Just as I got over it – the train rolled over the intersection. Hashem saved me. The warning lights didn’t activate until the train was at the intersection and I leave up to your imagination where I would be if not for the Hand of Hashem who guides and watches closely each and everything. I love you so much, Hashem! Can’t be grateful enough! And I cannot wait until that day when the world is filled with so much light and every single living thing in this world recognizes Your hand, Your love, Your Malchus. May it be now. Please.

-I was driving home last week from Long Island. I was the passenger and my coworker was the driver. We were on the belt parkway driving with no traffic. He was going to drop me off at home but when I realized that it was almost 9pm I asked him if he can just drop me off at shul so I don’t miss the shiur. A minute later, I was texting my wife to let her know I won’t be coming home and that I’m going straight to learn and all of a sudden the driver says o no and when I looked up all I saw were brake lights coming at me at 60 miles an hour. We were in the left lane and if anyone knows the belt for the most part there is no shoulder to the left; all you have is the median. I braced myself for a strong impact. The driver swerved to the left, since the right had oncoming traffic and we came to a full stop. The front bumper of our car was right at the drivers door of the car in front of us. I couldn’t believe it, we didn’t hit not the median and not the car in front of us. We literally had an inch on either side. I had to ask him did we hit anything and he said no. There was no room to pull to the left. Hashem gave us an open nes and made the road wider so we can stop safely, not to mention he stopped our car in a way I didn’t think we could since we were going 55-60 miles on the belt. We are always told that when someone is doing a mitzva no harm can come his way. I think we see that so clear from this story. Thank you Hashem for saving us and for always watching over us and keeping all of us safe.

-מזמור שיר ליום השבת, טוב להודות לד’…”
The eye is an amazingly complex organ, which Rabbi Avigdor Miller ZT”L expounds upon:
“The eye is safely recessed in a protruding bone frame, which protects it from blows. It is furnished with a lid, which rolls down automatically whenever an object approaches; and which rolls up conveniently out of sight when not in use.
“The eye is continuously being bathed in a soothing and antiseptic fluid, supplied by the wells of the tear ducts. The eyebrows intercept perspiration, and the eyelashes keep out foreign matter. The white outer skin of the eyeball is tough, to protect the eye and to preserve its shape against elongation and flattening, which would impair the vision. The inner skin of the eye is black, like the inside of a camera, to absorb excess light which would blur the image. The eye is equipped with crystalline lens, and has a screen (retina) upon which the image is projected…” (Rejoice O Youth)

-Thank you Hashem for helping us find the right tenants to rent our house to. Thank you for making everything fall into place and for making sure that there isn’t a gap between the old tenants moving out and the new ones moving in.

-Thank you Hashem for giving me a voice and a place to voice my concerns.
I was able to give tzedakah today and it was greatly and kindly appreciated.
I am so excited to be part of this journal.
thank you.

-thank you Hashem! We were in a house in the country for shabbos and asked someone if they know of a ride and they said they’re leaving right now and I could come. They had exactly place for me and my friend and were going exactly right where we needed. What hashgacha!


-My father crashed and baruch Hashem everyone was fine!


-Had a little scare my 8 month old was dehydrated and had to take him to the ER they hooked him up 2 I.V and we had to keep him there overnight but thank you Hashem that he is healthy and back home


-Freezers play a tremendous role in my business and one of them just blew! Just a few minutes later it started to work again- out of nowhere. Thank you Hashem!


-Thank you Hashem for giving us our tsarot so we can turn to you and pray full heartedly and create a better connection with you

