Thank You Hashem – Week 201

  • Thank You H-shem!!!!!  There is infinite number of things to tell You thanks for.  I remember that more than 10 years ago there was a black out in the Tristate area in one of the hottest days of the year.  I think the black out started on Thursday and it was very unbearable without air conditioning.  I remember going to Bnei Joseph to pray Mincha/Arvit and we had to pray in the courtyard because there was no electricity.  That night I took my family to the car to enjoy some A/C and it was very uncomfortable to sleep with not even a fan.  We didn’t know if we were going to have electricity for Shabbat.  RIGHT BEFORE SHABBAT YOU GAVE US BACK ELECTRICITY TO ENJOY THE SHABBAT.  THANK YOU H-SHEM!!!!
  • Ma Keamcha Yisrael ! This past Monday we were on our way to Meron To pray by the kever of the Rashbi, Rav Shimon Bar Yochai Right at the entrance to the road leading up to the parking lot I mistakenly went over a cement divider about a foot high! ,so I put the car in reverse but the car wasn’t budging ,the front tires were not able to turn at all. now I thought I totaled the rent a car I went out to evaluate the situation and within seconds what I was about to experience was unbelievable! First two uniformed older police/ soldiers came to help us but the car was not budging. then another police officer came and studied the scene and out of nowhere a van load of yeshiva boys jumped to the scene and then a man jumped off his bus ride to help. The police officer had an idea to jack up the car and wedge in a big brick which allowed me to reverse without any damage at all to the car. Just picture the scene that started moments earlier now unfold into a very wonderful display of achdut and kidush Hashem. Everyone was hands on and no one left till we were good to go Thank you Hashem for sending your angels to help us and for being part your holy nation
  • Thank you Hashem for allowing me to walk into shul the minute it started to storm. As soon as we finished mincha the rain stopped so we can all leave peacefully.
  • I lost two very important papers that I had taped to my computer. Started searching all around to see where it could be.I had very important memos on there that I needed to record for invoices. If I lost it I would be forced to try and remember the items by heart and risk an error. I prayed to Hashem and Baruch Hashem I was able to find them.
  • We misplaced our six flags season passes. They said if we have the credit card bill showing our purchase we can bring it and pay $20 for each pass that needs to be replaced. I went to the guest services window with my receipt. I then simply said I know there is a 20 dollar charge per ticket but if you can please maybe see about not having to charge us being we never even used the passes yet. He said he would check. I said a tefilah to Hashem, the real boss and person in charge. He came back and processed all the passes. He was finished, I asked do I owe you for the tickets, He said no it’s taken care of. Thank you Hashem for this big savings.
  • Thank you Hashem for giving my family and I a chance to enjoy time together on a beautiful trip. I couldn’t of asked for more. Thank you for keeping us safe and making sure we got back safely.
  • Hashem thank you for giving me a good job for the summer and thank you for a delicious bbq and fireworks! Thank you for allowing me to live right near the beach. I am so grateful for my health and that i can walk and talk and breathe on my own.
  • Thank you Hashem for long hot summer days. It is so nice to have an opportunity to relax in this beautiful outdoor weather especially after a long winter.Thank you Hashem for such a beautiful Shabbat.

Why do people not have

what they want?

Because they don’t want

what they have.

If only they would want

what they have,

they would have

what they want !

