Thanked hashem for all the times I did have my phone ☎️

Family // March 8, 2021

Hey Ari! I have to publicly thank Hashem! I went in a Uber early this morning to yeshiva.. I have 2 phones my regular cell phone and my phone that I like to call my ‘photography phone’ (Its an iPhone I use for my photography/business needs).. when I arrived at my yeshiva I got out and went to get my tefilin. As I was walking to Shul I randomly checked my pocket for my iPhone but couldn’t find it. I nearly froze after not finding it in any pocket. I left it in the Uber! Naturally I became a nervous and annoyed because it's in a random persons car and anyone can take it.. Then I caught myself and said "it's all from Hashem, everything will work out". I called my mother to ask her if she can contact the driver and try to get it back. My mother tried calling the driver but no response... I kept on reminding myself this is all min hashamayim and the Eibishter can make yeshuas.. I davened shachris and started thanking The Heilige Bashefer for everything He gave me, for all the times I had my phone, I said I'll bli neder publicly thank Hashem and say tefillas toidah with extra kavunah today... After Shachris I saw a missed call from my mother and she told me the driver called her back and told her he has the phone and will return it soon.. Before I returned my mother's call after shachris I knew that something happened because theres no question, when someone thanks Hashem, Hashem hears your thanks and shows you He hears it!

Misplaced ear puds

Family // March 8, 2021

I truly had a miracle. A small one but nonetheless big enough to say this is real. When saying, Thank You Hashem, Hashem is listening but really paying attention and appreciates our thanks!! My daughter misplaced her headphones called EarPods. She looked all over and couldn’t find them. Then she asked me to help her. We looked and looked and couldn’t find them. We even checked the garbage. I started saying I’ll Thank You Hashem when I find it but wasn’t that sure it’ll work. And that feeling is there even though it worked so many times in the past!! I didn’t find it! A few minutes later I went to my bedroom to prepare negel vasser, and there sitting right on my dresser are the AirPods!! THANK YOU HASHEM! And Hashem helps us, even if it may not be the exact moment that we feel we want or need!!

We got to hear magillah

Family // March 2, 2021

Thank You Hashem so much I got to hear Megillah leining even though it seemed we didn’t make it. Thank You Hashem so much for the clear hashgacha pratis with my money. Thank You Hashem so for everything else that worked out so well today and everyday!!

A close member was hospitalized

Health // March 2, 2021

הודו לה כי טוב כי לעולם חסדו A close family member was hospitalized in a serious condition due to covid, was BH discharged today and is BH home with their family. May Hashem send them and to all Choilei Yisroel a quick, easy and complete recovery. THANK YOU HASHEM for all the good that you do for us all the time.

We had terrible turbulence

Travel // January 25, 2021

we were out of town on the way home we had terrible turbulence then I remembered to say the Tfilas Todah and as I finished the turbulence stopped I told my daughter I said the Tfilas Todah and look it stopped Thank You Hashem the rest of our plan ride was more or less smothe Thank You Hashem for getting us home safely

Tyh my landlord calmed down

Family // January 25, 2021

My landlord went nuts that he will block my trucks getting in the property to park for blaming me on something what was a lie. This made a lot of pressure for me but I immediately said I will post on the thank you Hashem group when Hashem helps me. Within the hour the landlord called me he will let go. Thank you Hashem for having my landlord calm down and take off the blame of my company.

Woke up with chest pain

Health // January 25, 2021

Woke up in the middle of the night with crazy chest pain and difficulty breathing. I thought I might be a crazy heartburn but I was scared and wasn't sure. I promised to publicly thank Hashem if I felt better and it was nothing. My husband got me tums and Baruch Hashem slowly within a little over an hour I was feeling much better. Every time I felt a little better I would thank Hashem all over again!! Thank you Hashem that it turned out to be nothing more then heartburn and that you helped me feel better!! Baruch Hashem!!