Thank You Hashem – Week 204

  • Please include this picture in the thank you Hashem next week. Thank you Hashem for a packed awesome fridge with food to enjoy and keep me strong and healthy!!!!!!
  • Thank You HaShem for letting me have teeth and that they don’t hurt… a few months ago the back of my mouth started hurting I thought it’s for sure wisdom teeth then all of a sudden didn’t hurt anymore Baruch HaSHem thank You!!​
  • Thank you Hashem for the challenges of life … Very often I Dream about having $100 million in the bank and living on a island with palm trees,but if that would be the case would I turn to Hashem or would I be to busy drinking my Pina Coloda?!?Hashem gives us an opportunity that is so much bigger .. we get challenges that give us a chance to develop a relationship with Hashem who created this universe and all of existence. In this world we develop the relationship thru the challenges and in Olam Hoba we enjoy our relationship (with the spiritual pina coloda)
  • Last week I was on a vacation in Florida with a goal of eating mostly raw fruits and vegetables for a whole week in order to cleanse my digestive system and bring down my cholesterol and blood pressure. All was going as planned. The sixth day into the trip, I was driving early in the morning to Shul. I exited the highway and then was making another routine right hand side exit onto another road. It was a one way exit ramp and it curved to the right like a half circle. I was going a normal 35 MPH and as I was making the turn, in a split second I see a car coming head on towards me (driving the wrong way). There was a car behind me and so I could not stop short. All in a matter of 2 or 3 seconds, the oncoming car swirved to the right and I swirved to the left and the car behind me stopped short and we all missed each other and then kept on going. A Major collision was avoided. I was shaken up at what just happened and I almost immediately said Thank You Hashem for saving me. Then it occurred to me that Hashem was sending me a much needed great lesson. In our physical and scientific world that we live in, eating healthy is suppose to keep us healthy and give us long life. In reality, only Hashem is in control of health and sickness, Life and Death. The lesson was not to become too impressed with Nature or with the Hishtadlut that we do. Even the correct Hishtadlut that we are obligated to do. Our actions and efforts have zero influence on the results. Hashem taught me that only He is in charge of my life.  As the Ramchal teaches us- “Hishtadlut is Muchrach  Aval Eino Mo’eel”. Our efforts are mandatory however they do not yield any results. We should all try our best to eat healthy and exercise but  only our Mitzvot and Tefilot determine the results. Thank You Hashem for teaching me this great lesson.
  • The summer can be really challenging when multiple families gather in ‎one house, but when those challenges are overcome it ends up being the most meaningful and beautiful experience. Thank You Hashem!
  • Thank you Hashem for an amazing summer so far. Although we are staying in Brooklyn, we have an amazing shul to spend lots of time in with amazing people and rabbi. Couldn’t ask for more. And it goes without saying spending more time with family is a beautiful thing that we sometimes take for granted. So thank you Hashem for all the blessings you always shower us with. And may this tishab’av become the day we celebrate the revealing of the bet hamikdash. Amen. Easy fast to all
  • Thank you Hashem for bringing my son’s home from Israel safe and sound.and for bringing my daughter home from camp safe and sound. Thanks for a great first half of summer.
  • Thank you Hashem for helping me grow and for pushing me in the right direction. It’s amazing and reassuring to know that you are constantly at my side.
  • We are very thankful to Hashem for allowing us to arrive in Eretz Yisroel safely. Our first plane was taken out of service due to a maintenance issue discovered immediately before the scheduled departure. As a result of the significant delay, we obtained a direct flight and did not have to endure a stopover. Our luggage got lost, but was later delivered directly to our hotel. We did not have to Shlep the big heavy suitcases when we had to walk to a different terminal to obtain the direct flight to Eretz Yisroel. Everything was for the best! Chasdei Hashem!
  • Thank You Hashem for the moderate weather, especially this week that we are in the 9 days. Makes it much easier on us.
  • My son came home after spending a month in Upstate NY. Thank You Hashem for keeping him safe! My other son went upstate this week. BezH he should have a good month there & come back refreshed & ready for Yeshiva.

