Thank You Hashem – Week 226

  • Walking to my car this morning I see a garbage truck pulled up right beside my car. I just missed getting out in time. I did not get nervous and as I walked to my car I passed my neighbor and said looks like I am stuck for a while. As I approached my car the garbage man was walking right behind my car, I smiled and said How ya doing, he nodded and acknowledged my greeting which is a milestone, he is usually a very grumpy bitter person. He then gets in the truck and does something I never saw in my life. He puts the truck in reverse and backs up allowing me the space to pull out my car and be on my way. The power of a simple nice greeting to someone. Thank you Hashem.


  • I have been reading and studying Tehillim in depth, and I thank Hashem for all of the help He has sent my way.  Since asking Hashem for help with my learning, I have found many wonderful websites and online shiurim that go into depth on Tehillim.  I also ordered an interlinear book of Tehillim that is amazing.  I carry it with me everywhere.  Thank You Hashem for always putting what I need in my path.  Thank You also for eyes to see the words, ears to hear the shiurim, and a mind and spirit to learn and feel the messages of Tehllim.  I love You Hashem.
  • Hodu la H-shem ki leolam Hasdo.  B”H my son had his first baby, my grandson and everybody is healthy. B’H the brit is going to be this week,(Rosh Chodesh-Wednesday) and I”H I’m going to be the Sandak.  H-shem showers us with kindnesses constantly and we should always be able to see them blatanty and tell Him thank you.
  • I was reminded of this old story this past week and thought it would nice to thank Hashem for his Hashgachat Pratit. Several years back our area had a major snow storm and everything was basically snowed in. There was about 3 feet of snow on the ground. My cousin was getting married that night and it was a great simcha for our family even though we had no idea if and how any of us would get there. (The wedding itself is a whole other story that has been written up in jewish magazines). I believe 2 or 3 other weddings that night were forced to be done in their houses. Anyway, approximately 2 or 3 pm this snowy stormy day of the wedding my cousin very matter of factly calls me and calmly asks if I have a shirt for him that he can wear to his wedding. I was like what did you say? and he calmly repeats his request. Now it was my turn to be the older mature cousin and give him a lecture. I tell him you wait until the afternoon of your wedding day to try and find a shirt for your wedding?!?!? Are you for real? never mind the craziness of this storm-as I am lecturing him I am staring out the window at the snow storm, in the middle of my speech I see a car service trudging some how thru the snow. I quickly say I gotta go!! and hang up- I see the phone number on the door of the car and I quickly call the car service and rushingly tell him please stop the car on Avenue…right away- I tell him please I have a shirt can he just drive it around the corner? He puts me on hold, comes back and says run down to the car right now he is waiting. Hashem has a plan and takes care of everything and my cousin showed me there is never a reason to panic. Just relax and don’t worry and everything falls into place. His attitude that he lives with is a Kidush Hashem.-Happy Anniversary
  • thank you Hashem, I bought a salad and I usually get big pieces of broccoli and this time they gave me small pieces and my jaws-tmj were hurting badly today and I wouldn’t have been able to bite the big pieces.
  • This may not seem like a big deal but to me it felt like a hug from Hashem. I’ve been trying to find a very warm winter coat for a while now but anything I liked was out of my budget. Today my mother in law came in from Brooklyn for my daughter’s play and says “honey I brought you a coat” I said oh Moshe told you I was looking for one? And she said no! It is so so warm and elegant! And best of all it was free! Thank you Hashem!
  • Thank you Hashem for always helping me out and for bringing my yeshuah!! I was going through a rough time and Hashem showed me how it’s all okay and how I’ll be fine!
  • I have another simcha to add.  My husband and I started a new business last year, and I do the accounting.  Well, I don’t really know what I am doing and am learning as I go.  I received an email from the Department of Revenue to contact them right away.  My first instinct was to ignore the email out of pure fright.  Instead, I closed my eyes, asked Hashem for help, and had complete Bitachon that He would find a solution.  I called them back, and it was just a general question and nothing, thank G-d, serious. Thank you Hashem for showing me yet again that good things come when I put complete trust in You.
  • Thank you Hashem for the amazing trip to Cleveland for a family wedding. We had some crazy weather on the way there and b”h made it after a really long driving. Thank you for getting us there and back safely.
  • I have a new appreciation for my microwave. The spring that latches the door closed broke & my family got a gentle reminder from Hashem how useful this appliance is & how often we use it. Thank You Hashem for the microwave & all the other appliances in the house!

