Ki toiv hashem

Travel // November 22, 2020

I feel so blessed and am in awe of Hashem's power. I feel extremely privileged to be the beneficiary of such greatness and I'd like to thank Hashem publicly for pulling thru the unbelievable. My brother is marrying off his oldest child in Israel this week and it is quite a big deal being that he is my only sibling living there while the rest of us all live in the tri state area. Most of us were planning to go to the wedding but with corona, e/o backed out and it was just me and one more sibling who said we will still make every effort to go despite the difficulties involved. We needed to get a special visa entry and we started the process 3 weeks before. We tried lots of different ways. In some tries we were denied(whereas the previous week, we had heard countless pple who actually received it via this way) In another attempt , we were asked every day for diff documents and then left hanging. There was no one to talk to or reach out to, to even try to find out what was going on. The unknown and the constant back and forth paperwork was extremely challenging. It was phone calls and emails non stop and nothing seemed to be moving. Of course we davened and gave tzedaka and waited some more. We kept on hoping maybe today, maybe in an hour, maybe before Shabbos. Friends & Family kept on checking in, hoping to hear the good news from us. Well, the Shabbos before the wedding we still didn't have the long awaited visa. As a matter of fact, our other attempt finally emailed us a denial Friday afternoon. Thursday night 2 diff pple suggested we try our original method one more time thru 2 different channels. We emailed the docs once more and then I just let go and let Hashem take full control and reign. He could do anything and I decided to just let Him handle it all from now on. We had done all our hishtadlus humanely possible. I promised Him that if He'll come thru, I will share this in the TyH group as well as with all my family and friends. I went into Shabbos with a certain calmness and relief knowing I was in the best hands possible. (BTW it was murderous, but I did not follow up with anyone on Friday or motzei shabbos... My hands were itching but I prevailed TYH) On motzei shabbos , I got a text from my friend telling me that her sil got visas for her family and maybe I want to contact her to find out what she did. I did and she told me what she did. I discovered that the person who helped her was my first cousins bil. So I contacted my cousin and asked him if he wants to get himself involved. He was really happy to try to do it for me. @1220 AM we had already emailed our info to Israel. Ki tov Hashem!!!!! Ein Oid Milvado!!!!! Hodi leHashem!!!! By 6:37 AM the visas were in my inbox!!!!!!

This is a story of double השגחה פרטית.

Travel // November 22, 2020

This is a story of double השגחה פרטית. I had an appointment by the vet 5:25. The bus #7 passed by & didn't stop so i took #8 & the driver said he can drop me off where all the busses that go 2 where the vet is stop. As i got off 2 minutes later bus #7 pulled up & i made it in time 2 the vet. Story number 2. Afterwards i was planning on going 2 the cat sitter in יסוד המעלה which is an hour bus drive each way & i called the cat sitter & she said my husband is in טבריה call him & maybe u can catch him. I called him & guess what he was still here so i didn't have 2 travel 2 hours. The sitter called me & said your G-D really loves u because what r the chances of me needing 2 send him 2 her & her husband being in טבריה? THANK U HASHEM

Tyh for the salaried position

Business // November 20, 2020

Thank you Hashem for the salaried position I had for almost 3 months. I am now unemployed and Thanking Hashem in advance for my next position he is sending me, hopefully before Chanukah that will be my best salaried position during 2020 and beyond for many years. I am committing "BH" to donate $18.00 when I get the position and $36.00 from my 1st paycheck. And that it is such a Great Position that I can give much more Tzedakah to Jewish cause in 5781 and beyond for the rest of my days. Thank you ABBA for being my loving Father and King, please continue to always watch over me, my family, the USA, Israel and all of Klal Yisrael in these craziest of times. Thank you Hashem ... I am your loving son and servant, Avroham Chaim Tuvia 😌🖤

After 9 months of sciatica problems

Health // November 20, 2020

I have to share this. After 9 months of sciatica problems I was finally recommended last night by the specialist to go for an operation. After waking up my hand went to the phone to call the hospital to book an appointment for the operation. I suddenly stopped and thought... what about davening. First daven and thank Hashem for the clarity and calmness I felt with having the decision to operate made. The appointment is waiting for you. Afterwards I called and was told that the first vacancy with my surgeon is in January and then she said... 5 minutes ago someone cancelled with the surgeon you want so there's a vacancy for next week!!!!!! Who loves me more than Hashem!!!!!!

