Missed the school bus

School // January 3, 2021

My daughter refuses to go to school with the bus. For me it’s a bit hard cause now in the winter with the big snow it’s hard to walk. In the morning I thanked hashem that my daughter will be happy to go with the bus to school and she won’t miss it I kept on thanking hashem that she didn’t miss her bus that day she asked me that I should help her get ready on time cause she wants to go with the bus. Tyh tyh she did not miss her bus and she bh went to school happy.  

My car wouldn’t start

Travel // December 28, 2020

Yesterday I had this crazy TYH maaseh happen to me My car wouldn’t start, and I was gonna call chaverim, then I said the tefillas toda, and said thank You HaShem for all the times my car worked, and TYH that it’s not working at the moment, I know it’s for my benefit As soon as I finished saying this, like magic, my car started as if there were no issues No words other than THANK YOU HASHEM! TYHAllDayEveryDay!!

I tried renewing my license

Travel // December 6, 2020

Hi. I tried renewing my license and I had some issues cuz I want to change my address. I said I'll post bh and it went bh thank you hashem my I made myself a haircut and the machine stopped working i said I'll post bh it start again and I was able to finish thank you hashem. today something fell i said I'll post bh I found it today ws looking for something was in a rush so I said I'll post bh I found it easy and fast bh thank you hashem for founding easy and fast a parking spot yesterday. and thank you hashem for getting me up today the time I want to. And thank you hashem for everything you doing all the times and for everything I said I'll post and I forgot thank you hashem again and again and good shabbos everyone!

Ki toiv hashem

Travel // November 22, 2020

I feel so blessed and am in awe of Hashem's power. I feel extremely privileged to be the beneficiary of such greatness and I'd like to thank Hashem publicly for pulling thru the unbelievable. My brother is marrying off his oldest child in Israel this week and it is quite a big deal being that he is my only sibling living there while the rest of us all live in the tri state area. Most of us were planning to go to the wedding but with corona, e/o backed out and it was just me and one more sibling who said we will still make every effort to go despite the difficulties involved. We needed to get a special visa entry and we started the process 3 weeks before. We tried lots of different ways. In some tries we were denied(whereas the previous week, we had heard countless pple who actually received it via this way) In another attempt , we were asked every day for diff documents and then left hanging. There was no one to talk to or reach out to, to even try to find out what was going on. The unknown and the constant back and forth paperwork was extremely challenging. It was phone calls and emails non stop and nothing seemed to be moving. Of course we davened and gave tzedaka and waited some more. We kept on hoping maybe today, maybe in an hour, maybe before Shabbos. Friends & Family kept on checking in, hoping to hear the good news from us. Well, the Shabbos before the wedding we still didn't have the long awaited visa. As a matter of fact, our other attempt finally emailed us a denial Friday afternoon. Thursday night 2 diff pple suggested we try our original method one more time thru 2 different channels. We emailed the docs once more and then I just let go and let Hashem take full control and reign. He could do anything and I decided to just let Him handle it all from now on. We had done all our hishtadlus humanely possible. I promised Him that if He'll come thru, I will share this in the TyH group as well as with all my family and friends. I went into Shabbos with a certain calmness and relief knowing I was in the best hands possible. (BTW it was murderous, but I did not follow up with anyone on Friday or motzei shabbos... My hands were itching but I prevailed TYH) On motzei shabbos , I got a text from my friend telling me that her sil got visas for her family and maybe I want to contact her to find out what she did. I did and she told me what she did. I discovered that the person who helped her was my first cousins bil. So I contacted my cousin and asked him if he wants to get himself involved. He was really happy to try to do it for me. @1220 AM we had already emailed our info to Israel. Ki tov Hashem!!!!! Ein Oid Milvado!!!!! Hodi leHashem!!!! By 6:37 AM the visas were in my inbox!!!!!!

This is a story of double השגחה פרטית.

Travel // November 22, 2020

This is a story of double השגחה פרטית. I had an appointment by the vet 5:25. The bus #7 passed by & didn't stop so i took #8 & the driver said he can drop me off where all the busses that go 2 where the vet is stop. As i got off 2 minutes later bus #7 pulled up & i made it in time 2 the vet. Story number 2. Afterwards i was planning on going 2 the cat sitter in יסוד המעלה which is an hour bus drive each way & i called the cat sitter & she said my husband is in טבריה call him & maybe u can catch him. I called him & guess what he was still here so i didn't have 2 travel 2 hours. The sitter called me & said your G-D really loves u because what r the chances of me needing 2 send him 2 her & her husband being in טבריה? THANK U HASHEM

Was driving on a busy road

Travel // November 19, 2020

I was driving on a busy road and i had my son in the car and suddenly the car in front made a short stop and i went into the car amd my car got totaled and b"h no one got hurt miraculously and the car in front had minor damage clearly yad hashem thank you hashem

Tyh got me on the flight

Travel // November 18, 2020

We made tickets to fly even though my only picture ID is my passport and I sent it in for renewal. I wasn't nervous throughout the process since I was sure Hashem would make it work. The tsa guy was very nice but after 1 1/2 hours of questions and calls he got the answer that my IDs weren't ok and I'm not cleared 😧. I started thanking Hashem for all the times I've flown etc and that I know He is the one who decides, not tsa. And that I'll post publicly if somehow I get on the flight. Here I am to say *thank you Hashem!!!* He said I'll see what I can do . He went to his office and after a while he came back and told me I can go! He took me through security quickly, 20 minutes before takeoff. The employees all knew about it and worked quickly to get me through the extra security. As I'm hurrying a woman came to help shlep my bags, then a motor cart came and picked me up to get me there quickly! Not only did Hashem get me there but He made it easy with all the surprise help! Made me think when Moshiach comes our geula will be so much grander, full of gevladige surprises.