Thank You Hashem – Week 225

  • I was walking home from Shul Saturday night with my kids.  My daughter & son were having fun running through the snow & they ran ahead of me.  My son ending up running past my daughter & all of a sudden my daughter screams out to my son to STOP.  There was a car pulling out of the driveway & my daughter saw the car, but my son did not see the car.  My son was an inch away from the car when he stopped.  I asked my daughter what happened and she said she saw the car’s blinker on so she scream out to my son to STOP! Thank you Hashem for giving my daughter the ability to see the car’s blinker and the daat to scream out to my to STOP!!! And Thank you Hashem for saving from son from not getting hit by the car!
  • Thank you Hashem for giving me so much good in my life in all areas and continuing to provide for all of my needs. I love you. Everyone should always say that to Hashem many times daily.
  • Thank you Hashem we had a little scare with my daughter who wasn’t breathing after she fell while playing on the rug and started crying ……… Chasdai Hashem he somehow gave me the ability to do mouth to mouth even though I have no idea how to do it but it worked and she started breathing again. Went to the hospital for additional testing to make sure it wasn’t a seizure and Baruch HaShem all tests came back perfect. The doctor thinks it was just a breathing spell (couldn’t catch her breath from crying)  she’s back to her normal self as if nothing ever happened. Thank you Hashem !!!
  • Thank you Hashem for letting the unbelievable happen to me!! It was calming, amazing, drugging almost 🙂
  • Thank You HaShem that every single thing that happens in my life is for the best and nothing is unfair!
  • Thank you Hashem for the birth of our beautiful and healthy daughter!
  • Had a Bar Mitzvah in Baltimore last Thursday night. With the storm predicted for Thursday, we went Wednesday night instead of Thursday afternoon. Hashem was so kind to us, as we got there right when the first flakes started falling & in the end, Baltimore got just a dusting. Lakewood got hit with 12+ inches! Trip took us less than 3 hours & others that went on Thursday ended up travelling around 6 hours!! & in addition, my neighbor asked if he could park his car in my driveway so the snow plows could clean the street properly. As such, after the snow, he shoveled himself out, which left me with a cleared out driveway when I came home Saturday night! Thank You Hashem for taking care of everything for me!! Thank You Hashem for the Bar Mitzvah celebration & getting to spend some time with the extended family.
  • Really icy this morning & heard of someone that broke his ankles when he slipped. Thank You Hashem for directing my steps without falling, not only now with the ice, but ALWAYS!
  • Sound

“S” as in “Sam”



“N” as in “Nancy”

“D” as in David

How often do we find ourselves speaking on the phone and spelling out letters that do not come clear through a headset or speaker. Thank You Hashem for giving me the best audio and speaker system- one that can hear even from far away the subtle differences between letters and sounds. What a Beracha it is to hear words of Torah, our children laughing, the horn of an approaching car, music- all clearly and beautifully. We can hear from all directions (surround sound) in full HD! When we are sleeping our ears automatically lower the volume so that small noises don’t disturb our rest. Our ears don’t need batteries and are always “on” and working so that we can enjoy the sounds of life at all times.

Chazal say that a deaf person is considered as if he is not living. Thank You Hashem for giving us the sense of hearing and the gift of life!!

Thank You Hashem – Week 224

  • Thank you Hashem for giving me an awesome/caring friend to support me during the tough times when things get hard.
  • Went upstairs last week & felt cold. Checked the vent & it was blowing only cold air. As it was close to 8pm, didn’t think I would be able to get a technician to check it out until the next day. With very cold temperature outside, I was concerned that we would not be able to sleep in the house that night. Went up to the attic to see if I could find the issue (not that I know what I’m doing!) & opened the cover & moved some wires around. Closed the lid & all of a sudden it starts working!! Thank You Hashem for fixing that for me on the spot!! I also just bought a wifi thermostat that was on sale & switched it with the old one. Really love it, as I can control the temperature from my phone or any web browser. Very convenient. Thank You Hashem!

Amazing Wonders

of the Human Body

To Help Us

Think About Hashem

Our vocal folds –

known as vocal cords –

produce sound

when an air stream passes

between them.

They can vibrate from

100 to as much as

1000 time per second !

  • Thank you Hashem for healing me when I was sick last week! Thank you for heat and clothing and a warm comforter for the winter months!
  • my car didn’t start and I realized I would need a boost so I opened the hood of the car. as I was opening it someone stopped to ask if I needed help, someone else offered cables and a third person went to get his car to do the boost. The first guy offered for my kids to wait inside the bakery while we got it sorted out as it was raining outside. Thank you Hashem that everything happened so quick and smooth. And mi keamcha yisrael- how so soon everyone came over to offer help!
  • Can you imagine if gasoline froze at the same temperature as water??? We would have a huge headache using our cars in these cold temps… Thank You Hashem for making the freezing point of gasoline so much lower than water!!
  • Thank you HASHEM for the shelter of a warm home.
  • Thank you Hashem for letting me hear and see the kidush Hashem of Sholom Rubashkin
  • (from Rabbi Brezaks peh tahor eml) A teacher in a high school recently shared with me what her student, let’s call her Leah, told her. Just about 2 weeks ago, on the 8th day of Chanukah 5778, this student was near a girl that someone embarrassed terribly. There were about 100 girls present which made the embarrassment beyond description. Leah immediately ran over to the girl that was embarrassed and asked her for a brocho. The girl said, May Hashem answer your tefillos. Soon after that, Leah davened for two things. The first one was that Shalom Rubashkin would be freed. He was freed that very day. Perhaps this girls tefillos helped make it happen. The second thing was that Hashem should protect her family. Why she davened for this particular thing is not clear. That night, in the middle of the night, there was a loud explosion downstairs. Family members ran to the kitchen and found the pot of eggs that had mistakenly been left on the fire to cook. The water had cooked out and the eggs exploded. A small fire had already begun but they were able to put it out fairly quickly. Baruch Hashem no one was hurt and the damage was minimal. The brocho of the girl that was embarrassed came true!
  • Thank you Hashem for the achdut of klal yisrael, seeing how people are so eager to help one another in the snow is very inspiring. Klal yisrael is always there for each other regardless how large or small the situation is. Mi Kiamecha Yisrael. Thank you Hashem for letting me be part of it.
  • Thank you Hashem for Rabbi David Ozeri and all he does for us both in the open and also behind the scenes. We are so lucky to have him in our community.

