I took my son to Newark Airport at around 6:45 pm

Travel // September 5, 2021

הודו לה ' כי טוב כי לעולם חסדו. אודה ה' בפי ובתוך רבים אהללנו . I took my son to Newark Airport at around 6:45 pm And drove back to Lakewood from the airport at around 8:40 pm when the severe weather hit with strong rain and major flooding As I was going on to the GSP a little after exit 11 driving 40mp Suddenly car lost control and I started spinning 360° like 4 times screaming 😱 in fair of my life with my wife sitting at passenger seat being afraid for her that chas Veshalom I shouldn't hit with a smash the guardrail or a car shouldn't hit us and I was holding tight the wheel trying to turn the other direction and yes HASHEM HIM SELF WAHTCHED OVER US AND WE DIDNT HIT THE GAURDRAIL AND DIDN'T GET HIT AS CARS WHERE SLOWING DOWN FROM FAR PROBABLY AS THEY SAW WHATS HAPPENING AND WE SKIDED 5 LANES ACCROSS AS SUDDENLY THE CAR STOLED AND CAME TO A STOP . AND I CAUGHT MY BREATH AND WITH A INSTINGT TURENED OFF THE CAR FOR A SECOND AND TURNED BACK ON SO I CAN PULL TO SIDE . WOW WOW WOW THANK YOU HASHEM FOR GIVING ME AND MY WIFE LIFE BACK AS A GIFT AND ARRIVE HOME HEALTHY IN ONE PIECE . Tyh that we didn't get hit . Tyh that the car didn't flip over. Tyh that cars didn't hit us and stopped far enough. Tyh that we are alive and as other Hashem Yerachem had tragic 😥. מזמור לתודה... כי טוב ה' לעולם חסדו ועד דור ודור אמנותו . I have no words enough to thank you hashem. I love you and thanks for making realize how you watch over me and my family and how much I owe you. אבא בשמיים אנא אל תשכח ממני לעולם .

My son took a covid test on Sunday

Travel // September 5, 2021

My son took a covid test on Sunday, to be able to travel to Uman Wednesday. The test came out invalid, because there wasn't enough D.N.A on the swab..We ran around yesterday looking for a place that can expedite , a same day result & bH found a place that gave it to us in 2 hours. BH I got him safely to the airport in last night's weather & I got home in last night's storm safely.. BH my basement flooded & the water all went down already. Thank you Hashem for all the amazing toiva Ykubdo for me, every millisecond of my life. I LOVE YOU HASHEM.

I misplaced my diamond necklace.

Family // September 5, 2021

This past week I misplaced my diamond necklace. I was beside myself. It was erev Shabbos and I had no time to search for it. So I thanked Hashem and bentched Licht. I tried to remember what I did with it where I could have hidden it. In middle of everything I started to say Thank You Hashem what ever is your will. Shortly after I remembered where I put it and after Shabbos to my great relief I found it. Thank You Hashem! Thank You Hashem! As always I thank Hashem when my fridge goes into Shabbos mode. One day I hope to get a mechanic in so that it works normally. Until then I Thank You Hashem for all the times it goes on easily and also when I have difficulty.

Website Submission on Sep 02, 2021

Health // September 2, 2021

Haven’t been feeling well all day , I thanked HaShem for it, said mizmor letodah and said when the uncomfort is lifted from me I will publicly thank Him and say Mizmor leTodah 26 times. BH feeling a lot better! And now going to say MT 26 times Thank you HaShem!

Miracle of miracles!!

Health // September 1, 2021

Miracle of miracles!! My father was taken in by hatzala by night for rapid irregular heartbeat. The drs were concerned about his number and wanted to keep him for a while. The next morning, around 7am, My father suggested that together we say the Tefillaa Toda, promised to sponsor the Tefillas Toda, and thank hahsem for whatever he does. Literally withing 5-8 minutes of this, one second to the next, his numbers stopped jumping and his pulse became regular. Throughout the day the drs wanted him there because they too couldnt believe the change. It wasn't a coincidence. It wasn't by chance. Hashem is the ultimate doctor and hears all out teffilos. Thank u hahsem for all the nissem u do! Bh all has been good and regular since then. In this zechus we would like to sponsor tomorrow the tefillas toida.

I wanted to make a doctor’s appointment but there was a 3 month wait

Health // August 24, 2021

Thank you Hashem! I wanted to make a doctor's appointment but there was a 3 month wait, so I scheduled it for Oct. I got a call yesterday that there was a cancellation and they could give me an appointment next week. I was really excited and right away said yes and canceled the October appnmt. When I told my husband, he reminded me that due to insurance issues it would be better to wait for the Oct. appt instead of next week. I called the Doctor's office back the next day and was told my old appointment is no longer available and that I would need to wait til January for another appointment. For whatever reason I don't understand, Hashem wants me to wait even longer. Thank you Hashem for r taking care of me and allowing me to thank you even when things don't always work out the way we want them to. TYH always!

Due to the hurricane my flight was canceled

Travel // August 24, 2021

We tend to thank Hashem when something gets better and not when something is bad. I was supposed to go to south Carolina in a few hours but due to the hurricane my flight was canceled. Unfortunately they don't have another flight today so we needed to cancel the vacation. Hopefully we can get back the money from the hotels and the return flight ticket. I Want to take the opportunity to thank Hashem I am sure it was in my best interest. Thank you Hashem😊 💓.

I had an important exam today that has to be taken under very strict guidelines

School // August 24, 2021

Thank You HaShem! I had an important exam today that has to be taken under very strict guidelines and is very expensive. Before the test, I tested my equipment multiple times to ensure there would be no glitch, as the test gives you only 12 minutes to log in and download the exam or else it is cancelled no refund. I opened my computer at the start time and tried to download the program but there was a host of issues. The clock kept ticking and I was getting exceedingly nervous that I had prepared and paid for nothing, and will need to forfeit my deposit. I begged Hashem for help as the seconds were ticking by and my computer was not working. I acknowledged that only he can help me with this potential disaster . BH ON THE MINUTE the program loaded and the test was saved. I was then able to take the exam BIH with no difficulty whatsoever!! Thank You HaShem!!!

The computer suddenly froze

Family // August 24, 2021

I was helping my sister to do something on the computer when the computer suddenly froze. Whatever button we pressed couldn't bring it to work. So my sister promised to say the tafilas toidu and I promised to publish it when the computer is going to start working again. A few hours later the computer bh started working again normally. Thank you Hashem!