We wanted to go away for a nice shabbas

Family // November 19, 2020

We wanted to go away for a nice Shabbos weekend where we would have to rent our own villa, we were given a price that was over our budget. We were debating should we go and pay the given price? Should we stay home? it was exactly what we were looking for. In the meantime, I told a friend of mine that I’m debating if I should stay home due to the price. He said, "Maybe I could rent it, i don't mind spending that much". Let me see what I decide I still really want to go." I answered. Thursday noon we finally decided to stay home… feeling bad that the renter is expecting someone and not wanting to back out on the last minute I decided to call my friend. I looked up my friend's number in my contacts to see if he still needs the apartment or if he found somewhere else to stay, I dialed his number…. When he answered I realized that I “by mistake” dialed someone else with the same name…. Having him on the phone I asked him what his plans are for the weekend. He answers “Do you have something for me, I still would love to go away”? I told him “Let me make some phone calls. I might have something for you" I made a phone call to the villa to make sure that he would want to give it to someone else instead of us as he does research before. I gave my friend the renters phone number, who he called and BH got the apartment that we were supposed to take. THANK YOU HASHEM for making me the right Shliach in bringing an enjoyable Shabbos to my friend by finding them a villa, and to give the renter the expected money by having me make the “RIGHT call” to the “RIGHT person” at the “RIGHT time” with the “RIGHT question”. Thank You Hashem!!

Tyh for all the miracles u do

Family // November 18, 2020

Good Chodesh I would like to share my story of what happened yesterday, this is basically 2 stories in 1, I am paying the last few years 7K for car insurance for 2 cars for many reasons my insurance is so high, I tried during the years to bring this down the lowest I was able to get this down was with 100 or 200 a year, so I never changed my policy, yesterday morning I thought to my self that Hesham could do anything and I just need to pray to him and he could lower my insurance, so I say a prayer to Hashem in my language and I told him I will do some histadlus and will reach out to different agencies and try to get a better rate, the other point I had a deadline by 5 pm to change or I will need to pay for my existing policy the other month, I reach out to an agency I told him I need coverage for 2 cars and I want to have the same good coverage I have now, they said they will see what they could do and will let me know later today or tomorrow, I said to Hashem that I know u could do anything and please help me to stop paying this high no#, going back and forward with the insurance agency they ask me for my wife's license ID No# so I asked my wife and she emailed me, and I realized her license is expiring tomorrow, so this is the first miracle I renewed this right away, if I would not decide to change policy yesterday I would miss the date on her renewal, thank you, Hashem by 3:30 I decided I don't hear back from the agency I will go ahead and pay for my existing policy for another month, as I was on the way to the bank to put in money, I thought to my self ware is my emuna. and I said to Hashem I'm going to make a u-turn and I know and I feel you could do anything and I should wait a little longer and hopefully, things will change, as I was talking to god, I took on my self a new good thing to change in my life, as I get back to my office and I check my emails I got an email from the agency we got u down for the year to 1500 with the same and better coverage, Thank you, Hashem!! we just need to ask and pray he always answers.

Wanted to sign up to a course

Family // November 12, 2020

I really wanted to sign up to an amazing course that I think I will really benefit from that is very costly . I told hashem I really want to take this course but right now I don't have the money for it, if it's good for me please send me the money. That night my mother came over and said - here is some cash for u!! I was able to sign up to this amazing course! Thank u hashem!! I felt so loved to get a gift straight from my loving father!!

Wanted to buy something online

Family // November 12, 2020

Hashem is where YOU are. how do I know? 👇 So amazing how promising Hashem that you will publicize Hashem's name and spread the miracle from Hashem in public, this way bring more of Hashem's children closer to him *brings you miracles.* I wanted to buy something online and I had only a few minutes to buy it since it gets sold out in minutes. the site kept on crashing again and again for more than an hour. Then I saw someone writing on the Thank you Hashem group about his miracle so I promised that if I'm able to still buy it then I will Thank Hashem in public..... Literally 1 minute later it went through and I bought it. *THANK YOU HASHEM FOR SHOWING US THAT YOU ARE HERE WITH US AND YOU'RE LISTENING TO US!!!!!!*

My best friend was going through a very hard time

Family // November 9, 2020

THANK U HASHEM THANK U HASHEM THANK U HASHEM. My best friend was going through a veeeeeeery hard time at home & was trying 2 find an apartment 2 move & 4 a very long time without luck. Yesterday my friend called me crying bitterly & i said 2 HASHEM if u help my friend find an apartment i'll post it on the group. They checked out 2 apartments yesterday which is with a roommate but a tiny room so they said no. Today my friend called me that the landlord begged them 2 take the apartment & he'll give them the bigger room 4 cheaper then originally. THANK U HASHEM I LOVE U SOOOOOOOO MUCH 💝💘💖

A miracle we have been praying for

Business // November 4, 2020

This miracle we’ve been praying about for 20+ years was finally almost fulfilled and we thanked HaShem publicly in advance because part of it, probably the most difficult part got fulfilled a month ago but the final result has not yet. We were 100% that it was done already but my husband received a letter saying that his request was not granted unless he would provide some paperwork and maybe after that they could consider their decision. We could not provide them with the documents they asked for because there is no way for my husband to get those since his status would not allow him to get these and the people asking for them know it so we replied back to them explaining why it is impossible for him to provide these documents. during Shabbos I felt in my heart that we needed to recite the Thank you HaShem prayer three times with an open heart and we both recited together out loud. I’ll thank in public and donate to this wonderful group if the decision comes positive and my husband can get this very important document granted. We know this is something impossible humanly speaking but G-d of Yisroel is the G-d of the impossible!!!! B’H