Thank You Hashem – Week 223

  • Thank you Hashem for leading me, through the darkness which is good for me – you’re always there.
  • Thank You HaShem for my eyesight and letting me breathe 🙂
  • Tonight I made a delicious jiben and as I was pulling it out of the oven I notice in the back of the oven on the same shelf a tin of Shepard pie from Friday night. So I called the rabbi and he asked allot of questions trying to save dinner but no good. Thank you Hashem that we have rabbis and their wife’s who take time to help us find the correct answer and thanks for the courage to help me throw it out Pyrex and all.
  • I’ve been taking my 7 year old to father – son learning for last few months. Every week they raffle off about 10 prizes. My child never won and got frustrated . On way home I tell him Hashem has different ways of rewarding Torah learning and you never know what it would be and it could be also be an outside source of reward. This past motzei Shabbat he won the grand prize of a drone. He was super excited showing it to many people. I put him in the back seat of our car with the drone. As I started the engine he blurts out “thank you Hashem” 😁
  • Thank you Hashem that my wife and children are all healthy and well and we see so much simcha from them.
  • Thank you H-shem for doing such a miracle for my whole family.  My wife was doing the car pool on Monday and then she became distracted for one second, as she was looking for me I was supposed to do the car pool, when she turned back to look to the front she slammed on the brakes there was an older jewish man one of our neighbors who was holding on to our car not to fall down as he was about to fall down. Thank you for having my wife stopping as the exact second not to hurt anybody.
  • Thank you Hashem for making our move go very smoothly and quickly. Thank you for our new home. And thank you for always making sure we have whatever we need.
  • I had an unexpected business expense hit me for about $1000. I worked very hard to take care of it however the place that I needed to handle this was not getting back to me. This was very strange. Time was of the essence and I really needed this handled but they didn’t reply to me. Hashem put in my head to call a friend that I had once helped in a pinch and see if I can buy it from him. He texts me back that he has taken care of it and best part of all it was done for FREE. By them not getting back to me I saved 1000 dollars- Thank you Hashem.

Story of My Return


Baruch Farbstein

I grew up in Syosset and Woodbury, Long Island, New York and attended public school, but also Hebrew School at the conservative Midway Jewish Center for two hours three times a week. I enjoyed reading stories about the Hebrews starting from when Yehoshua ben Nun led the conquest of Canaan. When I got up to the part when Shlomo HaMelech built the Temple in Yerushalayim, I got a sense that this represented a high point in history, and I so much wanted to find out if that Temple existed today and I could go and see it.

I started reading ahead of my class and found out that the Temple was eventually destroyed by the Babylonians, then rebuilt and eventually destroyed again by the Romans. I learned that as of today it has not been rebuilt, and that troubled me very much, even though I was not frum and never went to yeshiva.

In fifth grade, an extra-curricular class in Torah reading was offered at my Hebrew school. I was able to read Hebrew with the vowels in the words, but knew that the Torah scroll contained only Hebrew letters without any vowels, and I wanted to learn how to read Hebrew without vowels.  So, I signed up for this class.  However, the Rabbi trained us in the troupe for laining, not in how to read without vowels.  Although this was not what I had expected, I enjoyed the class and decided to start preparing to read an entire parsha for my Bar Mitzvah which would be two and three quarter years later.

While I prepared to read my entire parsha, Ki Seitzei, I found out that only students who attended yeshiva or a day school full-time were able to read an entire Torah parsha at their Bar Mitzvah.  It was virtually unheard of for someone with only a part-time Hebrew school background to be able to do such a thing.  With that in mind, and also that I so much wanted to see the Temple rebuilt in Yerushalayim, I prayed to Hashem that if I would read my entire Torah parsha at my Bar Mitzvah, which was apparently a unique accomplishment, I could be allowed to have a piece of the action in the actual Redemption and perhaps see the Third Temple with my own eyes.

When I was in college, I saw a bumper sticker on a car which said, “Moshiach is Coming!” I started thinking about the prayer I had made years ago.  A couple of months later, in 1991, I saw an advertisement in the The Jewish Week put out by Chabad-Lubavitch for Moshiach.  It said that Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson has stated in the form of a prophecy that Moshiach is already here and that all we have to do is greet him.  It also said that by performing mitzvos it would help to hasten the process.  There was a checklist of specific mitzvos that people could choose to take on.  One was the mitzvah of learning more about Moshiach.  I decided to take on this particular mitzvah although I never sent back the ad.

