געזאגט 100 מאל מזמור לתודה

Business // April 14, 2021

איך האב א חבר וואס איז לעצטענס געווארן א חתן און ער האט מיר דערציילט די מעשה ווי פאלגענד - זיין טאטע האט באקומען אפאר געדאנקען פאר שידוכים און ער איז געווען מורא'דיג צומישט פון אזוי .סך המצעות למעשה, ווען ס'איז געווען דאס יאר די גרויסע שניי אין מאנסי האט ער צאמגענומען אלע זיינע קינדער און געזאגט, אונז גייען יעצט זאגן 100 מאל מזמור לתודה אין זכות פון דעם זאל מיין חבר שנעל ווערן א חתן בקיצור, זיין טאטע האט געלייגט זיין פאון אין די זייט סתם עס צו טשארדזען ​ ווען מ'האט געהאלטן ביי די צוואנציגסטע מאל זאגן מזמור לתודה איז ער צוגעגאנגען צו זיין פאון, זעט ער א מיסט קאל פון מאנטריאל ער האט זיך געוואונדערט ווער עס קען זיין , ער רופט צוריק און ס'איז געווען א שדכן' טע, איבריג צו זאגן אז ביז אפאר טעג איז די שידוך געווען געשלאסן! דערציילט מיין חבר ווייטער אז זיין טאטע האט אפגעמאכט אז ער גייט עס דערציילן ברבים אין ביהמ"ד, א וואך שפעטער קומט צו א יונגערמאן און זאגט פאר זיין טאטע איך האב געזוכט א דזאב א לאנגע צייט און איך האב געהערט וואס דו האסט דערציילט האב איך מיך געזעצט מיט מיין ווייב זאגן 100 מאל מזמור לתודה א וואך שפעטער האב איך געהאט א דזאב

Went for a blood test

Health // April 12, 2021

I went to have a blood test test today and normally they have to to try about 3 times and on each arm to find a vein . Often the vein collapses and they have to start all over again. Today I thanked Hashem and said מזמור לתודה thank you Hashem the nurse got all the blood needed in the first try. I posted this a few weeks ago and today I had to have another test at a different clinic. Maybe the new nurse will not be able to take my blood so easily. Just before I was called in I prayed the tefilas Toda and although the nurse was worried when she couldn't see any veins BH she managed to draw the blood on the 1st time very quickly. Thank you Hashem

Tyh found a school

School // April 12, 2021

I read a gratitude story in your newsletter which prompted me to make the commitment to be grateful for the new school for one of my children before we even found one,  because he needed one Hashem would certainly provide it and to publicize my gratitude for the yeshua  when it happened.

B"H that child found a new school yesterday and will be starting the zman on time - Toda Hashem Toda!!

I was on the way to pick up the kids from school

School // April 7, 2021

Thank you Hashem! I was on the way to pick up the kids from school with my older daughter when the electric doors locked. I could not get them to open. I tried everything The locks didnt work , the electric keys didnt work and my daughter was beginning to panic especially as the kids were waiting to be collected. I was actually quite calm.. I said out loud " thank you ה' for all the times my car doors worked. I know I took it for granted that car doors should open when i need them to and please let them work and I'll post it on the group" within a second the doors unlocked automatically and we arrived in the playground just on time ... And yes I have learnt to be grateful when the car electrics work!!

A story of how my Yom tov ended up

Travel // April 7, 2021

A story of how my Yom tov ended up --------------------------- After Yom tov the first night of chal hamoed as soon as Yom tov ended i rushed out the door to get to my car which i wanted to use to pick up an autistic boy which i volunteer for so that he could have some fun after being cooped up at home for so many days when i get to my car i start the car i thought that the car is going to expload it made such a loud noise and the engine light went on i thought that the engine blew and that i was going to have to trash the car so i called the boys father and told him my situation and he said it's okay that i don't need to come and he will try to do something with his son but i felt bad and i decided to drive the car not nowing what's wrong with the car to his house praying to hashem that i don't get stuck B"H i got to his house safely when i got there his son was very excited i told the father i could take him with public transportation he said that i could use his car to drive him around to we're he wants to go so that's what i did and his son was very happy that everything worked out after i got back i droped off his son his father thanked me and i walked back to my car and the same thing happened when i started my car it made this extremely loud noise and the engine light went on i said to myself it's got to be the engine and that my car was totaled my car is 22 years old and i do lots of driving by volunteering and taking this autistic boy and other autistic kids to we're they want to go so they could be happy but i prayed to hashem that my car would be able to be fixed so that i can continue to do my voluntering work to make these kids happy and B"H i found a parking spot in front of my house and got home safely THANK YOU HASHEM the next morning i got to my car and the Same thing i start the car and that noise was unbearable but THANK YOU HASHEM i was able to make it to my mechanic without being towed the mechanic put my car up on his lift to check what's going on and that's when i got the shocking news that made my stomach turn upside down he told me that during Yom tov someone stole my entire muffler system and that this job was going to cost me $1,275.00 before taxes i said to myself why would someone want to steal a muffler system which was 22 years old which was curoted and rusted and was falling apart but then i said to myself THANK YOU HASHEM and let this be a Kapura maybe something bad was supposed to happen to me or to my family or maybe the tzura which I'm going through now is going to go away and good things will start happening to me now so i want to THANK HASHEM for providing me with the $1,275. 00 so that i could fix my car and not having to throw it in the garbage and that he helped me fix my car so that i can continue to volunteer and make these autistic children happy and bring them places to we're they want to go and have fun everything that is done to you is for a good reason and only good things will come out at the end.

Was traveling out of town

Travel // April 7, 2021

I was traveling out of town for Yom tov. The house where I was supposed to stay was only available from Friday but we really need it already from Thursday, I promised to thank hashem here if it becomes available on Thursday. After that, the guy called me up, the house is available on Thursday, a hug from hashem. Thank you hashem.