Thank You Hashem – Week 68

-This morning I went to get a coffee in my Shul and usually I would wait to drink until I would have someone to say Amen to my Beracha once I had already walked into the Midrash.   I filled up my cup too high and couldn’t walk with it so instead Hashem brought someone to me at that very second because I was being stringent on not saying my Beracha Yacheed.  Thank you Hashem.

-Thank you Hashem for my wonderful daughter , I came home from work and saw she was unhappy and something was bothering her, it turned out she borrowed her older sisters camera and somehow lost the battery in a bunch of leaves in the park. I saw she was upset and I told her don’t worry accidents happen and I quickly went on my phone and showed her that I can order a new one right now for $4.50 , I put the order in and she disappeared, she went upstairs and came back with her hello kitty wallet taking out folded up dollar bills and laying them on the couch so she can pay for the loss with her own money. I tried telling her don’t worry about it, i will pay but she refused,she continued to unpeal her folded up dollar bills to pay for the battery.Thank you Hashem for my daughter following on the path of the Torah and Thank you Hashem for the purity of our sweet children , something we should learn from.

-my cousin had a grandson-mabrook

-was just driving on the Belt Parkway and out of nowhere a car shoots out of the right lane because he was about to crash so he did not bother to look and almost smashed right into me, it is a miracle that he did not hit me and that my brakes reacted the way they did and were able to avoid a collision , i still can not believe we didn’t crash, thank you so much Hashem for protecting me and thank you for this app that made it so easy for me to submit this right after it happened on the go , I want to add that the car that almost hit me got off at the same exit as me which was the very next exit and I said I am going to work on my anger and not snap and when he apologizes I will just motion that it is ok, we get off the exit and are side by side at the red light and the goy doesn’t even have the decency to acknowledge what he did and say he is sorry- a Jew would never behave that way- Thank you Hashem for not making me a goy.

-Last week I needed to go to Chicago on a business trip.  The fares were high and not really affordable. I put the trip on hold. The next day, I saw that I had a credit card bill due and for the first time I decided to pay it on line. When I logged in I saw that I had almost 50,000 reward miles that I never knew about. I clicked on Redeem now and I was able to book my flight to Chicago with those surprise miles. No added cost.  Thank You Hashem. When I landed in Chicago I rented a car late at night and was driving into town when I saw flashing lights pulling me over. The policeman said I was speeding. I explained that I just landed and I was not familiar with the speed limits. He took my license and my rental contract and went into his car. I looked up and asked Hashem to put mercy into the officer’s mind and to have him give me a break. The officer came back to my window and said “I’m not going to give you a ticket this time but please drive slower” I looked right at the officer and said “Thank You Hashem”.



-Bar misva this past shabbat , a great great simcha

-A little story about Emunah and Bitachon that happened with me today. I’m in my brother’s office this week because he went out of town.My brother has a wholesale frames business. I got a call from a customer. She says she ordered a frame last week, where is it? I called my brother, he’s pretty sure that he shipped it. I can’t find any record of it being shipped.Here is the issue. That frame is not in stock anymore. It’s almost impossible to get that frame now.I try to figure out what to do and where I can search for it and I’m Davening that I’ll be able to find one and send it out tomorrow sometime.I found a huge box full of assorted frames in a big jumble. I say the Tefillah, אמר ר’ בנימין.  I go through the box slowly and BeChasdei Hashem I found the frame I was looking for. After packing it up and putting a shipping label on the box, I think to myself where am I going to find a UPS truck?? I Davened that the Ribonoi Shel Oilam should help me.I go outside and on the next block is a parked UPS truck. I quickly walk over to the UPS truck and the driver isn’t there. I start getting nervous, what do I do? Do I leave it on the truck and go back to the store? Can’t risk to have it Chas Veshalom stolen. So I start waiting for the driver to return. Time is passing by. I say a prayer that the Eibershter should send the driver back to his truck. A couple of minutes go by and Baruch Hashem he came.That’s my story today.

-BH my daughter had a beautiful baby boy. All are healthy and well BH!

-Thank you Hashem for pointing me in the right direction and somehow getting me to go to a new shiur I have been attending and loving.

-Thank you Hashem for the Rosh Yeshiva , remembering him on the Yarzheit- Harav Nosson Tzvi Finkel zs’l , there is so much we can learn from him on all areas of being a good Jew.

-Thank you Hashem for my wifes delicous chali and Thank you Hashem for the awesome smell of the challot you let us enjoy that helps us look forward to our shabbat seudah.

-was thinking to call a friend of mine that moved to Israel some years back to say hello and was driving in the car and got sidetracked with the everyday hustle bustle and totally forgot about the thought. All of a sudden I pull up to the corner at a stop sign and I see this friends mother standing on the corner looking right at me! Thank you Hashem for the reminder, keep in mind I have not seen his mother in many years and Hashem chose this exact moment especially for me to remind me to do the misvah and call an old friend up and give a shalom aleichem!

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