A week or perhaps two weeks later, in the same paper, there was a very peculiar article entitled, “UFO Spotted Over Beit She’an, Israel.”  In all my years of reading The Jewish Week, I had never seen either an advertisement for Moshiach, or an article on UFOs. Suddenly, both appeared at almost the same time.  I decided to join a UFO organization with the idea that I would actually be learning more about Moshiach.

The local director of the UFO organization introduced me to various topics within the UFO field. One concerned a photograph taken by the Viking spacecraft in 1976 that appeared to show an image of a human face on the planet Mars.  I was fascinated and decided to attend a presentation on it.  After I heard the lecture on the “Face on Mars,” the researcher offered videos for sale.  When I finally got a chance to ask to purchase the videotape, he told me that he had no more left, but gave me the phone number of a company that produced videos and said I could buy it from them instead.

The videotape on Mars had a fifteen second segment about research being done on the origins of the Hebrew alphabet. It showed a man holding models related to this work.  I was very intrigued by this and wanted very much to obtain more information.  However, except for the name of the researcher, Stan Tenen, mentioned in the tape, there were no clues as to how one could contact him.  I ended up calling back the video company and asked if was possible to purchase any videotapes by Stan Tenen.  They said no but gave me Mr. Tenen’s California telephone number.

When I spoke with Mr. Tenen for the first time in the fall of 1993 about his research into the Hebrew alphabet, I started to get a sense that Hashem had led me to this man as a result of the prayer I had made as a child. I purchased a videotape of his and he sent me additional information about his work.  I developed a friendship with him and wife, and maintained regular contact over the next several months.

Then, the Tenens informed me that they had been invited by the Association of Orthodox Jewish Scientists to speak at their annual summer convention in 1994. They asked me to work with a woman friend in Brooklyn on doing something for publicity. The friend suggested that I try to write an article and get it published in the Brooklyn paper, The Jewish Press.  I said that it would be impossible because both the researcher and I had no credentials to stand on and my article would not be accepted.  She asked me if the Association of Orthodox Jewish Scientists was going to place an advertisement about the convention in The Jewish Press. If yes, then I could submit the article in reference to a paid advertisement.  After I spoke with the man at AOJS who placed the ad, I faxed my unsolicited article to the paper.  When I called them and asked if it would be possible to publish it in reference to the AOJS ad, they replied that the person who would make this decision was on vacation.

I went upstate to the Homowak Hotel in the Catskills for the convention to meet Stan Tenen and see his presentation live. Not only that, but this was going to be my first ever experience of Shabbos.  I ate most of the meals at the same table as the Tenens.  A couple of people came over to the researcher and said that they came to the convention specifically to see him and asked who Bruce Farbstein was.  I noted this but could not figure out why my name was brought up in their conversations.

I went to the hotel shul and when I heard the laining during shachris, I noted that the Torah parsha was Ki Seitzei, the same parsha I myself lained at my Bar Mitzvah.  On Sunday morning, I went to shachris again, and asked someone to lend me a pair of tefillin and help me to put it on.  Someone came forward and put tefillin on me while everyone else was davening.  Afterwards, in the dining room, the woman friend who I had spoken with before the convention approached me and said that my article actually got in to The Jewish Press.  When she showed it to me in the paper, I was overwhelmed.  I sensed that Hashem had answered my prayer and that the answer was yes.  I therefore made the decision, on the spot, to start growing in Torah observance and become a baal teshuva.

Thank You Hashem – Special, Azan Family

The little Shul on Homecrest Ave was overly crowded, packed with more people than usual on this particular Friday afternoon. It is Erev Shabbat Parshat Meketz and Shabbat Chanuka, and Rabbi Rachamim Churba is happy to see his small Shul is standing room only. With the inclement weather and a snow storm brewing, the warm neighborhood Shul has attracted many of the locals who opted to pray close on this cold Friday night.


At the conclusion of the prayers, Rabbi Churba stood in front of the Kahal for his usual short Friday night D’var Torah. The Rabbi spoke about Emunah and how we must learn from Yosef Hatzadik the importance of bringing Hashem into our lives and making Him part of everything we do. The Rabbi quoted Rabbi Miller Z’L who emphasized that they are so many people- religious people- that learn Torah and serve Hashem and yet somehow they go their entire lives without once saying “I Love You Hashem.” Hashem does so much for us and we have so much to be grateful for, we need to learn to turn to Hashem and actually verbalize out loud that we love Him.


Interrupting the speech, a man sitting in the front of the Shul spoke up and suggested, “Rabbi, why don’t we say it now?”


With a smile on his face Rabbi Churba readily agreed.

“OK, let’s all say it right now,” the man said as he turned to the rest of the room.

And right then and there on this beautiful Shabbat Chanukah the entire Kahal took the opportunity to publicly express their love for their Creator and proclaimed in unison “I LOVE YOU HASHEM!”


The man sitting in front of the Shul who had this beautiful idea and made it happen was none other than Mr. Yossi Azan.


May Hashem send a Refuah Shelemah to:

Yosef ben Ahuva Masuda

Shilat Ahuva bat Louza Aliza

Daniel ben Louza Alize

Thank You Hashem – Week 222

-thank You HaShem for every day You give me every single day is a present from You and for letting me do mitzvot

-I have to say thank you Hashem for 3 incredible things:

1) Right before Chanukah I fell down and broke my shoulder in just “the right way” – meaning the doctor told me it will heal by itself and I won’t need surgery. But really I say thank you Hashem that I didn’t hit my head or break my neck because I fell from a great height.

