Missed the school bus

School // January 3, 2021

My daughter refuses to go to school with the bus. For me it’s a bit hard cause now in the winter with the big snow it’s hard to walk. In the morning I thanked hashem that my daughter will be happy to go with the bus to school and she won’t miss it I kept on thanking hashem that she didn’t miss her bus that day she asked me that I should help her get ready on time cause she wants to go with the bus. Tyh tyh she did not miss her bus and she bh went to school happy.  

Got a great job offer

Business // November 12, 2020

My story is as follows, I teach english for the last 3 years and i love the job, which made it pretty difficult to find another job, with hours that'll have room for 2 hours of English... I looked for a job for almost a year now! [I was offered to manage the school where i teach, but that offer was being pushed off] Last week i saw a group which makes people aware of giving ma'aser, i thought to myself it's been a really long time since i gave ma'aser! I took upon myself that I'll do the Atime shas a thon, and give my ma'aser to those struggling to have children. *It wasn't even a day that passed, and i get a call from the school saying that the previous Manager has left his position... TYH I have a great job, well paid, and a great environment! [And I'm still teaching]* Tateh we love you!

We are publicly thanking Hashem for showing his grace and love to our son who’s now the first time learning in Israel.

School // November 12, 2020

We are publicly thanking Hashem for showing his grace and love to our son who's now the first time learning in Israel. As we had a phone conversation while he finished his first Grocery shopping, headed back to his dorm, he's telling us about the ongoing protest in Jerusalem as we spoke on his way back. Suddenly we hear him say I'm just a bystander I did not do anything why are you arresting me.. TYH those wretched hours passed, us knowing literally no one in Israel, but got as a _by the way,,_ a name, number for this great עסקן for any emergencies, we where in touch with this amazing guy, who involved the right messenger from Hashem. Our son was out in no time bh. TYH for being there for our son, and for us. We also thank you Hashem for saving us from extra headaches that this could have brought us. *Thank you Hashem Always*

Tyh for good teachers

School // November 2, 2020

Thank you Hashem for giving me such amazing teachers!! Every class is full of life lessons and even if you ask a question completely unrelated to the topic, they are so happy to answer and explain it to you. Thank you!!

Studied hard for a test

School // October 19, 2020

My sister had to study for a test. She studied for quiet a while and still had some words she couldn’t memorise. I told her to say the tafilas toida and she’ll remember all the words and how to spell it. she told me the tafila is too long me to say, but kapital ק is not long and she’ll say it. when she came home from school I asked her how it went. she told me she had two words that for no money she couldn’t remember how to spell it. she remembered that she promised that she’ll say kapital ק that it she should remember all the spelling. she started saying it and she was amazed how she started writing the word and she was able to make it. tyh

Bh I’m in a yeshiva

School // October 18, 2020

I would like to share a story with you thst has been going on for 3 yrs and now it's finally over.. Please read I'm 17 yrs old and when I was 14 I was in a highschool that i did not want to be in but unfortunately I had to since the yeshivas I wanted to go to didn't accept me.. And even though I had fun in my highschool I still knew that I wasn't supposed to be here and that I wanted to be in a yeshivah where the students wanted to learn seriously.. And since I live in New York I need to take certain state tests so that I'm able to graduate and the prob was that it was very hard for me and so when u was in 9th grade I took one test (out of 5) and baruch hashem I passed it then in 10th grade I took 2 tests and only failed one of them and was very sad and upset b/c I prayed to hashem that if he let's me pass all my regents I'll be able to go to a good yeshivah but now I need to retake it next year when I'm in 11th grade which is my last year (they had no 12th) which was this year which means I was supposed to take 3 tests this year for which I was not prepared at all but b/c covid I passed all of my tests without lifting a pen.. So obviously now I'm super happy b/c I'm able to go to yeshivah and so now one of my friends suggested that I should go to his yeshivah and so I took the interview and the thing was,was that I got rejected and not only that but it was the last week of August when most yeshivas start.. So I was very sad and upset that I didn't get accepted to the yeshivah my friend was in b/c I waited for 3 yrs to go to yeshivah but then my brother suggested thst I go to a certain yeshivah and baruch hashem I'm happy to say that not only am I happy for not being accepted to the yeshivah that my friend is in but the fact I'm accepted to a even better yeshivah which I'll be starting this Monday.. And I just want to say thank you so much hashem for all that you've done to me and if you know anyone thats in similar position I was in send them this story b/c for 3 yrs i was in a place i didn't want to be and not only that i still had to take those hard tests to graduate and not only that I was also rejected by the yeshivah I really wanted to go to but now I see it was all the kindness of hashem .. THANK YOU HASHEM!!!

Started again to say Tafilas toida and saw a big change

School // October 15, 2020

My daughter was struggling terribly with some neighbors on the block. She was being bullied a whole day! I really didn't know what to do! Then I realized because I had gone off WhatsApp I stopped saying the tefillah todah and thanking hashem publicly!!! I quickly looked for the tefilla and started saying it and then promised to thank hashem publicly if things would get better! Thank you hashem!!!!!! That day I saw a change!!! There's no denying it thanking hashem really really helps!

