Got a order

Business // January 3, 2021

I stared to bake some cookies and cakes at home for business that I recently started. I took almost all my saved money to invest for the supplies that’s needed. I made a cheshben that I invested so much money and it’s been almost a whole week and no one ordered. at night before going to sleep I usually try to make a list of everything that went well that day. I started saying thank you hashem that u gave me the idea to invest with the supplies to be able to bake and make good things. And I’m thanking in advance that I’ll have some orders before shabbas. I went out and found a friend that I didn’t see for a long time. I went over to her and showed her pics of what I recently started to bake. Literally  a hour later she calls me back that she wants to order two cakes and for after shabbas she wants another one. And a other person orders one for shabbas. tyh tyh. All from the power of thanking hashem.

Ive been trying to reach a customer to pay up his balance

Business // December 25, 2020

THANK YOU HASHEM!!! Ive been trying to reach a customer to pay up his balance for a while already. Today before calling again I said THANK YOU HASHEM for all customers that pay on time and if this customer responds and pays up I will publicize it.. guess what??? He picked up the phone and sent a payment. Just amazing!!! THANK YOU HASHEM!!

I was offered a job

Business // December 15, 2020

I was offered a job for the service that I do, hoping that I'll get the job after sending them a proposal. While i sent it to them i thought to myself כל מה דעביד רחמנא לטב עביד "Everything hashem does is for our good". And... YES! a short while later i received a deposit on the job. THANK YOU HASHEM!!

Tyh for the salaried position

Business // November 20, 2020

Thank you Hashem for the salaried position I had for almost 3 months. I am now unemployed and Thanking Hashem in advance for my next position he is sending me, hopefully before Chanukah that will be my best salaried position during 2020 and beyond for many years. I am committing "BH" to donate $18.00 when I get the position and $36.00 from my 1st paycheck. And that it is such a Great Position that I can give much more Tzedakah to Jewish cause in 5781 and beyond for the rest of my days. Thank you ABBA for being my loving Father and King, please continue to always watch over me, my family, the USA, Israel and all of Klal Yisrael in these craziest of times. Thank you Hashem ... I am your loving son and servant, Avroham Chaim Tuvia 😌🖤

I received the first payment

Business // November 19, 2020

I received the first payment of money owed to me and the subsequent payments will be sent over the next two weeks Thank you HaShem so much, thank you HaShem.

Got a great job offer

Business // November 12, 2020

My story is as follows, I teach english for the last 3 years and i love the job, which made it pretty difficult to find another job, with hours that'll have room for 2 hours of English... I looked for a job for almost a year now! [I was offered to manage the school where i teach, but that offer was being pushed off] Last week i saw a group which makes people aware of giving ma'aser, i thought to myself it's been a really long time since i gave ma'aser! I took upon myself that I'll do the Atime shas a thon, and give my ma'aser to those struggling to have children. *It wasn't even a day that passed, and i get a call from the school saying that the previous Manager has left his position... TYH I have a great job, well paid, and a great environment! [And I'm still teaching]* Tateh we love you!

Had a property that was trying to sell for the last 7 months

Business // November 12, 2020

I have a property that I'm trying to sell for the last 7 months and a few deals where so close to go true and the last minute fell true. I'm thanking Hasham because I'm sure it's for my own good and really shortly I will be able to thank him in public when I will see his plan work out for my best. Thank you hasham for putting me true this difficult time so I should be able to see the amazing thing that you have lined up for me. I can't wait to see how big it will be.

Found a job after thanking hashem

Business // November 9, 2020

My daughter was looking for a job and felt a bit down that nothing was materializing. I promised to thank hashem publicly when she finds one. Didn’t take long and a friend told her abt an opening. Thank u hashem!!

Received a email that there granting me a extension

Business // November 4, 2020

I am literally speechless, wow, Our HomeCare agency has a report due to be filled with the state by Oct. 31, the last 2 week I had a lot of stress and little sleep, as the deadline was approaching.., the state had received numerous requests to extend the deadline across the board for all agencies, I also personally sent an email to the state, but they would not budge, yesterday on a conference call with all HomeCare agencies, the state agreed to extend it till Monday Nov. 2nd, "adding 2 more days, thanks, but no thanks", this morning I went to daven, I was under tremendous pressure and my mind kept on telling me to cut my davning short, and go catch up on work, but I said to myself, the place to be helped is here in shul!!! praying to Hashem, he is the only one that can help me, running to work would be running away from the only seloution, I forced myself to stay till last Kadish, and guess what, I just received a response from the state to my email, that they are granting us an extention till Nov 30, TYH 🙏🙏🙏

Tyh was able to pay my rent on time

Business // November 4, 2020

I was doing a job for a client that was due at the end of the month and I was relying on them to pay on time so I can pay my rent. I told Hashem that I would thank Him publicly if the client paid on time. BH the money just came in and I can pay my rent! Thank you Hashem for giving me the money on time and allowing me to pay rent on time.

