Thankful Thoughts


My wife and I went on a small vacation and drove over 3 hours motzei shabbos to a fancy hotel. When we got there my wife couldn’t find her wallet with her license and credit cards. We looked all over and after checking in to the room (which was a hassle in of itself) and calling the car back from the valet parking twice to check, we decided to go back on the highway and drive back to the 2 previous rest stops to check, even though it was already after 2am and we were exhausted. One rest stop was about 16 minutes away and the next would’ve been an hour. On the way to the first I told my wife that we should thank Hashem in advance that he’ll help us find it. When we got to the spot we were in at the first rest stop, My wife got out and it was right there on the floor. We didn’t even have to go inside to where we bought coffee to check. BORUCH HASHEM!!!