Rav Simcha Zissel

The Alter of Kelm

Thank You Hashem – Week 200

Hazak U baruch to all on 200 weeks of Kidush Hashem

  • About 6 months ago, an elderly man who I knew from 20 years ago passed away. He was a very nice man. Over the years, through business dealings, I became friendly with his 3 sons one of which married my cousin.  The family was sitting in Deal and me living in Brooklyn wasn’t able to pay respects. So I asked my son who lives in Deal to go on my behalf. Which he did. He told me they were very touched that he went out of his way to pay respects and I was very much approached. but didn’t know one of the sons he spoke to. Yesterday I was Mexico City on business having dinner at a restaurant when David who is married to my cousin walks into the restaurant with his son Nathan who I never met. David starting telling his son how we were related when all of a sudden David remember the day my son Benny went to pay respects. He went on to say how touched he was and all the nice thing Benny had to say about his father. It was not an easy visit for my son to make but he did a great job.  Turns out David at his fathers Arayat told over the story and how someone from 20 years ago would go out of his way to honor his father.  I never knew which brother Benny spoke to that day until yesterday and it took Hashem to send us both to Mexico to find out.
  • This past Thursday last minute my wife and I decided to stay home for shabbat, we quickly did most of the errands for shabbat all that was left to do is pick up some mazzah and dips which I gladly jumped on and said I will take care of it Friday after work. Ok so Friday after I finished work drove home and started making my rounds to the stores to do my shabbat shopping, Thankfully I got everything we needed and my last stop was to pick up the mazzah, I get to the store and they don’t have any kibba or lachmagine so left. Now it’s around 4:45 and I felt bad because I had to get home to start getting ready for shabbat but I said baruch Hashem this is what Hashem wants no big deal we’ll live without ,mazzah for 1 week. Jump to shabbat morning after shul:, my daughter went over one of the neighbors houses (that I met the night before since I just moved to Lakewood for the summer) as I knock on the door to pick her up one of the kids comes outside and hands me a plate covered with tin foil so I asked what’s this? she says my mother said I should give it to you and then she ran inside… I get home, look what’s on the plate, take a guess a full plate of kibbah and lachamagine!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes never in my life did someone just randomly hand me a plate of mazzah on shabbat day 5 minutes before the meal and how would they even know that I didn’t have mazzah!! I showed the plate to my wife she couldn’t believe it either all we could do is laugh at the ‘Gift” that Hashem gave us… we always try and make shabbat as nice as possible and do everything lichavod shabbat kodesh this was a clear message from Hashem showing that even though you weren’t able to get the mazzah lichavod shabbat everything is from Hashem, here you are enjoy!!     I also must say thank you Hashem for such nice neighbors mi keamcha yisrael !!!!!!
  • Thank you Hashem!!!!! I was Zoche to move into a newly renovated home! A special thank you to a wonderful cousin of mine who enhanced my life with awesome speakers!
  • Thank you Hashem for the yeshiva bochur that returned home safely after being stuck in Moscow for the last few weeks. Thank you Hashem for the billions of kindnesses that you do for me all day that I don’t know what to write about…..
  • THANK YOU HASHEM FOR 200 WEEKS OF THIS BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING GROUP!!  Highly recommend to get others on it too!! THANK YOU HASHEM!!
  • Me and my wife were going to an appointment with an specialist and we didn’t want to be late not to lose our turn and have to wait forever for the doctor to see us.  We were going under the BQE on Hamilton Avenue when we hear the alarm of the bridge right behind us.  That would have taken at least 20 minutes to wait for the bridge to come down again.  Thank you H-shem for looking out for us like always.
  • With my son in Yeshiva most of the time & 2 daughters married, it is a rare occasion that we have everyone at home at the same time on Shabbos. This past week we got to enjoy family time with the entire family. Was really nice & thank Hashem for allowing us to have this time together. May it always be for happy occasions!
  • I went to the dentist last month & had an issue with some pain I was getting from one of my molars. There dentist that treated me diagnosed me with “cracked tooth syndrome” & recommended I get a crown to save the tooth. 2 hours are needed for a crown appt, so they rescheduled me to come in Monday for the procedure. I scheduled the appt with the senior dentist in the office (who I’ve been seeing for years) & he took a look at the situation & said he can probably fix my bite & avoid the crown! Saved me a huge sum of money & will hopefully not need the crown!! At the same time, he was able to fix a cracked filling I had & saved me a return trip to the office next week, because originally they gave me 2 dates because a crown has to have its own appt. He explained to me how the teeth work when a person chews, & how the upper & lower teeth line up, with the lower teeth having a slightly smaller circle than upper teeth so grooves on top line up with teeth on the bottom & vice versa. which is amazing in & of itself. Thank you Hashem for allowing a much better fix & for my teeth in general!
  • Thank you Hashem for having my friend start this emunah campaign
  • Thank You HaShem for letting me see :)​