2) The first day of Chanukah my 2 year old son was playing with the pots and pans. I stepped away for a minute and when I came back I saw him surrounded by hundreds of pieces of glass. One of the lids had fallen and shattered into so many small pieces. He was sitting there still holding the metal rim not quite understanding. I quickly picked him up and brushed all the glass of him and threw out the pajamas after realizing that he hadn’t cut himself at all! Thank you Hashem.

3) The 5th day we had gone to the mikva to toivel a sandwich maker and after we came home my daughter ran to tell me that she had plugged in the (still wet) sandwich maker and it worked. I couldn’t stop yelling how it was a complete nes that nothing had happened. I had told her earlier that we had to let it completely dry for a few days before using it but she forgot. I don’t know what exactly could have happened but i know it was extremely dangerous and I thank Hashem that nothing did happen.

Thank you Hashem.

-In Florida, 7:30pm flight back to NY. The Mincha in the area I was staying starts at 520pm. Was planning to pray by myself since the airport is 45 minutes away. Received a text my delta flight is delayed an hour.   Problem solved. HASHEM wanted me to pray Rosh Chodesh with a Minyan. Thank you Hashem for delaying my flight

-Thank you Hashem for watching over my children. Two weeks ago I was waiting at my son’s bus stop after school. I decided I’d write my first contribution to this wonderful thank you Hashem email while I was waiting. All of a sudden I get a call from my friend down the block telling me that her son said that the driver dropped my son at my house because it was a substitute driver and he was just listening to the older kids directions (ridiculous,  I know). While I was on the phone my day worker clicked in telling me that my son is home. So I rush home in a panic because I know my son would be scarred as he is only 6 yrs old.  When I get home my


day worker tells me what really happened. She said she heard a bus pull up and she wasn’t sure why so she checked by the back door, no one was there then she went to the front and no one was there and she said she doesn’t know what made her look out a side window but she did and she saw my son heading for the corner so she ran out and caught him just before the street.  He figured he’d walk to the bus stop to come get me. She caught him just in the nick of time! He has no clue how to cross a street! I know it was Hashem that made her turn back and look out the side window! Hashem you are so amazing!

-Thank you for spreading your inspiration. I read living emunah once a day and it greatly enhances the way I go about my ordinary life and elevating it to something extraordinary knowing that my father is guiding everything I do.

-8th day of Chanukah is powerful- Thank you Hashem for the great news about Sholom Rubashkin being released from prison! And to have Trump be the one to commute his prison sentence is even more of a miracle. He is in prison for the number one Battle cry that Trump is against. Clearly Hashems hand.

Esti & Zecharia Wallerstein: My dear Sisters and Brothers.

In the Mincha Shemonei Esrei of Shabbos we proudly proclaim;

“Ato Echod V’Shimcho Echod” You (Hashem) are one and your name is one, “U’Mee K’amcho Yisroel Goy Echod” and who is like your (Hashems) nation, a united people.


I am taking the liberty to write to you, because what we saw today is not only an important part of history, but also proof of who we truly are, a “Goy Echad” a United people, we are all connected, we are all truly one, as Rav SM Rubashkin shlita proclaimed together with hundreds or perhaps thousands of Women,  Men, teens and children “Shema Yisroel, Hashem Elokeinu, Hashem Echod”.


Have any of you heard the name “Mark Denny”?


I’m sure most of you have not, let me introduce him, he is a 46 year old African American man who has been in a NYState prison for the last 30 years, yes THIRTY years, falsely accused of horrific crimes that he supposedly didn’t do.


Where am I going with this you may ask? So here goes, today Wednesday, 20 December (just a few hours prior to Rubashkin’s release) a Judge in downtown Brooklyn’s Supreme Court, dismissed his case, and he walked out of the Courthouse, a free man.


Who was there to greet him? Who danced in the streets? How many people were there? Let me tell you, not even a handful, his mom was there, his attorney and perhaps one or two more family members.


Just a few hours later, as Rubashkin was being released in a small town in  upstate NY, there were people that never met him from Bloomingburg, to greet him and sing, and as soon as Jews heard the good news, Yidden of all ages, in all Jewish communities, all over the Globe from the US east to west coast, from Europe  to Israel and anywhere  in between, from Chasidish to Litvish, to Modern Orthodox, all took to the streets and to Shuls to dance and to thank Hashem for this great miracle and to partake in this great Simcha of a man they never met, and perhaps never will meet, a great number of people aren’t even intimately familiar with the “Rubashkin” case, yet, K’ish Echod – B’lev Echod, like one person, like one heart, we cried tears of joy, we sang and danced.  Why? Because Klal Yisroel, each and every Jew is interconnected and part of this great puzzle, this great Mosaic called “Am Yisrael” , we truly showed that we are the “Goy Echod”


Let us take this Achdus and Simcha to heart, and let this feeling towards you fellow Yid, carry forward and stay with us, until the true “Echod” will in this merit send Moshiach to take us the “Goy Echod”  with song and dance, B’Halel V’hodoyu L’hashem Echod,  as am Am Echod, into our Homeland Eretz-Yisroel speedily. Amen.