My three year old was sick for the past three days

Health // November 20, 2020

My three year old has been sick for a few days and up all night a few nights in a row. Which is exhausting and very difficult! Last night at 3:30 my husband told me he can’t handle it much longer. So in my head I thanked Hashem for all the times she slept . And said I will publicly Thank Hashem when she sleeps again . We settled her and she fell asleep and slept til morning !

I received the first payment

Business // November 19, 2020

I received the first payment of money owed to me and the subsequent payments will be sent over the next two weeks Thank you HaShem so much, thank you HaShem.

We wanted to go away for a nice shabbas

Family // November 19, 2020

We wanted to go away for a nice Shabbos weekend where we would have to rent our own villa, we were given a price that was over our budget. We were debating should we go and pay the given price? Should we stay home? it was exactly what we were looking for. In the meantime, I told a friend of mine that I’m debating if I should stay home due to the price. He said, "Maybe I could rent it, i don't mind spending that much". Let me see what I decide I still really want to go." I answered. Thursday noon we finally decided to stay home… feeling bad that the renter is expecting someone and not wanting to back out on the last minute I decided to call my friend. I looked up my friend's number in my contacts to see if he still needs the apartment or if he found somewhere else to stay, I dialed his number…. When he answered I realized that I “by mistake” dialed someone else with the same name…. Having him on the phone I asked him what his plans are for the weekend. He answers “Do you have something for me, I still would love to go away”? I told him “Let me make some phone calls. I might have something for you" I made a phone call to the villa to make sure that he would want to give it to someone else instead of us as he does research before. I gave my friend the renters phone number, who he called and BH got the apartment that we were supposed to take. THANK YOU HASHEM for making me the right Shliach in bringing an enjoyable Shabbos to my friend by finding them a villa, and to give the renter the expected money by having me make the “RIGHT call” to the “RIGHT person” at the “RIGHT time” with the “RIGHT question”. Thank You Hashem!!

I had foot pain for a long period at a point that I couldn’t walk properly

Health // November 19, 2020

I had foot pain for a long period at a point that I couldn't walk properly , I took upon myself to say The Tefilas Todah and took upon to publicize if heeled and sure enough I'm happy to finally to fulfill my commitment and to announce that B"H the pain is gone, in addition I had an other issue concerning health that i said the Tefilas Todah and it surely helped. THANK YOU HASHEM.

Was driving on a busy road

Travel // November 19, 2020

I was driving on a busy road and i had my son in the car and suddenly the car in front made a short stop and i went into the car amd my car got totaled and b"h no one got hurt miraculously and the car in front had minor damage clearly yad hashem thank you hashem

Tyh his heart is functioning properly

Health // November 19, 2020

Last week my brother suffered a massive heart attack. He was rushed to the hospital and put on an ecmo machine. I promised to thank Hashem when he comes off this life supporting device. Baruch HaShem today the doctors said his heart is able to function properly again on its own!! THANK YOU HASHEM!! May he continue to be strengthened and have a complete recovery!