Thank You Hashem – Week 199

  • B’H !! We had a healthy baby girl. The doctor scared the wits out of my wife and I by telling us the umbilical cord was knotted, the placenta is globular and the baby wasn’t growing enough… they wanted us to take a test that could endanger the baby and we said No..a few months later they induced the baby and B’H the baby was born (No knot) healthy but small and is thank you Hashem growing very nicely!!!
  • Thank You HaShem for letting me have a job in a Jewish religious environment!​
  • Thank You Hashem… This week I noticed I misplaced my credit card… I looked in the usual spots and it wasn’t there… I retracted my steps,walking thru streets in Brooklyn looking for my credit card. I and ended up by my parents’ house but it wasn’t there either…I called the bank to see if it was used and they said no… i didn’t want to cancel  it since everything is hooked up to it and would be a big hassle… I told them to wait on it and I’ll call them after I learn… I was walking into bet midrash when my daughter called… her friend found the card in front of her house a few blocks away!…What were the odds of losing a credit card in Brooklyn NY and having it found not only by another jew but a friend of my daughters who knew exactly how to return it. Thank you Hashem
  • Thank You HASHEM! For everything you do, every moment of every day! Whether I understand or I don’t, because everything You do is full of kindness and love!!
  • I was about to drive into a very large pothole that was very wide. I braced myself for the hit but somehow my car avoided it. I thought this was not possible. Thank you Hashem
  • Chasdei hashem!! We have a pointed ceiling in our dining room and we have a chandelier that hung down from the top and this morning it came crashing down!! a mosaic bowl that sat on the table was blown to pieces and the table got smashed the glass chandelier smashed. This was hanging for over 10 years!! Baruch hashem bchasdei hashem this didn’t happen on shabbos or someone would’ve gotten very very hurt.
  • Mabruk –great couple got engaged
  • Mazal tov on the brit milah today-thank you Hashem
  • I was hit with a surprise bill, Thank you Hashem for sending me some money to help pay for it.
  • I was hit with some difficult issues to handle all at once. I was getting a little frustrated. I stopped in my tracks and smiled and Thanked Hashem for everything. A few moments later I get a phone call, the person started out jokingly telling me we had a major problem. I didn’t lose trust in Hashem and kept listening. He then changed his tune and flipped around his discussion and told me about great news that will help with all the other issues I was dealing with. Just like that, a smile and a Thank you to Hashem and the problems were gone. You are so great Hashem. Thank you Hashem.
  • Thank you Hashem for my brother having a healthy baby boy after three girls. Thank you Hashem for the miracle of children!!

