Passed the test after 4 times trying and said the Tafilas toida

October 21st, 2020

My husband needs to pass a very important test (online) for him to obtain a state license so he can work in the Real State field but he has failed the test 4 times.
I kept telling him to thank HaShem and read the Tefilas before taking it but he only thanked Him with his own words without reciting the prayer.
This Monday he was going to take the test for the fifth time and this time he read the Tefilas but the website where he launches the test from was down the whole day so we thanked HaShem because he could not take the test on that day so it got rescheduled for today.
So this morning before my husband was going to take the test for the 5th time, he read the Tefilas 3 times and thanked HaShem for not passing the other 4 and guess what!!!!!
Today he passed the test!!!!!!!
This is amazing!!!
This prayer is powerful!!!!
My kids were astonished because they saw how he failed all the other times when he did not read the Tefilas and how he passed it after reading it!!!! B’H
This is real !!!!! It’s not a joke!!!

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