Travel // October 19, 2020

We went to this beautiful State Park yesterday to enjoy HaShem’s Creation with friends and my son lost the case charger of his earbuds which is a little bit pricey for us. He was playing with his friends in the sand while he had it in his pocket so he thought he must’ve lost it in the sand and since the case was white as the sand it made it even harder or impossible to find. I asked my son to read the Tefilas Todah but he told it was fine that he could buy another one but I told him he had no money for it and I could not afford to buy it either so I told him I was going to say the Tefila and started looking for it along with my friends and I told everyone that by thanking HaShem we were going to find it. It did not pass even 10 minutes after I told them that and right after I finished saying the prayer, guess what! I found the charger case sitting on one of the picnic tables that was near of where he was playing. My son got amazed and all my friends too. And the best part is that I could only say a small portion of the Tefila because I didn’t have my phone with me and have not memorized it all, so only by saying a small portion of it HaShem still did the miracle and helped us find this little device. Thank you HaShem for taking care of our “small”things but that mean a lot for us and our loved ones. B’H

After thanking Hashem we where able to go into the park

Travel // October 8, 2020

*WOW THANK YOU HASHEM* My kids went to a park for the day and called me that I should order them tickets online because the are not being let in, apparently the reservation for the attractions can only be bought online. so I went ahead and did the purchase *but for a wrong date*, so they denied them entry, I called trying to reason with them but they were just not flexible, didn't wanna refund or let them in as they're booked to capacity, so we started thanking hashem and staying tefilas toda and we moved on, just to get a call back from them that a few spots just opened so my kids can go in. *THANK YOU HASHEM*

Tyh the rental put away my lulav

Travel // October 6, 2020

I am in Miami and I went to rent a car and left my lulav in the parking lot I am on my way back there now driving 45 minutes to get back there I will Thank Hashem when I have it in my hands and I could be Mkaim the mitzvah of lulav of tomorrow morning.   Thank u hashem They put it away for me and I was waiting there when I got there

הודו להשם כי טוב כי לעולם חסדו

Travel // September 10, 2020

הודו לה כי טוב Thank you Hashem א דאנק דבשאפר I was driving and all of a sudden instead of 70m I could not accelerate more than 59m. I didn't think much of it but suddenly i saw black pieces flying in front of my car, i panicked pulled over called the mechanic and told him. Neither one of us knew the problem. He said your nine minutes away come straight here. I was with my 2 young girls on way home from school so I went back on the road 🤷‍♀️All of a sudden a bus driver tells me pull over כל המערכת ילך!! I still didn't know what the problem was however i listened. A nice jewish guy came by to try to help me and told יש לך מזל עוד עם שתי ילדים me to come out and look. Then baruch Hashem yedidim along with another yid helped to out a spare on. Baruch hashem

Didn’t have to pay the parking ticket.

Travel // September 9, 2020

Thank You Hashem!! I returned from vacation on Wednesday night and didn’t realise that there would be parking restrictions on my road on Thursday as there were road works going on. I received a ticket but all the time kept on thanking Hashem and said I would publicise on the group if I would be able to refute the ticket saying that I was away. I emailed the ticket office and after a few days of emails backwards and forwards I was told that the ticket was cancelled. הודו לה׳ כי טוב כי לעולם חסדו. Never stop thanking Hashem and asking Him to continuously help you. Without His help we are helpless.

Thank you hashem for saving us from a car accident

Travel // September 7, 2020

Thank you Hashem for saving us from a major car accident. We were on the highway and the car in front of us just stopped and my husband made a short stop but went into the car. Bh we were wearing a seat belt. But even with a seatbelt I got hurt. The belt tightens you. I was in alot of pain because my body moved forward. It was very scary. But bh every day the pain is getting better. Thank you Hashem that I am getting better. Saying Tefilas Haderech is so important to say. Hashem whatever you do is for the good.

I was in the airport going to Eretz Yisroel

Travel // September 7, 2020

THANK YOU HASHEM! I was in the Airport going to Erez Yisroel and by the last minute they told me that I am missing a part of the permission to come in to Israel so I can’t fly I started saying תפילת תודה and promised money for צדקה and to post on this group by the time I finished saying I got the letter in a email! afterwords the guy told me he has to take my passport to a different bipartisan of the airport to confirm my entry it took him a long time and I got scared I will miss the flight so I said again תפילת תודה and the second I finished he came back with the passport THANK YOU HASHEM FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO FOR US!

Travel // September 6, 2020

Thank you thank you hashem, I want to thank you in public for the chasudim, I was on the highway late at night with my whole family, suddenly i lost control over the car, it started to swerve right and left over the highway thank you hashem there was no cars there at that time i was sure the car is going to flip over but thank you hashem i flew in to a side small ditch and the car stopped with just a few scratches from a small sign, i tried to back out but was unable after a few minutes I managed to drive out and continued my way as if nothing happened... Was just shaking from the shock but thank you hashem you just put your hands to save me and my family.

Tyh my sons braces will be taken off this week

Travel // September 4, 2020

Wow wow wow Thank you hashem always. I just had a amazing thing My son needs to go to Israel this week to learn in yeshivah but has braces to be taken off and we are trying for the last week to have a appointment. I was just on the phone with secretary and she told me that the earliest they have is September 25 which is 2.5 weeks from now and that is to long so I started to say thank you hashem in my mind and said hashem only you can help and the secretary tells me hold on and then comes back on the phone and says Mr. Sabbagh I dont know what to say only that your a lucky man while we are on the phone someone just canceled for this coming Tuesday at 1030 am . And not only that we will be able to make you his retainers same day to be picked up at 5pm