Thank You Hashem – Week 198

  • I left yeshiva after the 5th grade. From the age of 13 to 30 I was not connected to the religion and forgot most of what I had learned. Over the last 24 years I slowly grew, started to go to Shul and classes etc. I have just hit a major milestone, I have Finished Gemara Masechet Berachot and Last week we celebrated my first siyum.  That was a very BIG Moment for me and my Family. Making this joy greater was that I had the zechut to learn and finish it with my son being the teacher of the class. Thank you Hashem for allowing me to correct myself and follow in the way of the Torah.
  • a friend of mine had some good news and I genuinely felt great joy and happiness for him. Realizing afterwards that this particular news that he had was something I have been waiting for in my own personal life. I however still was very happy for him and I was proud of myself for not feeling bitter about my own plight. What happens next is astonishing. Hashem blessed me with the same good news that I have been lacking. I then remembered hearing a long time ago that if you feel happy for a person when he is celebrating a simcha and you have not yet enjoyed such a simcha, Hashem will then bless you with the same simcha. I have lived and experienced this. Thank you Hashem for this may we all be blessed with yideshe nachas. Good Shabbos
  • Imagine if we’d wake up with only the things we had thanked Hashem for yesterday…..!
  • Thank you H-shem for giving my wife and I a grandson Our first grandson!!! Our daughter’s first son.  B”H he had a Brit Milah and a Pidyon Haben. no matter how many times I tell You Thank You is not enough. Please H-shem the same way you let my wife and I have a grandson please give us many grandchildren and great grandchildren and ability to marry off all our children. “Were our mouth as full of song as the sea, and our tongue as full of joyous song as its multitude of waves, and our lips as full of praise as the breadth of the heavens, and our eyes as brilliant as the sun and the moon, and our hands as outspread as the eagles of the sky and our feet as swift as hinds — we still could not thank You sufficiently, HaShem our God and God of our forefathers, and to bless Your Name for even one of the thousand thousand, thousands of thousands and myriad myriads of favors, miracles and wonders that you performed for our ancestors and for us” from Nishmat Kol Chai
  • Thank you Hashem for always watching over us. I always feel your direct hand in my life. No matter how many days we are short of work. Some how we always manage b”h to cover the important expenses and I know you personally make sure of it. I’m so proud to be your son.
  • thank You HaShem for the hot weather and for A.C!
  • We take praying for granted. Took a 1am flight to Mexico, landed at 4:30am. Meeting at 9am. The whole time I was worried were I would pray. Too early to pray in the airport and there would be no where to pray at the Walmart office.  Didn’t know what to do. 5:30am got in the cab and was heading to the Walmart office where I would have a couple of hours to kill. On the way, I told the driver to go to a Shul I know of in Polanco. Told him to wait for me until I prayed.  B’H problem solved.
  • Thank you Hashem that I had a grandmother that at age 107 knew what was right in serving Hashem. She regularly attended shul on Shabbat and it was said over that one week the minyan was running late and they prayed musaf-kol ram- without chazara. As they were walking out my 107 year old grandmother waited for someone on the committee, I assume a business man and she asked what happened?. How can they skip the opportunity to do birkat kohanim? I hope they took this musar from a 107 year old woman. Was very proud to hear this about my grandmother.
  • Incredible phone call, just hung up with Jetblue. I figured I would give them a phone call regarding a bad experience we had in the airport regarding one of our flights. Glad I called, they gave me a $430 credit. This is incredible because this is more than I paid for the entire round trip tickets to begin with. Thank you Hashem – and Thank you Hashem again for letting me be the 10th in the minyan in the airport that day so that man can say kadish during his avelut.
  • ishtabach Hashem L’Olam!!! Two close relatives of mine are B”H doing much better!!!! Hashem – I love you so much! And yes – even when I don’t see you or feel you – I try with your help to see positive because that is all it is!!!! Please Hashem continue to bestow your endless goodness and kindness upon ALL of your special children that are trying so hard to stay close.
  • Thank you Hashem for all the good You bestow upon us. Always!! B”H we have our health, family, opportunities… The list goes on & on & on.
  • Thank you Hashem for my friends new baby girl!!