Found the check

Family // November 3, 2020

Thank you hashem I didn't find a check I said I'll post bh I found it thank you hashem! Thank you hashem I had I safe way home yesterday with this rain and I was nervous if I'll have enough gas till I get home bh I had enough thank you hashem! Thank you hashem something fell on my car it almost hit my winchell bh by the end it just hit a different place on my car that I can replace for not so much money bh thank you hashem for that and for everything!

My best friend is going through a very hard time

Family // November 3, 2020

THANK U HASHEM THANK U HASHEM THANK U HASHEM. My best friend was going through a veeeeeeery hard time at home & was trying 2 find an apartment 2 move & 4 a very long time without luck. Yesterday my friend called me crying bitterly & i said 2 HASHEM if u help my friend find an apartment i'll post it on the group. They checked out 2 apartments yesterday which is with a roommate but a tiny room so they said no. Today my friend called me that the landlord begged them 2 take the apartment & he'll give them the bigger room 4 cheaper then originally. THANK U HASHEM I LOVE U SOOOOOOOO MUCH 💝💘💖

Found a parking

Family // November 2, 2020

I was on my way home from a Simcha in upstate, I arrived home 12:00am after having a lot of traffic, than I had to start looking for parking… after 45 minutes searching the entire neighborhood I decided to THANK HASHEM for every time that I did find parking right away. 2 minutes later I found a parking spot right in front of my house. THANK YOU HASHEM

Was looking for a envelope with $5000

Family // October 30, 2020

So much to TH bh. Was looking for an enveloppe with 5000$ didn't take it out of my coat was nowhere to be seen. I was sure it's a gonner..... No words to Thank Hashem is enough i promised non stop to thank here in public minutes later i found in dining room on buffet and yes the cleaner had just finished cleaning there...... What if.... TYH 👌🏻

Couldn’t find my daughter’s money

Family // October 27, 2020

  We couldn't find my daughter's money that she had saved. I promised to thank Hashem publicly if we were able to find it. It had been missing for months and we found it less than ten minutes later

Power of connecting through thanking

Family // October 18, 2020

A friend came to me asking to explain the system of my constant *לחיים'ס* that I keep on making in our shull for different *ישיעות* as he has a huge problem and needs an urgent ישיעה....🤔. I spent a long few minutes to xplain that its not just a random סגולה... Its abt *reshaping the mindset* and starting to see every second of the day *the greatness of Hashem* and keeping on to thank him on every small and big thing (starting with the good taste of the coffee in the morning, seeing his bucher gladly go to shul to daven, seeing a sweet smile on his little daughter and so on...) this is a *complete life changer* which will make him live a positive life *with strong closeness to Hashem* and this brings *ישיעות תמיד*. He was amazed! And took upon himself to make a massive Thank You Hashem Lechaim when he is out of this real difficult, complicated situation which he was kinda lost with no solution, after spending thousands for experts. This Shabbos he told me he was referred to a new expert and they *already see big progress* with hopes for a full solution. Looking fwd to post here in public when he is fully helped and looking fwd for the big Lechaim... *POWER OF CONNECTING THROUGH THANKING*

After thanking hashem was able to fall asleep

Family // October 16, 2020

Felt a very funny thing in my throat, and couldn’t fall asleep. started thanking hashem for all the times that I didn’t feel something funny and thanked hashem that all Yom Tov was able to fall asleep easy. And promised to say Tafilas toida 3 times in the morning. and bh was able to fall asleep.

Made a promise

Family // October 16, 2020

I made. A promise to thank Hashem if my nephews covid test was negative. Thank you Hashem! Please continue to keep us all safe and healthy.

Tyh my mother in law was home for Yom Tov

Family // October 12, 2020

THANK YOU HASHEM!! I promised to thank Hashem when my mother in law gets released from the hospital and makes it to us for Yom Tov. BH they made it a half hour before the Zman and I then had to go pick up her medicine. I promised to thank again if I get it on time. Amazingly I walked into the pharmacy and they were already working on the prescription. It took a few minutes and I was able to get home five minutes before shkia! THANK YOU HASHEM!! For you tremendous kindness and the beautiful Yom Tov we had. My in laws were able to rest up and enjoy hakafos and the seudos etc. wishing you a gezinten vinter! THANK YOU HASHEM!!

Miss placed a jewellery piece

Family // October 9, 2020

Thank you Hashem!!! I am missing earrings that I left out when my cleaning help was here last. I right away went to look for it all over, and asked my helper if she knows where they are. She told me she didnt know. I was upset, and went to look for more things, and to organize my Jewelry drawer. As I looked through, I realized another much more expensive bracelet was missing too!! I started to freak out, because I am very good at freaking out. But then I started to thank Hashem for all my beautiful Jewelry. A minute later I checked the box again, and I realized that the bracelet was hiding under the pillow in the box!! THANK YOU HASHEM! I cant wait to thank You HAshem when I find my earrings too!