A miracle we have been praying for

Business // November 4, 2020

This miracle we’ve been praying about for 20+ years was finally almost fulfilled and we thanked HaShem publicly in advance because part of it, probably the most difficult part got fulfilled a month ago but the final result has not yet. We were 100% that it was done already but my husband received a letter saying that his request was not granted unless he would provide some paperwork and maybe after that they could consider their decision. We could not provide them with the documents they asked for because there is no way for my husband to get those since his status would not allow him to get these and the people asking for them know it so we replied back to them explaining why it is impossible for him to provide these documents. during Shabbos I felt in my heart that we needed to recite the Thank you HaShem prayer three times with an open heart and we both recited together out loud. I’ll thank in public and donate to this wonderful group if the decision comes positive and my husband can get this very important document granted. We know this is something impossible humanly speaking but G-d of Yisroel is the G-d of the impossible!!!! B’H

Tyh got a good job offer

Business // October 28, 2020

THANK YOU HASHEM! I have no words to express my gratitude for your amazing salvation! I worked for a company for a number of years, and badly wanted out due to the environment, type of work, etc. However, because the pay was substantial, I knew that changing jobs would require me to take a hefty pay cut, which I couldn’t do. It literally seemed that I was stuck. BUT HASHEM ALWAYS HAS A WAY. After begging Hashem that I need out, and telling him that only HE could help me, I did the only hishtadlus that I could think of. I called an old acquaintance with whom I discussed doing a joint venture years earlier. But his message was pretty clear that there’s no “soft landing,” and that switching job would require me to take a significant pay cut until I build my own business. After hearing this, it was beyond clear that there was nothing left for me to do and ONLY RELY ON HASHEM. Literally, a couple of hours later, an old friend randomly called me asking me if I want to come work for him. Not only was it the change I was looking for, it even came with a nice raise. HASHEM IS NOT LIMITED BY CONVENTIONAL WISDOM! HE IS NOT LIMITED BY ANYTHING!!! THANK YOU HASHEM!

Hashem send me a job offer

Business // October 26, 2020

I had to give up my job when covid first started. I never started searching for a new one till 2 weeks ago when I became desperate. Im going through a very difficult time in my life these days... so I kinda gave up on everything. At my witz ends hashem sent me a job opportunity, the one I was dreaming of all the time..with great terms...even more, they were the one reaching out to me after getting their references. So it was a done deal by the time they called me asking if im still looking for a job. I was thrilled, and clearly saw that hashem doesn't let me down even in the worst times even though he is the one doing this all to me. So I promised to share my story and give a donation to TYH group if all arrangements work out in order to actually take the tyh! I hope to start next week iyh, and everything should work out amazingly!

Passed the test after 4 times trying and said the Tafilas toida

Business // October 21, 2020

My husband needs to pass a very important test (online) for him to obtain a state license so he can work in the Real State field but he has failed the test 4 times. I kept telling him to thank HaShem and read the Tefilas before taking it but he only thanked Him with his own words without reciting the prayer. This Monday he was going to take the test for the fifth time and this time he read the Tefilas but the website where he launches the test from was down the whole day so we thanked HaShem because he could not take the test on that day so it got rescheduled for today. So this morning before my husband was going to take the test for the 5th time, he read the Tefilas 3 times and thanked HaShem for not passing the other 4 and guess what!!!!! Today he passed the test!!!!!!! This is amazing!!! This prayer is powerful!!!! My kids were astonished because they saw how he failed all the other times when he did not read the Tefilas and how he passed it after reading it!!!! B’H This is real !!!!! It’s not a joke!!!

Wifi disconnected.

Business // September 25, 2020

For some reason don’t know why my wifi just disconnected. I was in middle of doing something’s. I said tyh that I didn’t loose all info I was in middle working on. And said tyh that the wifi is gonna go back on. and guess what; with in 3 minutes my wifi started working again. And bh I didn’t loose too many info   tyh

I’d like to share a wonderful story.

Business // September 21, 2020

I'd like to share a wonderful story with you of watching miracles by saying thank you to Hashem for everything that happens whether we interpret it as being favorable or unfavorable. Last week I was overjoyed to hear that the gallery has an interested buyer in my painting. The check was not yet written and the painting was not yet finalized so I did according to the book my sister sent me titled "Say Thank you and See Miracles" by Shalom Arush and I thanked HaShem for not yet selling my painting. I was only doing this because I had read this book and I felt that if it worked so well for others I should also implement the practice of thanking HaShem for everything even things that I would judge to be hardships for me. It would make no logical sense to thank HaShem for not having yet finalized the sale of this painting however...listen to what unfolded. Because the painting has not yet been officially sold and shipped off to the buyer it remained hanging on the gallery wall. I promise you the following is a true account of what happened: a second set of buyers completely fell in love with this one painting and have been contacting the gallery owner to find out if the first buyer is moving forward or not. The gallery owner very intelligently created yet a second opportunity for this by telling them that if the first buyer does go through with the sale that they in turn can commission a similar piece. So you see by thanking Hashem for what seemed to me at the time a very irrational thing as Him not finalizing the sale of my painting to which I could greatly use the money He orchestrated a doubling of my profits! These paintings are selling for more money than I could have ever dreamed of and I feel I am slowly being pulled into a dream of creating and being paid for art as a living. May you all have a wonderful Shabbos and a very very happy new year. May we all see Hashem's blessings even in our trials and may we continue to thank Him to receive even greater blessings.