Thank You Hashem – Week 197

  • I had a test regarding a financial dispute with someone over money he thought I still owed to him. I saw I was getting no where with him and he was being very stubborn and tough in the way he was speaking with me. I decided to say to ,myself that I will take the money from the Shalom fund that we hear about all the time. I agreed to pay him with this shalom fund in mind. A couple of hours later Hashem sent me an unexpected order and returned the money to me. This was not more than 2 hours after I agreed to make shalom with this person who clearly did not deserve it. Thank you Hashem. Thank you Hashem that I was also able to hold back while handing him this payment. I wanted to tell him I passed my test by giving this to you now you pass your test and admit you should not take it. Instead I smiled, made a small joke with him and kept shalom.
  • Thank you Hashem for letting me wake up this morning and feeling happy! I love you Hashem
  • Thank you Hashem for teaching me about the concept that Hashem wants me.  I just took a course that teaches that Hashem wants us to do his mitzvot and learn his Torah. This concept shows us how important we are to him and his creation.  Thank you for showing me my value. I hope I can live up to your expectations.
  • Thank you Hashem for allowing me the opportunity to get involved in a great chesed.
  • Thank you Hashem for another successful, safe and happy week!
  • I was planning on calling on a certain account to check on them. I get a call from a strange number and I answer. It is the person I was thinking to call. She was calling from one of the locations that she was visiting that day. Without me having to say a word she put in a duplicate for a very nice order. Thank you Hashem.
  • Thank you Hashem for the beautiful night out that me and wife spent with our son celebrating his Birthday. Abal 120 happy and healthy years.
  • Mabruk on the great engagement of my friends son.
  • Had a pidyon a Bar Misvah a Bris and an engagement to attend this week and it made me realize how kind and giving Hashem is.
  • I had a job to get done but I was unsure how I was going to do it. I had a family obligation to tend to but also needed the salary from this job. After speaking with my friend I decided family was more important than the money. Hashem is so great and not only was I able to take care of my family obligation but Hashem had the job taken care of by a colleague. I was able to get paid for it as well. Hashem gave me a win win solution. As my friend taught me , you can never get hurt doing the right thing. Thank you Hashem.
  • A customer lowered quantity on an order I was entering for them. For a moment I felt bad but then stopped myself and said it is all from Hashem. If this order got lowered I accept it.  And I thanked Hashem. About 1 hour later a different customer called me and upped the quantity on his order with me. I was shown clearly by Hashem who runs the world. As soon as I accepted the lowered order Hashem returned it to me thru a different customer. Awesome- Thank you Hashem.

Thank You Hashem – Week 196

  • We tend to take things for granted when all is well & don’t even realize what kind of protection Hashem is showering upon us. Within the last week, we had a crazy person drive onto the sidewalk in NY & run over many people. Could’ve been a lot worse. & a personal Thank You to Hashem from me as I work just a few blocks from that area! In addition, we all heard about a horrific incident in Manchester, England. We thank Hashem for constantly watching over us as these incidents are done for us to take notice. Thank You Hashem for the shemira you do for us on a regular basis!
  • My daughter just got a car. Very exciting. Thank You Hashem. May she use it in good health for many years!
  • Thank you hashem, Thank you hashem, did you know? yes you know. I just found out that i merited to be born 6 years later to the day that Maarat Hamachpela was visited in over 700 years. I love you so much Hashem. Thank you for allowing me to celebrate my birthday with this special day. I bless you for blessing me. Thank you for this treasure. I love all of them Sarah Rivkah Rachel Leah Avraham Yitzchak Yaacov Adam and Chava. Thank you for this video. 8th of June.
  • Thank you Hashem for helping my husband find a job that fits all his needs and utilizes his talents. It’s amazing to feel your constant presence at our side and it’s comforting to know that we are always taken care of by our father.
  • Thank you Hashem for giving me the gift of being in meron Lag Ba’omer, the connection to Hashem and inspiration I felt there is not to describe. Also, I thank Hashem for bringing me back home safe and healthy. I saw the hashguche prutis many times during my trip to Israel. I also asked Hashem that I should not be seated next to a women and it worked out perfectly on all flights.
  • Thank you Hashem for everything you do for me. I know everything u do is for my best even though I don’t  see the big picture . Thank you for giving me life and the opportunity to wake up every morning and take care of my family
  • Everything is for a reason. Had a very aggravating experience with massive delays and problems in the airport. There was a man on the flight before ours that also was having issues. He had an additional problem as he was a chiyuv and wanted to make mincha so he can say Kadish. When all was said and done he managed to scrounge up 9 people from different areas of the airport, this took him a few hours. He was like a machine, he knew exactly where each person was and he was prepared to have them all called when the minyan was complete. I was able to be the 10th  for this special minyan and this man was able to say Kadish. He was so happy and thankful to all of us. He even had us all pose together as a group for a picture. This man had the will and desire and Hashem delivered for him.
  • You know that feeling you get when you get out of the ocean and then you see 2 sharks in the exact spot you were swimming in? Well my wife and I do. We were swimming for about an hour in the ocean. When we got out we saw a little commotion and I went to see what was going on. There were 2 sharks swimming across the shore line about 5-10 feet from the shore, extremely close. I had just been in the exact spot they were swimming thru. Thank you Hashem for your protection. I want to add as I was in the ocean I was talking to Hashem and Thanking Hashem for the beautiful ocean and shouting I love you Hashem. Who knows, maybe that helped ward off the sharks until I got out.
  • Thank you Hashem for sending me two payments from clients of mine worry free. I did not even have to call them they were sent on their own.
  • just found a great savings on something I needed very badly. This came clearly from Hashem as a deal like this is very rare. Thank you Hashem. Bishvil li bara ha-olam
  • Thank you Borei Olam for the opportunity to sit and learn Torah.

