Last week I donated a large sum of money

Family // May 9, 2023

I would like to share this incredible TYH story; Last week I donated a large sum of money to a chusen and kallah from a broken family. I felt bad afterwards that maybe it was misappropriated funds. A few days later, I needed to make an expensive purchase to replace a medical device. There is a fairly fixed price for this type of machine and it’s generally not possible to receive any discount. When I went to the store, the owner was there. He said “I have made enough profit, you seem like a nice guy” he then proceeded to offer any model machine I chose for half price (a certain loss for his shop). The savings were almost exactly the amount I had given to charity. Thank you Hashem

I lost my wallet about 6 months ago in Jerusalem.

Family // May 4, 2023

I lost my wallet about 6 months ago in Jerusalem and today I got a phone call from a woman in Ramat Eshkol that she found it and has been trying to find a way to reach me. I went over and there it was my pink wallet with all my cards, my gym pass, some valuable documents and over 400₪ just sitting there just as it was before. The woman handed it over to me showing her kids that she was fulfilling the mitzvah of hashavas aveida, empowering the next generation with #WhatJewsDo!! I am thanking Hashem publicly for showing me He never forgets even the small things! May this be a source of chizuk and brucha!

It was night time (after 10 pm) and I was doing something

Family // April 18, 2023

Un-BEE-lieveable Mar 1/17 It was night time (after 10 pm) and I was doing something in the closet and "out of nowhere," something buzzed by my ear. I had no idea what it was, so I took out my eye glasses to look more carefully. It was a bee and I had no clue how it got inside and usually they are not around at night. I did not know what to do and it was flying around by the light that was on in the hallway, so it stayed in a small area, which was good. I kept trying to tell it to go near the door, which was close by, so I could let it out. Then I asked Hashem for help. There is a great tzaddik's name I decided to say, who I heard a story about using it for when you are dealing with a situation where you need protection and hoped that would help. I said it like this, "Eloka, de'Rabbi Meir (Bal Haness) Aneini!" What happened next was hard to bee-lieve. I had a shower rod that I use inside in that area for laundry and there were some hangers on there, at the time. The bee settled on one of the hangers and I simply lifted up the hanger, brought it to the door and let it outside. What was most amazing, is that it did not move off the hanger when I moved it. The whole time was taking the bee out on the hanger I kept saying, "Eloka, de'Rabbi Meir Aneini!" Yishtabach Shemo - Baruch Hashem, in the merit of Rabbi Meir Bal Haness! I wished I could have recorded this, because is was something le'ma'ala min ha'tevah that is really hard to fathom. Of course, that couldn't have been done, unless someone else was there with me. Mar 2/17 Next day Today, I saw something very strange and unusual right outside my door, that seemed to be attached to a crack in the stucco of the wall and I also never saw a crack in the stucco before. I was not sure what it was, so I went outside to look. It was a bee that was dead, but how did it get there? Was that the same bee I let out last night that was flying around by the light? I will never know for sure, as I let it out last night, but did not kill it. I took the dead one out of there and put it on the earth of the ground nearby. Thank You Hashem!


Family // April 18, 2023

The POWER of EIN OD MILVADO (1st hand account happened to me) On Jul 6/21 - When I got off the bus, someone passed by me on his bike and said excuse me. I walked away and then he said something and I do not know why I turned around and said, what. He asked my name and I just walked away. Then he started to follow me and was talking about what did he do, that I was not answering him. I said stop following me or will call the police and he used expletives. He continued to follow me, but was on the other side of the street and kept talking. Then I just decided to say Ein Od Milvado out loud and just like that he turned his bike around away from me, but not completely. I kept saying Ein Od Milvado loudly over and over again and eventually did not see him following me. Baruch Hashem — Yishtabach Shemo! Gam Zu LeTova! I never felt scared or threatened, but just realized that only Hashem can help and unless you actually go through something and say those words and see for yourself that it does work, you might not ever believe it and you just say it anyway. That is the amazing part!

Here is another amazing story, it is long and has many parts but amazing how Hashem works. 