With blessings, Mi K’amcho Yisroel.

Thank You Hashem – Week 221

-Thank you Hashem for saving us from what could have been a major accident! A few Sundays ago, it was an EXTREMELY WINDY day. My family and I were in the car on the Garden State Pkwy on our way to Lakewood. My husband was driving and you could literally feel the wind shaking the car. Suddenly out of nowhere a huge steel ladder came flying out onto the road (Due to the high winds it probably fell off some truck) and right towards us!! My husband quickly swerved the car over the next two lanes! BH, Bechasdei Hashem there was not a car in sight in those two lanes we swerved over into to avoid crashing into the ladder! BH, everyone was fine and Hashem really saved us from what could have been a major accident. Thank you Hashem!!!!!!!

-Thank you Hashem for helping me out with something in work. I had a made a mistake on something which could have been a huge problem. I prayed to Hashem, and BH it was easily resolved without any major issues. Thank you Hashem!

-My 2-year-old niece in Yerushalayim was taken in to the Hospital this past Erev Shabbos afternoon with a blood clot on her brain. Lo Aleinu, Bar Minan. May Hashem give her a complete Refuah b’karov.


She had a stroke on Erev Shabbos, and went into Shabbos not being able to move her left side, and struggling to talk.


As of yesterday, she was Boruch Hashem starting to walk, climb, talk, and even color a little with her right side. now, we get to say the whole Hallel for a whole 8 days! to thank Hashem.


She still needs our Prayers, Chaya Rochel bas Esther Malka, B’soch sh’ar cholei yisroel.

-I have a quick story to share. I have been working lately on strengthening my emunah and bitachon. I started reading Rabbi Ashear’s book and have been reading a chapter each day. Anyway, this morning I couldn’t find my house keys anywhere. They were not in my purse and they were not in my car. I was worried that I had left them hanging in the lock of my mailbox. Of course, I started to panic. Then a calm came over me, and I sat down and talked to Hashem. I told Him that I knew he’d help me and that I had complete bitachon. I read a Tehilim with kavanah. When I stood up to go check the mailbox, I put my hand in the front pocket of my purse. My keys were there. That was Hashem telling me that I am on the right path and that He is with me and supporting my efforts. So thanks Hashem and thank you Rabbi Ashear for your book. My Hashem bring you many blessings. Have a wonderful and meaningful Hanukah.

-Thank You HaShem for letting me have eyesight to see the menorah candles!

  • I was dealing with a customer on an order. This has been going on for a couple of years. The head of department kept changing and it was very slow moving. I got an email last week from someone on the inside that likes me telling me to email it to a yet new head of department again. I followed up a week or so later with this head that I have never said a word to. He answers his line right away on his own. I introduce myself and make a courtesy check in type of call. He replies that he already sent in the approval order to the main office and even added if I like I can call them to rush it. Thank you Hashem.

  • I haven’t turned on my laptop for a while. I turned it on to test it before taking it away and it would not work. It stayed on a frozen screen. I tried for a couple of hours different things. Went out and came back and said this is obviously in Hashem’s hands, I prayed to Hashem to just make it work and I started it up and it worked. Hashem makes the wonder of the computer to begin with, of course he can fix it. Thank you Hashem.