Thank You Hashem – Week 195

  • Thank you Hashem for the very special gift yesterday. It was Lag Ba’omer and Hashem gave me the gift of praying and connecting in a way that I can’t remember ever having. It felt so good, Hashem. I love you so much and trust that You heard and saw it all and are guiding and leading and the light is near!
  • Thanks so much for a great week and guests for Meron, for making people ‘chance’ to come there especially for me….. for my sister coming to the country by surprise and going out four siblings together.. off work. for finding out how much fun and beauty and love from You there is in Yam Hamelach, for peace. For the guest I had for Shabbos and the guest tonight for the peace of mind and the nisyonos… for the inner debates which are here to test and strengthen be”H – for not giving up on me and believing in me sooooo much that you always keep reminding me to grow!! Thanks for the love!
  • My son scheduled his road test with 2 friends. We were deciding if it would be better for him to drive my car for his test being he is used to it or let him go with the other 2 boys in their car. We finally decided to take him in my car, my son said he thinks it would be unlikely for an instructors to pass 3 kids in a row using the same car. My wife went and the 2 other boys went with one of the mothers. I pulled up to switch places with my wife at the test site and see a commotion going on. The first boy was about to take his test, he gets in his car and starts the engine, but……it doesn’t start…he tries again , nothing…the car battery is dead. He is sitting in the car with the test instructor in a dead car- this was quite a scene. Baruch Hashem my wife was there and the boy was able to quickly jump into our car and take his test. This boy really wanted to only use his car that he was used to but Hashem had other plans. Baruch Hashem he passed. My son went next- Baruch Hashem he passed. The 3rd boy went next, Baruch Hashem he passed. All 3 using the same car that happened to be there for them. 1 minute later, chaverim showed up and fixed the car in about 30 seconds. My wifes license was expired and the instructors ask to see your license, when the boy switched to our car for some reason they did not ask for her licence, when the 3rd boy went and my wife had left, the instructor asked for my license, the only thing he did was verbally out loud say-expiration date, is good..did not look at anything else. Hashgacha from start to finish. And I want to compliment these boys on their connection to Hashem, the entire time they were speaking about Hashem and seeing How Hashem is orchestrating everything. Thank you Hashem.
  • Thank you Hashem for my sons chalakah celebration. It’s such a good feeling to see him grow up and to have so much Nachat from him. Thank you for giving me amazing kids and an amazing wife that puts so much koach into them.
  • Thank you Hashem for the ability to help others. It is truly a zechut!
  • I was having a bunch of little problems one after the other. I was starting to let it get to me. I was rewarded for this attitude with a much larger problem. It was starting to get the best of me. I suddenly snapped myself out of this down feeling and told myself to stop and smile right now. I smiled and said to Hashem I am happy no matter what! If I have issues or not I am smiling. I have trust and Bitachon in you Hashem that you always take care of me. My smile all of a sudden naturally turned into an out loud laughter!!. I was laughing happily to Hashem exclaiming my love to Hashem. Shortly after this I dealt with the issue I had and Baruch Hashem it was taken care of within 2 minutes!!!!!! That’s right –the issue was gone. Hashem is so great. All the other minor issues evaporated as well. We must remember to smile even when it may be difficult to smile. I LOVE YOU HASHEM
  • A silly error was made by a supplier causing me to have to travel about 1 hour extra for no reason. I tried not to get upset and said Hashem has a plan. When I got to the far off place I needed to go to I bumped into a person I have been trying to contact for a month in order to see if he can help inspire someone to come closer to Hashem. I needed this person to be willing to meet my friend and speak to him. By seeing him face to face it went way better than if it would have been over the phone. We had a great talk and he is very excited to help out. I saw Hashems hand clearly. Thank you Hashem and thank you to this person for volunteering his time and talents to help another jew come closer to the emet.