Family // April 18, 2023

Here is another amazing story, it is long and has many parts but amazing how Hashem works. Thank You I have to give background information about this and you will understand why, as the story progresses. I got my 1st smartphone (yes, I still had the same flip phone for many years and would never had changed, if 3G was not phased out) on Jun 22/22. This story is long, but I like to give the details so you will understand and comprehend fully what really happened and WHO was behind it all!! Nine months to the day, Mar. 22/23 (like a woman who is in a pregnant state) I got a new smartphone. No, I am not one who changes phones just because the latest and the greatest is available, as I said above about having a flip phone. Now to the actual story of why I had to get a new phone. Ten days ago, I was walking back from food shopping and returned later than I planned and was already getting dark. I still have my Tehillim to read for the day, so I decided to use the flashlight on the smartphone. As I was walking it was not so well lit and at one point I tripped, not seeing the curb. The phone fell out of my hand and the screen cracked. I fell, too but always use my hands to protect my body. The phone has a case, but that only protected the back of the phone. I said Baruch Hashem! Gam Zu LeTova! Better the phone than me! Baruch Hashem, I was only a bit sore and slightly bruised, but, Baruch Hashem was able to continue walking and still had a way to go. I didn't blame it on the dimly light street because tevah/nature has nothing to do with it. Hashem was the one who did it and orchestrates everything! Better than car accidents and hospitals, chas v'shalom! That night when I got back, I went on the T-Mobile website (that is the phone carrier) and chatted with a representative and explained the situation. She was very nice, from the Philippines and said it is still on warranty because less than a year and can send me the same one as a new replacement phone to the local T-Mobile store for me to pick up. I was thrilled that it all worked out in the end. Baruch Hashem - Yishtabach Shemo! The story doesn't end there. I then got an email from T-Mobile telling me thanks for your order and some information about transferring data from old to new phone and also that they do a check on the phone when return it to make sure can get the replacement and said if it the screen is cracked then can't get it. I was confused because the representative I chatted with said I would get the new phone. The next day, I chatted with another nice lady in the Philippines and she told me that I was correct and since the 1st representative approved the exchange there would be no problem. I was happy to hear and then gave my feedback that they ought to not send the standard format email the way they did regarding exchange of phone, if that was the case. I thought that was the end of the story or maybe you thought so, too. Think Again! Lo and behold, I get notified on Fri. that the phone arrived to the store and had till beginning of next month to get it. My plan was to go on Sun., BeEzrat Hashem to pick the new one up and exchange the one have now. I got to the store on Sun. afternoon and spoke with an employee and he saw the phone and the cracked screen and I told him that that I chatted with 2 representatives from T-Mobile and said was under warranty and could exchange the phone. He told me they have to do a check and answer questions as to whether I am qualified to get it. He told me I was not because of the screen, but just to be sure he discussed with his manager and then came over to tell me that the warranty doesn't cover that, even though I was told otherwise. They gave me back the phone and I left. The story continues.... I said - They don't run the world! Hashem does and is a Kol Yachol and I'm going to get a new phone anyway! I called T-Mobile and spoke with aonther very nice lady, Mei in the Philippines. We were on the phone for about an hour to get this matter resolved. She did order me the same new replacement phone and only had to pay a small warranty fee. It took so long because was trying to figure out where to have it delivered because they ship via UPS and where I live they don't have access to the building and if you aren't there they would have to leave a delivery notice and you don't know the exact time they will be there. I was going to send it to a home address, but they would have to get the name of the person there and they would have to be there to sign for it. In the end decided would be best to have it sent to the address where I am and BeEzrat Hashem will get it. The story continues.... I got an email that the product was going to be shipped in the next day or so and ought to arrive by Mar. 22nd. I got a tracking number for it once it was shipped and monitored it for delivery. The day came for delivery and it had arrived to the facility for processing before delivery. I looked on the tracking and it said you can request to change the destination package will go to. I already had in my UPS online account to have all packages redirected to the local UPS store because would be easy to pick up from there, but I didn't see any way on the site to do that for this delivery. I called UPS and the person spoke to told me that T-Mobile was not allowing any other option for delivery, due to the nature of the item and couldn't even have it sent to the local store, etc. The only option was to the residence that I told the T-Mobile representative to ship to. UPS would make 3 attempts to deliver the item. He told me that the item is going to be out for delivery between 11:45 am to 3:45 pm. He also said could have UPS send automatic text updates to my phone as to the delivery, as well and he told me that I would get them. By the way, that never happened, not even 1 time did I get a text message. It was about 10 am now and I figured if I will have to wait by the front door of the building for up to 4 hours for the package to arrive, I better be all ready and bring down some things to study or pray for the time to go by because don't want to risk by leaving and then will miss the UPS driver. I kept refreshing the UPS tracking online on my account to see if was out for delivery yet, as still kept saying, preparing for delivery. It was odd because of what the person from UPS told me as to the time frame was due to be delivered. Now it was past 11:45 am and still didn't say on the tracking that was out for delivery. So odd! I still kept refreshing the page and nothing changed. I decided to go ahead and have my lunch and then check back frequently, so could go downstairs when I see it says is out for delivery, but that never happened! So what did happen??? I signed up to receive email notification (they don't show a text message option for notification on my account on their website, so don't know why the person on the phne told me that can receive that) when the package was delivered. They don't give the frequent updates when expecting a package, like the post office does and I wish they would. I got an email at 12:38 pm that said package was delivered. I was dumbfounded and confused! How is that possible, if I wasn't there to retrieve it. Someone from the office got it??? I quickly got myself downstairs to see what happened. As I came down and was waiting at the front desk, I saw the man who delivers the mail to the tenants (it all comes in a central box and then is distributed) and he said, I will be with you shortly, I can't talk now and he went outside. I was so anxious to know, but had to be patient and wait for him to come back. It was about 5 minutes or so, but seemed like forever. When he finally came back in, I asked him and said he was around and UPS just gave him the package. He didn't have to sign for it. He said there was an incident in the parking lot where 2 cars hit each other head on and he had to make sure information exchanged. I am unsure how the 2 are related, but because he was in the area and must have seen the driver, was able to get my package. Hashem put all these pieces into play and changed everything around, so that I would be able to get the phone and not have to wait and not have to wonder if will be there to get it or not. Also, they would only have made 3 delivery attempts and not be able to send to another location for retrieval. I said to the man that it was a G-d send that you were around because the UPS driver have no access to the building. HOW AMAZING IS HASHEM - NO WORDS/PRAISE ARE SUFFICIENT TO EXPRESS THE IMMENSE GRATITUDE FOR THE INFINITE KINDNESSES WE RECEIVE EVERY SECOND OF OUR LIVES!!! CHASDEI HASHEM - KEY LO TAMU RACHAMAV!