Found the jewellery

Household // January 20, 2021

My sister had micplaced Her Jewlery , wasn’t  sure if had been lost or what , I said Tefilas Todah and comitted to post for the public if posted, Bh it was found and she Has all the jewlery. Thank You Hashem

Had a bill that fell through

Family // January 11, 2021

Thank you Hashem! I had a $39 bill that fell through the cracks and ended up on my credit report damaging my credit. I kept calling the collection agency and they refused to give me a deletion letter even if I paid in full! I reached out to my uncle who does this and he gave me a no guarantee solution. We were looking at sueing and time and money invested. I thanked Hashem for all the good he does for me and keeping my credit impeccable over the years! I filled out the paperwork, and 3 days later everything was resolved! THANK YOU HASHEM FOR YOUR KINDNESS!

Missed the school bus

School // January 3, 2021

My daughter refuses to go to school with the bus. For me it’s a bit hard cause now in the winter with the big snow it’s hard to walk. In the morning I thanked hashem that my daughter will be happy to go with the bus to school and she won’t miss it I kept on thanking hashem that she didn’t miss her bus that day she asked me that I should help her get ready on time cause she wants to go with the bus. Tyh tyh she did not miss her bus and she bh went to school happy.  

Got a order

Business // January 3, 2021

I stared to bake some cookies and cakes at home for business that I recently started. I took almost all my saved money to invest for the supplies that’s needed. I made a cheshben that I invested so much money and it’s been almost a whole week and no one ordered. at night before going to sleep I usually try to make a list of everything that went well that day. I started saying thank you hashem that u gave me the idea to invest with the supplies to be able to bake and make good things. And I’m thanking in advance that I’ll have some orders before shabbas. I went out and found a friend that I didn’t see for a long time. I went over to her and showed her pics of what I recently started to bake. Literally  a hour later she calls me back that she wants to order two cakes and for after shabbas she wants another one. And a other person orders one for shabbas. tyh tyh. All from the power of thanking hashem.

After thanking hashem my pain was gone

Health // January 3, 2021

In the winter I get such bad cuts on the tip of my fingers and on my hands. it’s quiet painful. If anyone had it understands. shabbas at night I couldn’t fall asleep. I was in such pain. I squeezed some cream in a glove and put it on but still my pain didn’t go away. it came to a point that I realized I didn’t thank hashem or ask hashem to take away this pain. I went back into bed and started thanking hashem for all the times I didn’t have those cuts. And for all the times when I did have those cuts and it wasn’t so painful. I didn’t stop thanking hashem till I fell asleep. now motzei shabbas I realised that all day I wasn’t in pain. and I wanna thank hashem now In public that I didn’t have any pain today and I had such a good night sleep. And my cuts didn’t hurt my at night. tyh

Found the cell phone

Family // January 3, 2021

We Bh had a beautiful melava malka. my sister arrived homes and she realized that her husbands cell is not here. we all started looking for it. My brother in law came back to our house to see if he will find it. I felt so bad for him so quiet to myself I started thanking hashem that he’s going to find it. And then I started thanking hashem that Bh he found it. no one knew abt that, that I thanked hashem litterly a few minutes later my mom came telling us that my sister messaged her that her husband found his cell. the power of thanking hashem!!!!

I had a miracle in front of my eyes

Family // December 28, 2020

I had a miracle unfold before my eyes. My car lease is almost up and we were considering getting a used car so we don’t have to pay full coverage. I didn’t think it would work for a few reasons. I was very concerned to the point of nausea. I need a car. How are we going to manage etc. Today my husband found an Insurance company for nearly half the price. I couldn’t believe it. I have to trust that my dear father is going to take care of me. Now and always. I’m so thankful and grateful! Thank You Hashem for showing us your greatness in a revealed way.

My car wouldn’t start

Travel // December 28, 2020

Yesterday I had this crazy TYH maaseh happen to me My car wouldn’t start, and I was gonna call chaverim, then I said the tefillas toda, and said thank You HaShem for all the times my car worked, and TYH that it’s not working at the moment, I know it’s for my benefit As soon as I finished saying this, like magic, my car started as if there were no issues No words other than THANK YOU HASHEM! TYHAllDayEveryDay!!

My wife was not feeling well

Health // December 28, 2020

  My wife was not feeling good for the last few days and we saw no improvement and my father was in hospital oxygen level was dropping I promise to thank Hashem on this group and BH my wife started to improve and my father came home today for hospital BH Thank you Hashem