Had a migraine

Health // November 19, 2020

I never yet posted any of my miracle stories but since i had a bad mirgrane headache last few days that made me feel horrible. I said tfillas toidu and "promised to publicize" if within the half hour ill feel better. And miraculously my headace is GONE!!! TYH

Tyh got me on the flight

Travel // November 18, 2020

We made tickets to fly even though my only picture ID is my passport and I sent it in for renewal. I wasn't nervous throughout the process since I was sure Hashem would make it work. The tsa guy was very nice but after 1 1/2 hours of questions and calls he got the answer that my IDs weren't ok and I'm not cleared 😧. I started thanking Hashem for all the times I've flown etc and that I know He is the one who decides, not tsa. And that I'll post publicly if somehow I get on the flight. Here I am to say *thank you Hashem!!!* He said I'll see what I can do . He went to his office and after a while he came back and told me I can go! He took me through security quickly, 20 minutes before takeoff. The employees all knew about it and worked quickly to get me through the extra security. As I'm hurrying a woman came to help shlep my bags, then a motor cart came and picked me up to get me there quickly! Not only did Hashem get me there but He made it easy with all the surprise help! Made me think when Moshiach comes our geula will be so much grander, full of gevladige surprises.

Tyh for all the miracles u do

Family // November 18, 2020

Good Chodesh I would like to share my story of what happened yesterday, this is basically 2 stories in 1, I am paying the last few years 7K for car insurance for 2 cars for many reasons my insurance is so high, I tried during the years to bring this down the lowest I was able to get this down was with 100 or 200 a year, so I never changed my policy, yesterday morning I thought to my self that Hesham could do anything and I just need to pray to him and he could lower my insurance, so I say a prayer to Hashem in my language and I told him I will do some histadlus and will reach out to different agencies and try to get a better rate, the other point I had a deadline by 5 pm to change or I will need to pay for my existing policy the other month, I reach out to an agency I told him I need coverage for 2 cars and I want to have the same good coverage I have now, they said they will see what they could do and will let me know later today or tomorrow, I said to Hashem that I know u could do anything and please help me to stop paying this high no#, going back and forward with the insurance agency they ask me for my wife's license ID No# so I asked my wife and she emailed me, and I realized her license is expiring tomorrow, so this is the first miracle I renewed this right away, if I would not decide to change policy yesterday I would miss the date on her renewal, thank you, Hashem by 3:30 I decided I don't hear back from the agency I will go ahead and pay for my existing policy for another month, as I was on the way to the bank to put in money, I thought to my self ware is my emuna. and I said to Hashem I'm going to make a u-turn and I know and I feel you could do anything and I should wait a little longer and hopefully, things will change, as I was talking to god, I took on my self a new good thing to change in my life, as I get back to my office and I check my emails I got an email from the agency we got u down for the year to 1500 with the same and better coverage, Thank you, Hashem!! we just need to ask and pray he always answers.

Got a great job offer

Business // November 12, 2020

My story is as follows, I teach english for the last 3 years and i love the job, which made it pretty difficult to find another job, with hours that'll have room for 2 hours of English... I looked for a job for almost a year now! [I was offered to manage the school where i teach, but that offer was being pushed off] Last week i saw a group which makes people aware of giving ma'aser, i thought to myself it's been a really long time since i gave ma'aser! I took upon myself that I'll do the Atime shas a thon, and give my ma'aser to those struggling to have children. *It wasn't even a day that passed, and i get a call from the school saying that the previous Manager has left his position... TYH I have a great job, well paid, and a great environment! [And I'm still teaching]* Tateh we love you!

I knocked my elbow

Health // November 12, 2020

I knocked my elbows really bad into the drawer. I had some pain but didn’t think about it too much. But I woke up in middle of the night with really bad pain and couldn’t move my arms. I started panicking it’s my right hand what if it’s broken how will I manage. So first thing I thanked Hashem for my healthy bones Bh. I said to Him if I wake up in the morning fine I will tell everyone. So Thank You Hashem for healthy bones and a healed arm.

Wanted to sign up to a course

Family // November 12, 2020

I really wanted to sign up to an amazing course that I think I will really benefit from that is very costly . I told hashem I really want to take this course but right now I don't have the money for it, if it's good for me please send me the money. That night my mother came over and said - here is some cash for u!! I was able to sign up to this amazing course! Thank u hashem!! I felt so loved to get a gift straight from my loving father!!