Thank You Hashem – Week 194

  • Thank YOU HASHEM for………everything!!!
  • I had to be with someone in an area of the hospital where people have organs amputated. This made me stop and appreciate everything in life. Thank you Hashem for my life and my health. Thank you Hashem for this eye opener and for reminding me not to take everyday life for granted.
  • Wow Hashem you are so great and powerful. I just dodged a major bullet here at work. Almost had major major issue that could have meant something awful and Hashem on his own handled it for me swiftly and smoothly with me practically doing zero. Thank you Hashem for this chesed.
  • Thank you Hashem for a great week. And even though our family has a challenge on our hands right now – we trust and know that you are with us and handling for us.
  • Thank you Hashem for guiding me and helping me to make shalom with someone. It was a big test for me because the other person was clearly wrong and behaved very irrational at the same time. I prayed to Hashem and Hashem helped me to apologize and realize that , that is what is most important, not who is right, to make a kidush Hashem and make peace. Thank you Hashem.
  • Thank you Hashem for Lag Ba-omer- I am remembering back a couple of years ago praying for a ceratin situation on Lag Ba-omer and seeing ow how Hashem answered those tefillot. Thank you HASHEM.
  • Thank you Hashem for the incredible shiduch you sent to our family. We are so grateful for this chesed. Was so clear how Hashem was pulling all the strings. Thank you Hashem.
  • I had to spend time helping a family member in the Hospital a short while ago. To describe the non-stop chesed I witnessed being done all day and night by klal yisrael would be impossible. It was very inspiring seeing people help family members, friends and total strangers. Made me proud to be part of this exclusive club of being a jew. I also saw how the rest of the nations reacted to helping their sick and people in need and needless to say it was no where close to what klal yisrael do for one another. I could type pages and pages of what I saw in such a short time at all hours of the day night and morning. Baruch Hashem-Hashem should bless all of klal yisrael with great health and happiness.
  • Thank you Hashem for letting me hear the radio advertisement reminding me how great is our Torah. It was an ad for mothers day , it played a mother nagging to the child to wake up and get ready for school, then telling the child come in the house and eat dinner, then nagging to the child saying get ready for bed. The ad continued and said, do you really want to go waste your time shopping for your mother and waiting on long lines?. Visit our website____ and a few clicks and it is over. Thank you Hashem for making it so easy to want to honor our parents and respect them 365 days a year in the proper manner.
  • For several months I was thinking to call on a possible customer and see if they are interested in my product line. I kept pushing it off. Out of no where this person approaches me and asks if I service his area and if I am interested in selling him? Thank you Hashem you are incredible!
  • 2 new people have been joining in with our kahal and I must say I am so impressed seeing how they are changing and learning from the fine ways of the people around them. In a short time it is very noticeable. So this is a testament to the new people themselves and also a great testament to the groups that they joined with in the shul. You see how they are fitting right in and enjoying it so much. Yasher Koyach to all…

Thank You Hashem – Week 193

There is a Midrash that relates :

Two men  met a poor blind man who needed help.

One of the men gave him Tzedakah and the other didn’t.

Later, they met the Angel of Death who told them that their time in this world had expired, but the one who gave Tzedakah

would have years added to his life.

