Thankful Thoughts


We were in a hotel for shabbos, and we arrived Thursday night, we had to have the biggest room in order to make shabbbos. So when we arrived they gave us a smaller room, and told us that the following day they will move us to a big room. We were very happy about it.
The following morning we packed together everything and went to the big room. 2 hours later, I reminded myself, that we left stuff in the fridge, milk, chicken soup, dips. And I was panicking because normally they clean out the room right away, and obviously they empty out the fridge, and chuck everything in the bin.
I said thank you Hashem that we have everything for shabbos, please Hashem help that they didn’t chuck anything away as we really need it. 1/2 hour later, she comes up to my room, with a bag and everything inside, b” h they didn’t chuck it. And we had everything for shabbos.