Thank You Hashem – Week 203

  • Was very happy to see my 2 friends from shul in Brooklyn visiting Lakewood on Shabbat. I was very inspired when I heard that one of them walked 1.5 hours in the muggy summer heat to go and learn together. If you are reading this- hazak ubaruch, I am sure you are going to see tremendous reward for every step you took.Vry proud of your maaseh. It is a credit to our Rav, Rabbi Seruya who guides us to recognize what is truly important in life. Thank you Hashem for Bnei Binyamin.
  • Thank you Hashem so much for being with us every minute of the day. Yesterday my cell phone fell and cracked. It was a major inconvenience and was expensive to fix. Thank you Hashem that it was only a broken phone and not a broken person c”v. Items are replaceable people aren’t!!
  • Thank you Hashem for letting me pass my driving test. If I ch”v wouldn’t have passed I would have had to take another 3 lessons which would have cost me about another 587 dollars.
  • Thank You HASHEM for guiding every step of every day!!
  • Thank you Hashem!!! Moved back to New Jersey for the summer and my shower doors weren’t working so well. I thought I fixed them, my 14 year old son was showering when the large door fell on him and broke into hundreds of pieces Baruch HaShem he walked away with only a few minor cuts. Hashem watches over his people.
  • Thank you Hashem for an amazing Shabbat last week in Lakewood. Thank you for getting us home safely. Thank you for helping me fight and win my yetzer hara.
  • Thank You HaShem for the easy times and hard times… best comfort to know it’s from You!​
  • Overheard at a coffee station today a mother telling her 3 year old daughter to go over to Daddy and tell him to have a great day at Yeshiva today. The father was a grown man.This was so beautiful and reminded me that we are lemala min hatevah- In the so called regular world she would have been telling her daughter to tell her father to have a great day at work. It reminded me how Hashem controls the world and takes care of all of us. We have people holding up the world by learning in Yeshiva and Hashem provides for them and all of us as well.Thank you Hashem for making our people so special and for making us lemala min hateva- in the regular world they would have no concept of a person sitting and learning full time. Thank you Hashem for taking care of us.
  • My labor manager is out for this week so job assignments were off for this week. Thought it would be laid back week with no parnasah. Hashem sent me some parnasah from a totally different area in my business that I do not usually get involved in. Thank you Hashem for showing me that we really have nothing to do with our parnasha and where it is coming from.
  • Baruch Hashem I met a friend I haven’t seen in years. We are both in Lakewood for the summer. Baruch Hashem we started a shiur to attend together and are now learning torah together.
  • Went on a long trip for the day to the country. Decided to take my wifes car. The next morning I am driving my car and the tire light comes on. I go to the tire place and he shows me a patch in the tire that was popping out. Chas vishalom could have been a big problem if we took my car on the trip. Thank you Hashem.
  • Thank you Hashem for my son growing by leaps & bounds in 9th grade in Mesivta this year. He was zoche this week to make a siyum on Meseches Baba Metzia (together with several other of his classmates), a major accomplishment! Looking forward to a restful summer & continuing his journey to gadlus, Bezras Hashem!!
  • We sometimes forget when it gets hot outside how enjoyable it is to go outside without bundling up, like we do in the winter. & Boruch Hashem we’ve had so many sunny days this summer, it’s been really enjoyable. Thank You Hashem for all kinds of weather, hot, cold, sunny, rainy… All come with huge benefits.
  • Went to a pizza place in the country and saw it was owned by my friends nephew. I gave him some assistance and offered him some things he can use that I had and told him I would give it to him for free. When me and my family finished our nice sized order he was kind enough to give it to us for free. We should always be looking to give to one another. A midah that can end the galut. Thank you to this person and Thank you Hashem.

