I had strong pain

Health // September 5, 2023

I had strong pain and my doctor who usually is not an alarmist, very concerned and worried. I naturally, got anxious, and worried too. I read Rabbi Ashear's Emunah book, most nights, and my husband needed to remind me how I have to think and what I should be saying. I listened and kept on repeating, "I am in Your Hands, Hashem! You love me and know what is good for me! I accept whatever you know is good for me. Please Hashem, let everything turn out o.k.". I also said if everything does come out o.k., I will publicly thank Hashem. I took blood tests and had a sonogram and Boruch Hashem, everything came out o.k! THANK YOU HASHEM again and again and again!

The story goes back 1 year ago.

Travel // August 22, 2023

Thank you Hashem!!! The story goes back 1 year ago. On a summer night I was driving with my wife from Brooklyn to NJ for a family simcha late at night in the dark on my way back I was approaching an intersection that I needed to turn left on to the highway, (I was driving with Waze that doesn’t show the numbers of lanes), what I didn’t realize is, that the turn was into an eight (8) lane – two (2) way traffic, so I turned onto the third and fourth lane being sure that I am driving on the good lane, all of a sudden I saw cars coming in front of my face, then is when i realized that I’m driving on the oncoming traffic. I quickly pulled over onto the shoulder to wait for the traffic to pass, the car coming towards me realized that I have made a wrong turn so he stopped on the road to allow me to make a U-turn on the high way. Thank you hashem!!! For saving me and my family from a serious danger. The highway didn’t have as many cars driving so that the car driving toward me had enough time to see me and stop to allow me to make the turn around. Thank you Hashem!!! Thank you Hashem!!! Thank you Hashem!!!

was waiting for my clients wire transfer

Business // July 12, 2023

I was waiting for my clients wire transfer to arrive. I promised Hashem i would Thank him publicially when it was received. The wire showed up on Monday. Thank you Hashem. B'H

was seriously injured

Health // July 12, 2023

I was in an Uber and was rear ended by a heavy duty cement truck. I was seriously injured. thank you Hashem. B'H

My wife was experiencing strong pain

Health // July 12, 2023

My wife was experiencing strong pain in the breast area, and we were nervous about the cause. The doctor checked us out and said it's muscle pain but sent us for a sonogram to be on the safe side. Thankfully, it all came back negative. She is safe, sound, and healthy. Thank you, Hashem, for giving us a healthy wife and mother for our kids.The relief we felt was overwhelming, and we were filled with gratitude. We were grateful for the expertise and care provided by the medical professionals and the advanced technology that helped us find answers. Above all, we want to publicly expressed our thanks to Hashem for protecting the health of our loved ones. The Gift of Health: Having a healthy wife and mother for our children is a precious gift. We cherish each day and are grateful that our children can continue to experience their mother's love and care without worry.#TYH