Accepted the id’s

School // September 24, 2020

Thank you Hashem! My daughter has been trying to get an appointment for a permit Test. After many tries she finally went today, but they said she was short with one point of ID. She had taken everything she has. I told her we would publicly Thank Hashem when all works out. She called me 2 min later that a supervisor said that she would override the one point needed and she can go ahead to take the test! Thank you Hashem for making it all work out today so she wouldn't need to travel 2 hrs each way again!!

Tyh for giving me a husband that cared for his family…

School // September 15, 2020

Thank you HaShem for giving me a husband who cares for his family and for keeping him and all of us healthy and safe from all car accidents and calamities. Thank you for the miracle of changing my teenager’s son mind and now he is homeschooled. Thank you for the miracle of having my two kids doing homeschool and learning the power of thanking you because now we have more time to sit and read together Your Tehillim and read Tefilas Todah together

You never cease to amaze me!

School // September 6, 2020

Thank you Hashem! You never cease to amaze me! I'm so thankful for all the "little things " you do for us!!!! My daughter was supposed to get a certain certificate from her school, but they said we needed to pay the tuition balance before they sent it out. Right now we don't have an extra dime, we're living day to day. My daughter kept asking us, why hasn't it come, please call the office Mom.... I didn't have the heart to tell her what the issue was. She really wanted that certificate. I kept thinking to myself, for sure theres no way to get it for her, since we don't have the money to pay them , I was so so sad. Today the certificate came in the mail, I opened it and couldn't believe my eyes!! I had tears in my eyes and kept thanking Hashem over and over again! Thank you Hashem so much for always being there for us! Hashem please bentch this amazing secretary who sent it to us!!!!

Our daughter started kindergarten today

Health // September 3, 2020

Today three years ago, we were stuck in the hospital with our daughter hooked up to machines. Every time the machine beeped we jumped up to see what's now. הודו לשכי טוב כי לעולם חסדו today was her first day of kindergarten. THANK YOU HASHEM

I owed almost 10k for tuition

School // September 1, 2020

THANK YOU HASHEM!!! I owed tuition close to $10k the administrator said it must be paid up before signing contract for the coming year I mamash didn’t know what to do. I told my son how much money I need to pay up the school he made one phone call and the money came BH. LETS KEEP ON DAVENING AND WE WILL ALWAYS SEE YAD HASHEM

Got the whole money to pay tuition

School // September 1, 2020

THANK YOU HASHEM!!! I owed tuition close to $10k the administrator said it must be paid up before signing contract for the coming year I mamash didn’t know what to do. I told my son how much money I need to pay up the school he made one phone call and the money came BH. LETS KEEP ON DAVENING AND WE WILL ALWAYS SEE YAD HASHEM

My son got accepted in yeshiva!

School // August 23, 2020

I recieved the tefilas toidah from a friend at a time when I desperately needed Hashems help. I figured I'll give it a try since I tried everything else I could think of. I was skeptical at first if this would help and about 1 week into saying it, someone suggested a solution to my problem. I didn't know how I was going to make that idea work and put it in the back of my mind. About 3 weeks into saying it I thought of asking my brother to help and before shabbos my brother called to tell me he's really making headway. On a different subject I had another big problem going on and I had no idea how to fix that. I cried to Hashem that there are three partners in raising a child and since my hands are tied I'm relying on him to help me. This was months ago and bh bh bh this past week Hashem answered my prayers in the knick of time and got my son into a great yeshivah! The yeshivah we originally wanted, which was hesitant to accept my son, just told us my son is accepted and can start the zman. I am soo grateful to Hashem for answering my prayers. I also want to encourage everyone to say the tefillois toidah and iyh they will also see open miracles

מה רבו מעשיך השם

School // August 21, 2020

מה רבו מעשיך ה׳ I had a place at college and was looking forward to starting. To my shock and disappointment one morning my lecturer wrote to say wouldn’t be able to serve as my tutor in the coming year. This threw my whole degree and future into uncertainty. I was angry and petrified. ‘How could this be happening?’, I thought... Several months later I managed to find an even better tutor for the degree who will help me even more in my career! I am so glad and grateful to Hashem for orchestrating this! Thank You H-Shem my Father and King! We sometimes don’t understand the wonderful mystery of Your ways but You always do the very best for us. Thank You HaShem! הודו לה׳ כי טוב כי לעולם חסדו

tyh for saving us of not getting a ticket

School // August 6, 2020

Our day camp rented a private pool to swim in a non jewish area. Due to the virus its not legal to go to swim with a big crowd. We were about 60 girls in the pool and the neighbors from the owner of the pool where very mad that we swam there, they called police. Our heads were very nervous cause they would get a big ticket. All of the sudden we hear sirens coming our direction. one girl jumped out of the pool and said: "Let's all say together the tefilas toida and you'll all see a big miracle, and if the police goes away and we won't get a ticket I promise to post it in public" and everyone together said the tafilas toida. 3 minutes later they tell the owner from the pool: "sorry for disturbing we had a wrong address" and all police and sirens were gone. and we were able to swim. Thank you Hashem!