-Thank you Hashem for the Kiddush Hashem of Hanukah

Thank You Hashem – Special

I thank Hashem for the nes and Chesed he has done for us. I would like to share with all of you an amazing story that changed our lives forever. On December 5th 2014   (יג כסלו) Friday morning, about 10 am while I was at work. I got a phone call from my house. Knowing that my wife would regularly be at work at that time, I picked up the phone with a little trepidation, not expecting to hear a strange voice letting me know that my wife had fainted and she was being rushed to Maimonides hospital. Before I go on I just want to let everyone know that the nes started that same day because my wife fainted at the front door with it open as she was about to leave to work and Hashem gave her enough strength to scream for help before losing consciousness.  A random person and a nurse that just so happened to be passing by heard it and rushed to my wife’s aid. The reason I say that, is because if it would have happened five minutes earlier she would have been behind a closed door and chas veshalom no one would have heard her and she could have been chas veshalom holding the baby. And if it would happen five minutes later she would have been in the car driving on the way to work with baby in the back Hashem yerachem. So I also thank Hashem for letting it happen that very minute and not before or after. (Back to the story) I got to the hospital as my wife was wheeled in and I have never seen her like that, it really scared me. They rushed her in to the cat scan to look at the head, only to come out and give me the worst news I can possibly get, that she had a brain aneurysm and that she has bleeding in the brain and they must perform an emergency operation to release the pressure of the brain to try to stop the bleed. I broke into tears trying to take in what they had just told me and in the same time trying to think what decision to make. The doctor told me time is a big factor and we must make a fast decision. B”h I had my sister and a special shaliach that helped me throughout the whole time. They rushed her into the operating room to put a drain in the brain and at the same time the doctor will try to stop the bleeding with a less invasive operation which means going in through the main artery in the leg up into the brain. We right away spread the word and my wife’s situation went viral. The doctor came out letting me know that b”h he was able to put in the drain, but with the same breath told me that he couldn’t stop the bleed because of the place where it was, which was a non-common spot and on a very small vessel and he did not feel confident he can get to it. I can’t even begin to describe how that made me feel and what that made me think. The next step was to actually go in and remove a part of the brain so they can get to the bleed, with only Hashem knowing what the end results would have been. The doctor had said many things that I’d rather not repeat but one can only imagine what. At this time she was in stable but critical condition and I had to act fast, like I said time was of the essence. B”h with much help of a lot of people especially that shliach that was able to guide me to the right doctor and actually called the Chief doctor in NY Presbyterian that he personally knows and made all the arrangements for my wife to be transferred there. At this point my wife was in the N.I.C.U on a respirator fighting for her life while we were waiting for transportation. Later that night, at about 10pm Friday night she was transported to NY Presbyterian hospital N.I.C.U. Shabbat morning me and my sister met with the Chief neurosurgeon and chief noninvasive neurosurgeon. They basically told me the same things over, letting me know how serious her condition is and that the aneurysm caused a stroke to the left side of her body. They both decided that they want to try again the noninvasive procedure, which means going through the main artery in the leg all the way up to the brain to try and stop it. If that didn’t work, they would then have to go in and remove some of the brain to get to it, and if she would survive it would be under very different circumstances and her life, our life would be changed forever.  I asked the doctors why they feel they will be able to do it. They just said they feel they may have a 25% chance. They said that every hospital has different tools and they want to give it a try once more before going to the next step. The first thing I thought was that everyone’s tefilot all through the night definitely helped because that was the first relatively good news I had gotten. The doctor told me that the surgery would take anywhere from an hour to eight hours. I brook down crying shook the doctor’s hands and told him take care of my wife and we will be praying for him so that G-d directs his hands in the right direction. He thanked me and said he will do the best he can. B”h with everyone’s tefilot and all the tears that were spilled the doctor came out of the OR after about an hour and a half, and to be honest after telling me how complicated and how big the risk is and how long it may take I was scared to see him so soon and thought the worst. As the doctor sat down next to me in the waiting room I again just started crying not knowing what he is about to tell me. He took a deep breath and then told us about the big miracle that happened. He had gone in to view the aneurysm only to find out that a blood clot had formed over it, causing the bleeding to stop. I shook his hand and asked him if he believes in miracles. He smiled and said, “I know u guys pray a lot and have very strong faith. In my 30 plus years of being a doctor I have never seen anything like this and there is no other way of explaining what had happened.” The whole time I prayed to Hashem that I know that everything he does is letova but I ask that he please make it that it would be revealed good in my eyes. B”h not in my zechut but in my wife’s and everyone else zechut that had a part in it, my wife is here with us today and besides getting stronger and back to herself with physical therapy she is b”h fully functioning, in every aspect. The day my wife was discharged the doctors came and asked her what she had felt throughout the whole thing. My wife had a stage 4 aneurysm, 5 being the worst, and they said most people don’t make it through a stage 3, and that they never got to speak to someone that went through it. The last scan that my wife did, shows that the aneurysm has completely disappeared.

Yishtabach ve’yithalel sh’mo l’ad.

I want to thank Hashem for giving us a miracle with in a miracle. Now when we celebrate Chanukah’s miracle we also celebrate our own. All I can say is always believe in Hashem because he is the only one that is hakol yechol and he can change everything even though it doesn’t seem so.     Shabbat shalom and Chanukah sameach.

Thank You Hashem -Week 220

Hello, Today (Sunday 11/26  )  a miracle from Hashem I was alone watching my 3 kids (6,6 and 4 years old) I gave my 4 year old a lollipop , I get a text at 10: 57am that the cable Comcast  arrived for install in my new home . “I run downstairs to open the door at 1057 and when I get to the bottom of steps my daughter is hunched over and gagging.  I pat her back still gasping, with no sign of food in her mouth. I stick my finger down her throat and pull a whole lollypop with stick out. (See pic below of what was lodged in her throat) 2 miracles happened –     1. My original appointment date was yesterday on Shabbat and I canceled the appointment and made it a day later Sunday in honor of Shabbat .!       Another miracle is he didn’t arrive till” 15 min later after the message was sent, “that tech arrived “!!!   The dispatch texted me at 1057am that he arrived! even though he didn’t till past 11:15, They never did that before.   If I was upstairs not coming down to answer for Comcast this day could have been tragic as I was alone with my kid’s baby sitting …Another part of this miracle is 4 weeks prior I see a young 4-year-old girl (same age as my daughter) in a restaurant near where I work. She is the cutest girl but was having chemo and my heart was breaking for her. I prayed every day for her in amida saying refua shelemah. I promised H-Shem if he can cure this girl 100% I will keep Shabbat and he can even take years from my own life and give to her.   Right after the incident Sunday, with the choking I eat lunch with my family and who comes in and sits behind us, this little girl. praying for her life saved my own child. I love Hashem  This is a true story that happened to me

  • I was about to purchase a basketball court for my son. We have been checking them out for a few weeks now and I decided to buy one. I was now looking for someone to put it together and then I was ready to pull the trigger. Out of nowhere my wife gets a call from my Aunt asking if she knows anyone who wants a perfect condition basketball court. She has it in her yard but no one ever uses it. This was a great gift from Hashem. My sons went to pick it up with our minivan but could not get it in. Right next door there were workers working on a house. They said they had a truck and could bring it over for us. All set up in our Backyard-thank you to my Aunt and thank you Hashem for this gift. All put together and everything. Perfect timing!

