Power of connecting through thanking

October 18th, 2020

A friend came to me asking to explain the system of my constant *לחיים’ס* that I keep on making in our shull for different *ישיעות* as he has a huge problem and needs an urgent ישיעה….🤔.

I spent a long few minutes to xplain that its not just a random סגולה… Its abt *reshaping the mindset* and starting to see every second of the day *the greatness of Hashem* and keeping on to thank him on every small and big thing (starting with the good taste of the coffee in the morning, seeing his bucher gladly go to shul to daven, seeing a sweet smile on his little daughter and so on…) this is a *complete life changer* which will make him live a positive life *with strong closeness to Hashem* and this brings *ישיעות תמיד*.

He was amazed! And took upon himself to make a massive Thank You Hashem Lechaim when he is out of this real difficult, complicated situation which he was kinda lost with no solution, after spending thousands for experts.

This Shabbos he told me he was referred to a new expert and they *already see big progress* with hopes for a full solution.

Looking fwd to post here in public when he is fully helped and looking fwd for the big Lechaim…


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