Thank you Hashem for just showing me how much You are with me.

Family // May 12, 2021

Thank you Hashem for just showing me how much You are with me. It started with a fear that my daughter scratched her eye, and we found out that BH she did not. Then later I was in my class, I made a fraction party with the girls and made pancakes. I had so much stuff to shlep home, and I was physically and emotionally exhausted. Getting into the elevator I thought to myself, "How am I shlepping all this home??? " Suddenly my phone rang. It was my father, he just dropped off something from my mother, and wanted to know when I would be home. I told him where I was, and he picked me up with a smile, and brought me home. Thank you Hashem that You send a shliach whenever I need. Thank You Hashem that I know it is You. Thank You Hashem that I know to be grateful!

I was driving on the Grand Central Parkway this evening heading west when suddenly the traffic came to a stop.

Travel // May 12, 2021

I was driving on the Grand Central Parkway this evening heading west when suddenly the traffic came to a stop. At 7:30PM, I Thanked Hashem for the traffic and for the car accident up ahead that I’m not involved in. I continued to drive slowly with the traffic. I passed small pieces of metal due to the car accident that had happened. I always worry when I drive past metal about the worst case scenario - metal getting stuck in my tire! The traffic then cleared up. At 7:51PM, a message popped up on my screen “Tire Pressure Low Add Air.” I didn’t know what to do. I was running late for my class. I decided to look up gas stations while I was stopped at the traffic light. There were gas stations nearby so I thought “I’ll go get air after my class is finished” as I had found gas stations that were opened 24 hours. I arrive to the parking lot and there were 2 guys standing in the parking lot speaking to another guy in his car. I looked up gas stations again and pondered should I go to the gas station? I decided I’ll go in the car parking lot. I went into the parking lot at 8:00PM and parked next to the 2 guys who were speaking to the guy that was in his car as that was the only available parking spot. Thank You Hashem for the fact that there was a parking spot! I turned off my car and looked at my phone. I took a minute to respond to a message. I was about to get out of the car when one of the guys said to me “you have a flat tire. Do you want me to call 911?” I got out of the car and stared at the flat tire. “Oh My Gosh” I said aloud! The guy said “pop your truck and I’ll change your tire for you.” I stared in amazement as the guy changed my tire. The guy explained to me that he usually leaves the parking lot at 7:30PM but he stayed in the parking lot because “Ribino Shel Olam sent me to help you.” When he took off my tire, I saw that a piece of metal had gotten stuck inside of the tire. He told me to give tzedekah so I will be listening to him and sponsoring the Tefillas Todah! Thank You Hashem for the nice guy that helped me! Thank You Hashem that this flat tire situation happened after I had been parked in a parking lot! Thank You Hashem that I didn’t have to call Chaverim or Triple A! I’m so grateful to Hashem! THANK YOU HASHEM!

My son had extreme difficulties with learning.

School // May 6, 2021

Thank you Hashem!! In the beginning of the school year my son had extreme difficulties with learning. He couldn't remember "Alef, bais", or identify them when shown to him. A month in, my son came home crying completely embarrassed that all kids remember and know the alef bais with the nekudos and he doesn't know even one. My heart broke for him. I started praying for him deeply, listened to a tznius hotline for 40 days, and all of a sudden he started to remember a few letters. His excitement was beyond. But still the teachers weren't thrilled with the progress, saying he needs help and the situation seems almost hopeless. But I knew only Hashem can help. He is the source of all wisdom and beyond. I took upon myself 40 days of מזמור לתודה, and on day 40, 9:30am I get a call from his teacher: the entire class was clapping for him as he said an entire line of letters with the nekudos perfectly with no mistakes! The power of thanking amazed me and I didn't stop there. Last week I finished my second round of 40 days of מזמור לתודה, and shortly after got another call from his teacher to tell me he has progressed beyond his entire class! THANK YOU HASHEM My son is not feeling so well tonight, may this post of thanking Hashem publicly be a zechus for him for a quick complete recovery amen!! TYH!!

I’d like to thank hashem publicly just as I’ve promised.

Family // May 2, 2021

I'd like to thank hashem publicly just as I've promised. I had a real hard time coping with the news abt tragedy in meron I was absolutely crushed. As Thursday night turned into friday then shabbos I knew I needed the the strength and be a happy calm relaxed mother and wife. I promised that if I can do that will thank hashem on this group and give 20 dollars to tzedaka. And just as I lit shabbos candles my anxiety and sadness immediately subsided and I was able to be calm mother to my children. It was a real blessing because I thought I would explode . Thank you hashem

As I promised many many months ago and all I needed was lots of patients B”h!

Business // May 2, 2021

*Thank You Hashem - Thanks You Hashem* As I promised many many months ago and all I needed was lots of patients B"h! May I always be gebentched with an abundance of patience and Eminah Pshita that everything has its place and time. Sometimes you can wait a long time for a good thing to arrive. If you wait it out and trust that Hashem is fully in control, then when it arrives you appreciate and can enjoy the long wait. If not then you won't even enjoy the Yeshua and shefa when it B"h finally arrives. So Thank You Hashem for providing me and everyone around me with all our day to day needs B"H. Thank You for the 2 deposits I received for the long awaited jobs you sent me last week and I am also thankful for the jobs I DIDN'T end up getting. I know it all comes from you Hashem and all is orchestrated by you and ONLY you. Nothing is in our hands and over doing what we think is all Hishtadlus is a lack in Eminah. I thank you Hashem for all the tests every day of my life. Please keep on holding my hand and guiding me in the eight path! *אודה ה' מאוד בפי ובתוך רבים אהללנו* *_חסדי ה' כי לא תמנו כי לא כלו רחמיו_*

Thank You Hashem!!! I passed my eye exam by DMV.

Health // May 2, 2021

Thank You Hashem!!! I passed my eye exam by DMV. I have a hard time seeing distances and I promised to thank Hashem and said the tefilah hodaah while I waited for them to ask me to read the sign! Hashem helped me!!! Thank You!!!