-Thank you Hashem for these wonderful weekly emails. This is my first contribution, I always read them and they make me so happy that I decided I wanted to join. I have so so much to be grateful for! Besides the things we sometimes take for granted like our ability to get out of bed every day, our eyesight…This past year we could buy a small house and we had a baby boy and my heart is truly bursting with gratitude to you Hashem for the gift of new life! Each child brings tremendous Simcha and beracha into our home! And even though we’ve been financially struggling trying to pay the mortgage I know Hashem is seeing us what we need and He will bring financial relief very very soon beH! I love you Hashem!

-My best friend has had tremendous back pain for several months now and I was trying to help him with something specific related to the pain. Shortly after that, during that day while I was still with my friend, I started having very similar back pain that he was having.  I couldn’t believe it, was this a Joke Hashem? How could it be that I would all of a sudden out of nowhere have such serious back pain?  Ok, I figured it was just a pulled muscle and it would go away in a few days. Three days later on Shabbat the pain was still there and worse than before.   I started speaking to Hashem to try and figure all of this out, thinking if I’m helping a friend to deal with this issue for some time now, what does Hashem want or need from me that he would give me a similar painful ailment?

As Shabbat ended it dawned on me that maybe Hashem was telling me that if I really wanted to help my friend that I shouldn’t just sympathize with his pain but I should really feel what he is feeling and then I can really appreciate what he is going through. After all he has been going through this for a while now and it is only natural for others to become less sensitive to what another person is feeling and going through when they are presented with such a personal struggle. I told all of this to my friend and said that I truly feel your pain and think this is why Hashem gave it to me as well and that we should both have an immediate Refuah Shelema. Another week went by with no letup of the pain, I was forced to go to a Dr. to get some help, which I did, but still with a lot of Pain into another Shabbat…Now in my learning while all of this was going on the topic of “Gid Hanashe” (The Sciatic Nerve) was brought as a proof for something and it got into detail about the subject so we spent time on it, plus last week’s Parasha “VaYishlah” is the Parasha that teaches about the Gid and I noticed this clearly and the fact that my back/Gid was hurting me at the same time! There are no coincides, everything that happens to us is a direct message from Hashem, you just have to have eyes of Emunah to see it. I tell my Cousin who I’m learning with all of this and he just says “Tikun”.   As he said it I immediately accepted it all with love and Emet and added, just like the Parasheot come and pass so to should my pain pass with it. I came home Motze Shabbat and said it over to my family and the next morning I woke up with almost all of my pain GONE!    YISTABACH SHEMO L’AD!  My pain is indeed passing and I am very grateful to Hashem that I was able to see and know that Hashem was talking to me.   Maybe it was to really feel what my friend was feeling so I can help him better or maybe it was in fact a Tikun of some sort or maybe both but either way I’m thankful the pain is mostly gone.  Now just knowing a little of the pain and difficultly my friend is going through maybe I can really pray for him better along with all the Cho’le of Am Yisrael have an immediately Refuah Shelema! Amen.

  • IN Mexico on business. Someone gave me $300 to bring back to NY. I put the money in my front pocket.  The same pocket I keep my phone. I took a Uber to my meeting. In the car I realized the money was missing. I told the driver to go back to the hotel.   Went back to the area in the lobby were I was having my coffee and sure enough BH the money was there on the floor.  Thank you Hashem!!


-This week, President Trump recognized Yerushalayim as the capital of Israel. Although there are risks involved with this announcement, it is a huge step for our brothers & sisters that live there. And a good response to the UN resolution that former President Obama let pass as a lame duck president. Thank You Hashem for allowing this progress to be made. Hopefully, it is a prelude to the coming of Moshiach & the building of the 3rd Beis Hamikdash.


-Thank you Hashem for always making sure everything goes smooth. Planning on moving and was worried about all the arrangement’s and Hashem took care of it all. Thank you Hashem it will never be enough as much as I say it I still don’t say it enough. Thank you.

-My daughter was driving down a street yesterday when a car coming from a cross street didn’t see her & was heading right for the driver’s door of her car! Boruch Hashem she was able to veer to the side & got hit only on the front panel of the car & did not get hurt. Thank You Hashem, Shomer Yisrael!

-Thank you Hashem for being with us every minute of every day. Thank you for helping us find a bigger roomier Apartment that’s perfect for our growing family. Knowing that you’re looking out for us is the ultimate comfort!

-Thank you Hashem my mother is home from rehab. For giving her her health and the strength to be with us.

-I went shopping and got an amazing parking spot- right by the exit of the store- so I didn’t have to walk with my full cart of groceries! thank you Hashem.

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