Thankful Thoughts
  • Thank you Hashem for our scare we had on the road today. Thank you Hashem it was only a scare and nobody got hurt. Thank you Hashem for watching over me and my family. Thank you Hashem in advance Hashem should help we should have a beautiful shabbas. Thank you Hashem in advance my father should feel fine and be calm and relaxed all shabbas. Thank you Hashem. Thank you Hashem in advance to watch over me and my family and keep us safe and healthy. Thank you Hashem    ~~~!~~~
  • Thank u hashem our AC works Thank you hashem for hot water Thank you hashem for h close legal parking u gave me on this hot day Thank you hashem for my hired help Thank you hashem for the times my children enjoy the shabbos meals and we enjoy them at the shabbos meals Please hashem bentch us with a beautiful shabbos    ~~~!~~~
  • Thank You Hashem For all the good you do for me and my family Thank You Hashem That my family is gezunt in shtark Thank You Hashem That I Baruch HaShem had Hatzlacha rabbah in everything yesterday in the city including my shopping Thank You Hashem In advance that me and my family should bezras Hashem yisbarach have Hatzlacha rabbah wonderful gezunter beautiful relaxing Shabbos kodesh bezras Hashem yisbarach Thank You Hashem That me and my family had Hatzlacha rabbah erev Shabbos kodesh till now Thank You Hashem In advance for the future bezras Hashem yisbarach Thank You Hashem That my stomach and digestive system is Baruch HaShem feeling great Thank You Hashem In advance that my wife headache should go away bezras Hashem yisbarach Bekarov mamesh Thank You Hashem Thank You Hashem    ~~~!~~~
  • Thank you Hashem always! That you Hashem that I have stomach issues and scare tissue which causes me pain and gives me a big stomach. This is for my best. Please Hashem be worth me Always and I will keep thanking Hashem in public when my stomach is better. I love you Hashem. Thank you Hashem!    ~~~!~~~
  • Thank you Hashem always! Thank you Hashem for our power and electricity all these years. Thank you Hashem that my neiceis in a bad mood. Is all for the best. Thank you Hashem that my sister is tired and also not in a good mood as that too is for the best! Thanking Hashem in advance thst shabbos will be great for everyone and we will all have ac and power to fight this excessive heat. Thanking Hashem in advance thst my sister and my neicewell be ok and everything will be good. Baruch Hashem! Thank you Hashem. I love you Hashem!    ~~~!~~~
  • I am thankful to Hashem for all the years of my good health. I am thankful to Hashem for the predicament I am now, in have worrying about my present condition. I know it is all for the best. I thank Hashem for my carefree lifestyle till now. I will iyh thank Hashem publicly, when this passes quickly too.    ~~~!~~~
  • when i gave my client the special order product price, and took a deposit, i did not have a clue that the suppliers will come in so high in cost leaving me without profits, and possibly some losses too, so i thanked hashem and promised to post it in public, i succeeded to get my supplier to back down of on the price, and i ended up earning the amount i originally calculated. and i will thank hashem here in public again, ones the deal is completed.    ~~~!~~~
  • Thank you Hashem always. My neice reached out me finally. Thank you Hashem. I love you Hashem!    ~~~!~~~
  • Thank you Hashem for my husband product he is working on. Thank you Hashem for giving my husband all the knowledge to produce this product. Thank you Hashem my husband wants to meet with a big company regarding the product. Thank you Hashem in advance my husband should be able to meet with this company iyh with eibishter hilf. Thank you Hashem in advance the Meeting should go well they should be impressed with the product. Thank you Hashem in advance the meeting should iyh with eibishter hilf be with alot of hatzlucha and siyata dishmaya. Thank you Hashem in advance my husband should come out of the meeting happy and satisfied iyh with hashems help. Thanking hashem in advance the meeting should be successful iyh with hashems help. I know and believe that by always thanking Hashem and being grateful to Hashem. Hashem will definitely help iyh I have emunah and bitochun Hashem will iyh help the product be a success. Thank you Hashem always    ~~~!~~~
  • Thank you Hashem for my Marriage. Thank you Hashem in advance hashem should please strenthen my marriage and my shalom bayit. Thank you Hashem in advance we should both respect each other. Thank you Hashem always    ~~~!~~~
  • Thank you Hashem for my husband. Thank you Hashem for my husband license. Thank you Hashem in advance my husband should not get stopped by a cop. Thank you Hashem in advance for my husband not to get into a accident CV. Thank you Hashem in advance for my husband not to get a ticket. Thank you Hashem always. Thank you Hashem in advance we should arrive bosholom. Thank you Hashem in advance to watch over me and my family always    ~~~!~~~
  • Thank you Hashem for my husband. Thank you Hashem he is working on a product. Thank you Hashem in advance the product should be a great seller iyh. Thank you Hashem in advance the product should get great reviews iyh. Thank you Hashem I know and believe that constantly thanking Hashem Hashem will definitely send my husband hatzlucha and siyata dishmaya on his product. Thank you helige beshefer. Thank you Hashem always    ~~~!~~~
  • Thank you Hashem for this chisuk phone call I just got. Thank you Hashem for all these wonderful shlichum Hashem send us… I’m so forever grateful and thankful to Hashem. Thank you Hashem always    ~~~!~~~
  • thank you hashem always! thank you hashem that the website for travelers insurance is back on!! thank you so much hashem!!! i love you hashem    ~~~!~~~
  • thank you hashem always! thank you hashem for the power and for the ac…should be on always. thank you hashem for protecting us from the excessive heat wave. thank you for my parnassah and for giving me such a good job where i can help people with their travel plans. thank you hashem in advance that my neice shera will reach out to me today…i will thank hashem in public. thank you hashem that i found my glasses. baruch hashem, thank you hashem always. i love you hashem!!!    ~~~!~~~


Shoe Found

We were leaving to a wedding and i couldnt find my daughters other shoe. I told Hashem i would thank Him publicly if I found her shoe in time for school this morning! I was packing her briefcase for the day and found her shoe right there! Thank you Hashem!

