Was taken to the hospital due to Kidney stones pain

Health // May 30, 2021

I had kidney stones last week , and to whoever experienced it knows that it is not a fun experience , so I was takin to the hospital by the ambulance and I was still in pain for about 31/2 hours with all pain medication and nothing helped to calm the pain , so I said to myself that I will post on the group that if I will feel better soon I will say thank u hashem on the group, it did not take 15 minutes and the the pain stopped completely and I was released from the hospital 1/2 hour later , I’m still amazed and don’t have no words how hashem was waiting for me to reach out to him and say thank u 🙏 in public, THANK U HASHEM

I now have an issue with an employee who wants to sue me over a workers

Business // May 25, 2021

THANK YOU HASHEM! Thank you Hashem that my business has been running smoothly for many years without any issues. I now have an issue with an employee who wants to sue me over a workers Comp claim and really give me huge problems. I trust, I believe and I thank that the Tatty who helped me out all these years with the abundance of Hatzalacha will continue helping me with this issue and will have a positive outcome! Thank you Hashem for giving me all the good and worry free for so long!! I will bln post on this chat a huge thank you Hashem when this gets sorted out and all goes well!! As well, I will donate $500 to this incredible chat!

This happened a short while ago to me.

Family // May 23, 2021

I'm late for posting and first thank you Hashem for reminding me to keep my promise. This happened a short while ago to me. I was supposed to move a certain day. I rented a truck and had 5 guys (from my days in the business) set up to do the move. I pulled up in the truck to where our stuff was stored. Waited, waited, and waited. After about an hour and a half all five had different reasons why they can't come. So basically I wasted the day, the truck rental, and still had to figure out how to get my stuff moved. All moving companies were booked up solid. Sitting there in the truck I started thinking about the stories posted here. But I was thinking how often do we get to notice them live. I decided to ask Hashem directly for help and promised to post here if somehow I got guys and the move went smoothly. Not long after, two guys were on the way. (2 guys is normally a joke for such a size move). Not only did they come, they felt so bad (not typical feelings for these guys) that they somehow did the job faster than it would normally take 5 guys. Then when everything was in my house the guy I used to use for putting together furniture randomly showed up and put everything together. (He heard i was moving but I never asked him to come because I knew he had a bad knee). From being totally lost about how im going to move to having it all work out so smoothly is unbelievable. Only Hashem can pull off such a story for us. Keep on thanking Hashem. Its all you have to do. Thank you Hashem!

I was driving on the Grand Central Parkway this evening

Travel // May 23, 2021

I was driving on the Grand Central Parkway this evening heading west when suddenly the traffic came to a stop. At 7:30PM, I Thanked Hashem for the traffic and for the car accident up ahead that I’m not involved in. I continued to drive slowly with the traffic. I passed small pieces of metal due to the car accident that had happened. I always worry when I drive past metal about the worst case scenario - metal getting stuck in my tire! The traffic then cleared up. At 7:51PM, a message popped up on my screen “Tire Pressure Low Add Air.” I didn’t know what to do. I was running late for my class. I decided to look up gas stations while I was stopped at the traffic light. There were gas stations nearby so I thought “I’ll go get air after my class is finished” as I had found gas stations that were opened 24 hours. I arrive to the parking lot and there were 2 guys standing in the parking lot speaking to another guy in his car. I looked up gas stations again and pondered should I go to the gas station? I decided I’ll go in the car parking lot. I went into the parking lot at 8:00PM and parked next to the 2 guys who were speaking to the guy that was in his car as that was the only available parking spot. Thank You Hashem for the fact that there was a parking spot! I turned off my car and looked at my phone. I took a minute to respond to a message. I was about to get out of the car when one of the guys said to me “you have a flat tire. Do you want me to call 911?” I got out of the car and stared at the flat tire. “Oh My Gosh” I said aloud! The guy said “pop your truck and I’ll change your tire for you.” I stared in amazement as the guy changed my tire. The guy explained to me that he usually leaves the parking lot at 7:30PM but he stayed in the parking lot because “Ribino Shel Olam sent me to help you.” When he took off my tire, I saw that a piece of metal had gotten stuck inside of the tire. He told me to give tzedekah so I will be listening to him and sponsoring the Tefillas Todah! Thank You Hashem for the nice guy that helped me! Thank You Hashem that this flat tire situation happened after I had been parked in a parking lot! Thank You Hashem that I didn’t have to call Chaverim or Triple A! I’m so grateful to Hashem! THANK YOU HASHEM!

I was driving on the highway was a need for a gas station

Travel // May 23, 2021

I was driving on the highway was a need for a gas station the middle of the night all the gas stations are closed only two 24-hour gas stations in the whole highway I was running very very low gas the yellow light was open and then it got even red I called up the police to guide me where is the nearest 24-hour gas station they told me you have to drive 30 minutes more thank you HASHEM I got there at the gas station the last second my car was almost not driving anymore. I said to myself: "Hashem show me a sign that you are with us, I should make it till the gas station" in the middle of the night no one was driving on this highway at that time almost no phone service in the whole place very very weak service and we got to the gas station to get gas on time Thank you Hashem