Thank You Hashem – Week 202

  • Thank You HaShem for promising to rebuild the Bet Hamikdash (Perek 93 Tehillim)… ​and for loving us so much that You destroyed Your house instead of us!
  • I was thinking about renting a certain house for the summer. I was concerned about the neighbors next door. Their element really bothered me and was unsure if we should take it. We ended up renting the house. It was on my mind about these neighbors. I prayed to Hashem for everything to work out and we should be happy and healthy this summer and enjoy the house. Bishvil li bara haolam-for me the world was created. We get to the house for the summer and lo and behold the house next door that I was worried about is empty. The people moved out. There is a for rent sign on the front lawn and bh it has fallen down. Thank you Hashem for taking care of this for me and my family!..update-the other thing about the house that bothered me was that all the surrounding streets were all full of potholes and very choppy and annoying to drive on. This week they have started paving the entire area…
  • Thank you Hashem for the greatest opportunity imaginable.. thru this world we get a chance to acquire Olam Haba
  • dear Hashem I am so grateful that one friend has helped me with the utility company’s horrible transformer that for the past few years has really ruined my career and my life and my sanity. to have someone stand by me over this time and be supportive was more than I could ask
  • Thank you Hashem for such a gorgeous stunning visiting day with my family yesterday.
  • This week I traveled to Argentina for the first time ( for business). When I booked my trip I didn’t realize I would be traveling during this weeks fast. I was very Concerned how I was going to find something to eat before the fast that would hold me over for the day.  Monday night, after a long hard day of work, I went out to eat at a kosher restaurant about a 20 minute cab ride from my hotel. Directly across the street from the restaurant was a Kosher Syrian grocery store. Spoke to the owner who gave me the times for the fast, Bought a bag of Kaak and cheese to eat before the fast.problem solved.  Thank you Hashem
  • from misvah man- I would like to express my tremendous hakarat hatov (gratitude) to the Mitzvah Man.  A couple of years ago, I had the privilege of getting a scholarship for my son to learn Torah in Israel. I was overjoyed, but my son needed some clothing that I couldn’t afford. I reached out to the Mitzvah Man and boy, did he and his organization come though. A couple of days after putting in my request, wonderful gift cards showed up in my mail. I was able to shop with dignity in some great stores and buy nice clothing. I felt so good and my son loved and appreciated the new things. He learned very successfully for two years in Israel. Fast forward a few years. My younger daughter has learning disabilities and has been struggling terribly in school. She had no friends. Every year we had to deal with bullying and we even switched schools. Last year, we borrowed money to send her to camp. She had a good time; it was very successful. After the summer she had another hard year and will not be going back to that school next year. She was very sad and depressed over school, and asked if she could go to camp again. I would love to send her, but we couldn’t afford it. I tried to think of anyway to come up with the money, but couldn’t think of a way. In addition, I have an auto immune disorder, and most of my income goes to medical bills. IN addition, I’ve been very sad. I lost four loved ones in the past three years—my brother, who was only 46, my father, and a set of twins. I didn’t want my daughter spending the whole summer at home, depressed. I decided out of desperation to contact the Mitzvah Man again. I figured the worst that would happen would be he couldn’t help. He told me not to worry, that he would really try to help me somehow. I was very impressed that he listened and was so compassionate. He didn’t even know how bad my situation really was. A few hours later he called me back. He told me he had a surprise—he had already collected more than half the amount needed to send my daughter to camp.He then sent out an email and raised even more—practically the entire amount. I started crying. I couldn’t believe it. I don’t know how he managed to gather these funds in such a short period. It is certainly miraculous and I had never received helped like this from anyone. I feel so blessed to have the zechut (merit) to have been helped this way. Thank you, Mitzvah Man! You have no idea how happy you have made my daughter. I cannot thank you enough. There are just no words for this hesed. May Hashem grant you and all your donors with boundless nachat (pride and joy), health happiness and endless blessings.
  • Thank you Hashem for the reminder you sent me. I had in mind that I wanted to improve my Shabbat table by singing pizmonim more often. I am away for the summer and went to buy Shabbat flowers. I walked into 2 or 3 stores but did not see anything that would honor Shabbat the way I wanted.I went to one last place to try. Very nice flowers Bh. The man in front of me got a beautiful arrangement and I commented how nice the flowers were in honor of Shabbat. He jokingly said the only problem is every week we need to upgrade and improve on it. I said there is good news, go ahead and upgrade, Hashem pays for all of your Shabbat expenses. He smiled and told me the following. He said his fathers friend who had passed away came to him in a dream. He said he can not reveal much of what goes on but he can tell him 3 things. 1 was that what we think is not chashuv over here is very chashuv in shamayim. 2- shamayim is buzzing with joy when a jew does chesed for another jew. And 3- he said there is tremendous simcha and tremendous things going on in shamayim that we can’t fathom when you sing zemirot at your Shabbat table. – I now realize why I ended up at this particular florist at this particular time of day. Thank you Hashem- Bh everyone should sing zemirot and pizmonim and bring simcha in shamayim and to your own Shabbat tables as well.

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