3x Open Miracle from Hashem – Hashgacha Pratis

Household // April 18, 2023

  WOW Story! 3x Open Miracle from Hashem - Hashgacha Pratis I have to share this with you because it is such a WOW story and then not only happened once but 3x, 2 days in a row, Hashem saved me! I will never forget this ever, as Hashem is so amazing and so good to all of us, we only have to notice it more often, because every second is actually a miracle, but when you see something with your own eyes, you are more in awe and also LOVE HASHEM, TOO!! Fri. Jan 27/23 I was preparing my spinach for a salad, and is a special kind called Okinawa Spinach and has gorgeous leaves, purple on one side and green on the other with jagged edges and flat leaves, as well. I say all this because of what happened. I washed the leaves and didn't think anything of really having to check them so well for bugs because it is so easy to see the leaves and I put them in a lot of water. I cut up the leaves and all was just fine and when I finished I saw something on the cutting board and thought it was maybe an end piece that was cut off, but when I tried to pick it up it was soft and then I realized it was a green worm. Yishtabach Shemo! Hashem in His infinite chesed saved me from eating a worm and it was not a tiny one either. As well as I thought I had looked, I did not look well enough. I learned my lesson there, but it was still a BIG WOW moment for me. What if I didn't notice it and just put it in the salad? How could I possibly have missed it, I will never know? Now I wanted to put it outside, as I try not to kill any of Hashem's creatures, if I can help it. I took a piece of a spinach leaf and tried to get it on there and it retracted because it was scared and I talked to it and said I am only trying to take you outside and it finally agreed and I took it out on the leaf. I was so much b'simcha on what happened and couldn't thank Hashem enough!! Jan. 28/23 So you thought that was the end of the story, what happened yesterday and so did I, but I had another WOW story and is a double WOW! I was making a salad with dandelion greens which are flat leaves and very easy to see if anything is on there and this time, I checked very very carefully, before I washed them with water and then after. What happened before I washed them, as I was looking at the leaves, I saw a small snail on one of the leaves and I took it outside. WOW! Hashem saved me again! After that I had put the unwashed leaves I was going to use in a bowl and all of the sudden I saw a ladybug on the rim of the bowl, it wanted to fly away, but I wanted to quickly get it outside and went to the door and blew on it and it flew away. The 3rd WOW that Hashem saved me! Three OPEN MIRACLES in 2 days!! Baruch Hashem, I had the zechus to warrant that happening to me 3x and is unbelievable to say the least! Of course, please do be extra careful when checking your greens and don't think because the leaf is flat and easy to see it, that a bug can't find a way to hide in there, regardless.

A sterling silver plate & it was going to cost me a lot of money to replace.

Family // December 19, 2022

I had misplaced something that didn’t belong to me. A sterling silver plate & it was going to cost me a lot of money to replace. I looked everywhere it could possibly be and I kept thanking Hashem for all the times He helps me find lost things. I had one last random bag that the item could be in at my daughters house but I doubted it was in that bag. I called the owner and said that I am paying for it now because it’s just lost but he said don’t send me money yet, just look in that last bag. I thanked Hashem again and said I would thank Hashem in public if it’s found and called my daughter to look for it. THANK YOU HASHEM it was in that bag in her garage and it is now returned to the owner! BUT WAIT! Yet again today! My daughter put her new diamond earrings in her tichel when she slept by me last night and then forgot about then and wore the tichel home all the way from Jackson to Far Rockaway and only remembered about the earrings when she got home. We thanked Hashem for always helping us find things and when I got home just now, the earrings were on the floor in the bedroom. Thank You Hashem! And last bug not least, thank You Hashem for a very important event last night that I promised to publicly thank You for if it went well and it was fantastic. Thank You Hashem for everything You do for us!!!!

Waiting on a biopsy test result from a doctor for a week.

Health // November 24, 2022

My amazing husband was waiting on a biopsy test result from a doctor for a week. Many things that we read about his condition pointed to fact that his biopsy result could be positive because benign results in these cases were very rare. During that whole week I thanked Hashem for a half hour every day for my husband and our family and also thanking Hashem for my husband having to take these tests and the great doctors. I promised Hashem that if my husband gets the negative test result I will thank him publicly. After the one week passed my husband got his biopsy test results via email from the doctor stating that his biopsy was negative and it was benign. Thank you Hashem.

One day I felt despaired. I was lost. A horrible feeling followed me around constantly.

Family // October 26, 2022

One day I felt despaired. I was lost. A horrible feeling followed me around constantly. A friend of mine told me to write down on a paper " Thank you Hashem for providing me with so many good things. She encouraged me to Thank Hashem in advance for giving me good things. I wrote a list of all the things my heart desires. Such as Thank you Hashem for financial success. Although I didn't know where it would come from. I wrote all My hopes. My wishes. My dreams. I wrote it a while ago. From time to time I read it. I want to Thank Hashem for actualizing some of my dreams!!! Many hopes are in the process. I have seen change. We still have a way to go. We continue to Thank Hashem and add new hopes and yeshuos that we need. But today I'm here to Thank Hashem publicly for the miracles he performed in all aspects, when I felt despaired. I will bezras Hashem continue to Thank Hashem in advance for all the future miracles he will do bezras Hashem. Thank you Hashem for the past. Thank you Hashem for the present. Thank you Hashem for the future. Ein oid Milvado.

We had a wedding abroad

Travel // September 29, 2022

We had a wedding abroad, but due to covid it wasn't easy to get through the boarder. I promised to publicize if our car gets through without problems and b'h we got through with no issues what so ever!

After eight long months, with gratitude to Hashem and to all who supported and prayed for me during my trying times

Business // September 6, 2022

After eight long months, with gratitude to Hashem and to all who supported and prayed for me during my trying times, I finally found employment three weeks ago. It was an interesting interview, the first time I showed up for the interview the owner of the company was not present. I filed out a job application, left my resume and moved on. I was surprised to get a request to come for the second interview. When I showed up the owner of the company said "tell me about yourself," to which I replied, `` What would you like to know? He replied, you have impressed me so much, I want to hire you!!! Before I got a chance to say anything, his wife came into the office, and she asked him are you giving him a salary or hourly rate? He said a salary, then she turned to me and said, ``Good, now you can take your holidays and get the same pay. Friday you can work till 1pm so you have time to get home before Shabbat starts." Then the owner of the company asked me when would you like to start? I've never had an interview like this before, this kind of stuff you would only see in the movies. It had Yad Hashem written all over it. A clear miracle in my opinion. Thank you Hashem!!!!