Hard Test

Last week I took a really hard test and I told Hashem if I passed the test I will thank him in public I am here now to thank him for helping me pass the test

Improved Learning

I realized recently that my son has hard time with his learning... Apparently he didnt really have the patience to put much effort in his learning. This week I told myself I will post if I see a big improvement. B"H... This week my son came home almost every day...

School Bus

My little 3 yr old started crying this morning doesn’t wanna go on his bus... I started thanking hashem for all the times he went nicely and Bh in the end went on the bus with a smile!

White Tooth

Gm. A couple of weeks ago my daughter fell in school and cracked her tooth. After going to the dentist he told me I have to wait til it gets rotten and then they’re gonna have to pull it. He also told me that in very very rare cases the tooth heals on it’s own and...

Paid Up

[12:18am] Thank you hashem for always helping me pay up balances to be able to go on with life My special ed son went to a special needs camp i applied for coming summer only now i found out till dont pay up last years balance they cannot except Thank you hashem for...

Color Printer

I really needed to print something for school and it was going to be so much clearer in color but our color printer hadn’t been working recently... I decided I was going to try one more time and started to thank HaShem for all the times the printer did work properly...

All Good

Thank You Hashem for Everything! I had an important final exam today and I thanked Hashem for All the times my memory works in such a miraculous way, and that I would post a public thank you if I would do well, BH i did well and got a good grade, Thank You Hashem!...

Ear Pod Found

I parked my bus i remember i put in my pocket my ear pods case i got home i didnt find it i decide to go back to the lot check on the bus after 10 min searching didnt find it i said thank u hashem for all the time i didnt lost it 1 second later i found it all the way...


As a bocher in isreal, some weeks get difficult to find meals and especially Thursday night. I thanked hashem for all the times I didn’t have issues finding a meal and I said, I will thank hashem in public on this group if I find a meal. With in an hour later I found...


Thank You Hashem!!! Was having an issue with my girls transportation it was causing much anxiety for them!!! I Thanked Hashem for all the years we had transportation with no issues and said pls let it continue and let the problem be easily rectified!!! And B”H all was...

1 Shoe

needed to be by my daughters school performance on time. and simply couldn't find 1 shoe in it's usual place. knowing that my baby hides things at times where do we start looking. got ready anyway saying hashem I know only u can help thanks for always helping me.....

New Iron

My daughter has a performance tomorrow. She asked me to iron her costume but our iron is broken. I just got home and its way to late too borrow from a neighbor. We went into shoprite to try our luck and c if they have. The first item we saw as we entered the store was...

School Accepted

I was registering my son to go in חדר and I was going back and forth with them about being accepted until I decided that I'm going to thank hashem in public in the next 2 days everything started going smoothly and he was accepted Thank you hashem

Playground Driver

Thank you hashem.... We where looking for a playgroup driver to take our son to playgroup everyday... We tried allot of drivers no one was willing to do it.. so I promised to take hashem on the group if we will find.. thank you hashem that we found someone

Special Ed

We had major problems with the Department of Education. They wanted to take away all the services from our daughter, for no reason. I said, “Thank you Hashem for the services she had until now, and if she continues to get it, I’ll thank Him publicly”. Everyone told me...

Chumesh Play

Thank You HaShem, I am so grateful and in awe of Your kindness. Over שבת קודש, my 7-year old daughter developed a bad runny nose. Whenever she has this, it lasts at least a week, and it runs like a faucet. She even had her adenoids removed. Today was her חומש play,...

Lucky Charms

Thank You Hashem so much for the miracle this morning! My daughter got a charm bracelet from her teacher to wear over שבת, as a reward, and she had to return it to the teacher after שבת. Over שבת, 3 charms fell off. I found one in my house, and my neighbor found...

Nap Time

I had a hard time putting the kids sleep this afternoon for nap time. I thanked Hashem for all the times they fell asleep easy, and promised to publicize if they fall asleep. They fell asleep a few minutes later! Thank You Hashem!!

Daughter Ride

I promised to thank Hashem in public, if I find a ride home for my daughter from school, quickly and easily. 20 min later I found a ride for her!! Thank you Hashem!!

School On Time

My 13 year old daughter, asked me to post, that she promised to thank Hashem publicly, if she got to school before the teacher arrived. Thank you Hashem she did!!

Hearing Passed

Last week, we had a scheduled Fair Hearing, in reference to therapy services our son gets from the Board of Ed. I was a bit nervous, because I wasn't fully prepped as in what to say or what not, and what to request. 12:00pm was the scheduled timing the lawyer’s...


My husband is by nature very shy and an introvert. For him to go to a social scene, is really hard. In the past, when my sons had PTA, my husband would go to the school, make a few circles with his car, and come right home. It was really hard for him to step foot in...

Board of Ed

I had an appointment with the Board of Education, to get approved for something that's very hard to get approved. I promised that if everything goes smoothly, I will thank Hashem in public. Thank you Hashem that everything went smoothly, and before I had to start...

School Bus

I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU HASHEM to an Amazing Miracle I had yesterday. My kids came home from school on the bus as usual but yesterday I CLEARLY SAW HASHEM IS WATCHING OVER THEM EVERY STEP. When the bus stopped to let them go off a car from behind drove by on...