The other man said, “Please, let me have another opportunity

to give Tzedakah.” But the angel said, “it’s too late.”

The man said, “Okay, but before you take my soul, allow me one last opportunity in this world to thank Hashem for all that he did for me.

When the Angel of Death heard those words, he said,

“I no longer have permission to take you.”


  • I know I’m late but better later then never. Thank you Hashem for giving us a beautiful yom tov like Pesach. A time when we can pause for a moment and realize how fortunate we are to be your children. Thank you Hashem that yom tov went through so nicely and so enjoyable.
  • Thank you Hashem for saving my father from a serious cardiac arrest situation. He woke up with terrible pain and started to loose his breath. Hatzolah came right over and literally saved his live with Hashems help. We should also be thankful to Hashem for giving us such a wonderful organization like Hatzolah and we should also appreciate their members for taking away from their busy time to help people at no charge whatsoever
  • So many things to be thankful for every minute of every day it’s hard to choose! Thank you Hashem for protecting us when we switched lanes without realizing there was a car in the blind spot in the next lane. B’h my husband caught himself at the last minute and no one got hurt.
  • I was about to purchase a gift certificate for a gift for someone at a certain store. For some reason I changed my mind about it and got something else. Whenever I drive by the store I always think to myself why didn’t I get the certificate it would have been a great gift. Today I drove by and saw that the store has closed down. I would have lost all the money. Thank you Hashem.
  • Thank You Hashem for giving us challenges with which to raise ourselves..! if not for them – how would we grow? We would sleep all of our lives and wake up in the next world with little.. chas veshalom! As R’ Ezriel Tauber pointed out – he teaches people of all different groups with hardships, such as widows, spinsters, childless – and they are finally sitting in his speeches – at first they are angry about their situation but as the time goes on and they’ve been to enough lessons on real Emuna as every Jew is obligated to learn – they become amazing, happy humans. And he says – if not for the difficulty – would they have even gone to these classes? They would go on with their lives as they were.. Thank You for the real mercy you show! That the whole world is light and we have the game to find it beyond our own shadows.. Thank you for waking me this morning and believing in me that I can pass everything in life  and with happiness!!
  • Thank you Hashem for guiding me in the right direction in some decisions I needed to make.
  • Bought a home warranty plan last fall. Had an issue before Pesach with my double wall oven that bottom oven errored out on self clean mode before completing. Ordered service thru the warranty plan & it turns out that it needed a new fan, which GE doesn’t produce any more because it is a 16 year old model. So warranty company just replaced my old oven with a brand new one! & because the new model is under manufacturer warranty for a year, my monthly premiums are going down for a year until they need to cover it again!!! Thank You Hashem for such an amazing deal!( On a side note, if anyone wants to look into getting such a warranty plan, if you use the following link & sign up, we both get a $25 gift card to Amazon. I am very happy with the service & it is a great value for anyone that has aging appliances) (would not recommend it for people who have relatively new appliances, as premiums might cost more than repairs).
  • How amazing it is to be Hashem’s children. Everyday in this world is a gift and everything Hashem created was for our benefit. The more I think about it the more I realize how many miracles surround us everyday. Thank you Hashem for everything I’m so great full.
  • Thank you Hashem for the beautiful note my daughter left for me in work.
  • Somebody in a class last night mentioned how terrible he felt when someone failed to give him a nice greeting, or any greeting at all for that matter. I want to thank Hashem for the most pleasant wonderful words that a person said to me today. It really gave me a lift to hear such nice words. Right after this conversation I get out of my car and bump into someone I did not see in a very very long time that lives in Monsey. I was able to react and give him a special warm greeting, he actually grabbed me and hugged in the middle of the street after my greeting to him. My reward for this misvah was another misvah. He mentioned to me about a family that he was trying to help out and I was able to participate in this misvah. We should all recognize the power and importance of a kind nice greeting to someone and the importance of a kind nice word to someone especially during the days of the Omer.

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