3x Open Miracle from Hashem – Hashgacha Pratis

Household // April 18, 2023

  WOW Story! 3x Open Miracle from Hashem - Hashgacha Pratis I have to share this with you because it is such a WOW story and then not only happened once but 3x, 2 days in a row, Hashem saved me! I will never forget this ever, as Hashem is so amazing and so good to all of us, we only have to notice it more often, because every second is actually a miracle, but when you see something with your own eyes, you are more in awe and also LOVE HASHEM, TOO!! Fri. Jan 27/23 I was preparing my spinach for a salad, and is a special kind called Okinawa Spinach and has gorgeous leaves, purple on one side and green on the other with jagged edges and flat leaves, as well. I say all this because of what happened. I washed the leaves and didn't think anything of really having to check them so well for bugs because it is so easy to see the leaves and I put them in a lot of water. I cut up the leaves and all was just fine and when I finished I saw something on the cutting board and thought it was maybe an end piece that was cut off, but when I tried to pick it up it was soft and then I realized it was a green worm. Yishtabach Shemo! Hashem in His infinite chesed saved me from eating a worm and it was not a tiny one either. As well as I thought I had looked, I did not look well enough. I learned my lesson there, but it was still a BIG WOW moment for me. What if I didn't notice it and just put it in the salad? How could I possibly have missed it, I will never know? Now I wanted to put it outside, as I try not to kill any of Hashem's creatures, if I can help it. I took a piece of a spinach leaf and tried to get it on there and it retracted because it was scared and I talked to it and said I am only trying to take you outside and it finally agreed and I took it out on the leaf. I was so much b'simcha on what happened and couldn't thank Hashem enough!! Jan. 28/23 So you thought that was the end of the story, what happened yesterday and so did I, but I had another WOW story and is a double WOW! I was making a salad with dandelion greens which are flat leaves and very easy to see if anything is on there and this time, I checked very very carefully, before I washed them with water and then after. What happened before I washed them, as I was looking at the leaves, I saw a small snail on one of the leaves and I took it outside. WOW! Hashem saved me again! After that I had put the unwashed leaves I was going to use in a bowl and all of the sudden I saw a ladybug on the rim of the bowl, it wanted to fly away, but I wanted to quickly get it outside and went to the door and blew on it and it flew away. The 3rd WOW that Hashem saved me! Three OPEN MIRACLES in 2 days!! Baruch Hashem, I had the zechus to warrant that happening to me 3x and is unbelievable to say the least! Of course, please do be extra careful when checking your greens and don't think because the leaf is flat and easy to see it, that a bug can't find a way to hide in there, regardless.