Tafilin wasn’t damaged from fire

December 3rd, 2021

Our personal נס חנוכה!!

On the 6th day of חנוכה last year, my son Avrohom was headed home from yeshiva. While walking home, he stumbled upon a man outside Felder’s shul who asked him to join as the 10th for a minyan of maariv.
Since he had not yet davened, he was glad to join. The following morning as Avrohom got ready to leave for yeshiva, he noticed his תפלין was missing. He started to process previous night’s events as he searched for the תפלין and remembered about the incident in which occurred last night.
He davened at Felder’s Shul. He anxiously rushed to reclaim his תפלין and noticed flashing lights and clouds of smoke directed towards Felder’s shul. As he approached the scene, firefighters were battling the large flames while dealing with the heavy smoke. The shul, sadly, was burning down right in front of his eyes. It was self-understood that the הייליגע תפלין and all the sacred Sifrei Torahs of the shul was now burnt to ash. He thanked Hashem for everything He had done for him. And that he was safe b”h. With the sad news, Avrohom then reached out to his father, who immediately ordered a brand new pair of beautiful תפלין.

On Thursday, October 7th, 2021, I received a phone call from an anonymous number. The conversation discussed the steps towards rebuilding the Felder’s Shul. It has begun with the building being demolished. Then, the search team started the recovery of any retrievable items. Miraculously, my son’s תפלין was found under the debris, that had fallen during the fire, which kept the תפלין in excellent condition. The news was extremely unexpected but filled our family with joy.
I called my son home from yeshiva to come celebrate our miracle, he then took his tefillin right over to our סופר. This ערב חנוכה we got the good news our תפלין is in perfect condition


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