Thank You Hashem – Week 230

  • My friend is here from Israel, he has a great organization that feeds over 2,200 families for the holidays. He is a real baal chesed and does things lishaim shamayim. I was on the phone with him and he tells me how he went to do Bikur Cholim for someone yesterday in a Hospital in New York City. This alone was a big mesirut nefesh as he traveled from Lakewood to Deal to NYC for this. He said the brother of the man he was visiting was very touched by the visit and hands him five hundred dollars. He says what’s this? He says this is for your organization. You did such a great misvah by coming here for bikur Holim I would like to give you a donation. He said he put the money back in the man’s hand and said thank you so much I really appreciate it but I am here for the misvah of Bikur Holim, I did not come here so you can give me a donation. If you want to participate of course you can be part of it, you can call me and I will be happy to come over and pick up a check but I do not want to minimize this misvah of Bikur Holim. I do not want to put a price tag on it, I am here 100 percent to see your brother. The man could not believe his ears. To me this is a kidush Hashem. We should all learn to do things with the right intentions like this sadik.
  • My 18-month-old son was having bad stomach virus issues. This was going on for 3 days already and we were getting worried. We waited another day and then we went to the Radiologist. They did several sonograms and told us to wait in the waiting room and do not leave. They finally come out and tell us he has stomach Intussusception – which means that one of your intestines has folded over and he may need a certain air type of procedure right away. We send the info over to the pediatrician and head over there right away. We get there and he says this procedure will not work, I looked at the pictures and you need surgery right away. I called Columbia Hospital and have the number 1 surgeon in this field with his team ready for you. Go there right away. Rush to the hospital. On the way I call my Rabbi and tell him what is going on and he says his daughter had the same thing and mentions the air type procedure. I tell him they said it won’t work. He said to Tell them to try it. Now I am thinking I have the number one surgeon waiting for me to do this surgery, how can I tell him do me a favor let’s wait I want to try this procedure? I didn’t want to lose this surgeon. We get to the emergency room and register. The baby is crying in pain. I ask to please send us to the surgeon right away and they tell me he is not here that he is at a conference. The person from his team on his own says let’s try the air procedure and see what happens. They hook him up to the monitoring machines and Baruch Hashem it worked!! We did not have to do the surgery. Hashem planned out that the Surgeon that was supposedly waiting for us not be there, opening the window for us to do this procedure. The baby is doing great Baruch Hashem. We also experienced another siyata dishmaya. They had a very difficult time getting the IV into my son but finally got it. We were going up on the elevator and my wife notices my sons hand blowing up- she quickly ripped off the tape-the worker saw what was going on and pulled out the IV. It was not going into his vein, it was not in properly and it was causing his hand to blow up Baruch Hashem we caught this. Thank you, Hashem, for always watching over us.
  • For a few days I had several personal challenges that made it very hard to have Bitachon.  It was quite a struggle to remember that Hashem gives us troubles to make us stronger.  But, knowing that I am only human, Hashem gave me the space to work things out.  When I was ready to calm down and really look at the situation, Hashem was there waiting for me.  Thanks Hashem for not giving up on me even when I was not at my best.
  • Thank you, Hashem, for the excitement of Rosh Chodesh Adar and the great Mazal that accompanies it.
  • Thank you, Hashem, for letting me go to work at a job that I enjoy.
  • thank you, Hashem, for protecting our home. The back door was open all night and day thank you!’
  • Last night, 10:30pm I went to purchase some food for my son and nephew in Yeshiva, who claim they’re starving! After the cashier rang up my balance, I was ready to pay but his computer froze. I needed to catch the Rebbi taking the package when it was still an earthly hour and it was getting late. After a few minutes of the cashier tapping keys with nothing happening in return, my teenage daughter who came along to make it go faster (but really wanted to finish studying and go to bed) let out a huff and said, “oh no! this is crazy!” I replied, “no, I thank Hashem for this tremendously! I’d much rather be in a lit, warm supermarket with ppl all around if I needed a late night, rather than be stuck out on the road with a flat tire in the dark and cold! (and no cell phone, since it fell down a drain by a parking spot a short while ago) As soon as I completed my thought the cashier’s tap on the key worked and he processed the payment! I was out of the store less than a minute later and made it to the Rebbi on time! my daughter left the store with her mouth hanging open
  • My 5-yr. old daughter said today thank you Hashem that my headband was sticking out of the ball pit so it didn’t get lost!
  • Thank you H-shem last week you gave me a great and wonderful gift to celebrate the Pidyon of my grandson that B”H has the same name as me.  May You always give my wife and me and my whole family more semachot. He should live healthy, happy, with Ahavat H-shem and Yirat Shamayim.
  • Thank You H-shem tonight is my birthday thank you for all the years you have given me together with my family.  May you let me live till 120 years healthy.
  • Thank you for these inspiring emails that help us remember Hashem and appreciate our blessings.

Thank You Hashem – Week 137

  • An important feature on my office telephone system stopped working. I went and I bought the component that needed to be replaced. As I was putting the new one in I saw the wire needed to be tinkered with, got an idea to pull out the new component and put the broken one back in and jingle the wire and see what happens. Sure enough it worked and I was able to return the new part and get a refund. Thank you Hashem.-Hashem was listening to my request which seemed so tiny and yet it was fulfilled pretty soon after I davened for it. I asked to see Debbie my school friend. We had the good fortune of this encounter today. I am so grateful to Hashem. Thank you. This was a very important meeting. I just know. thank you. thank you Hashem
  • I forgot to move my car for alternate side parking and I did not get a ticket. Thank you Hashem
  • Thank you Hashem for allowing me to be at the wedding of my daughter to the most wonderful chattan a person can ask for. Enjoying every moment of the Charlie horse following the wedding, was thinking to put some Bengay on but said I rather feel the Charlie horse as a reminder of the greatness of Hashem for allowing me the chesed of being able to dance all night by my daughters wedding. Thank you Hashem I love you and I know you love all of us.
  • Thank you Hashem once again that I am not even remotely tempted to go on any of these pesach trips that we keep getting bombarded with. Nothing like the Olam Haba feeling at our dining room table enjoying our seder with the ones I love most.
  • Thank you Hashem for the amazing weather this winter.
  • Thank you Hashem for my eyes in which to see the beautiful world and for my spiritual eyes in which to see you!
  • Baruch Hashem, my friend has become a father for the first time after 18 years of Marriage! Hodu La Hashem kitov ki liolam chasdo. Mabruk
  • I went to the airport to catch a flight and was running a bit late. Wisking thru the traffic, somehow I got there exactly one hour before the flight and was going to be able to board my flight. Or so I thought, I got to the check in and they tell me that I can not get on the flight, that the boarding is booked. I started to get angry but was trying to hold it in , I politely say that I am here on time how can it be that you will not let me on the flight. She says for some reason her computer is closed and does not allow any more activity for this flight. I caught myself from getting upset and said Hashem I accept it gam zu litovah, I ask if she can put me on another flight. She steps away and comes back with a big smile. She tells me that the flight I was shceduled for has an issue and will be delayed for a long time and that she was able to put me on a flight leaving in 20 minutes. She continues and says that had I been 2 or 3 minutes earlier I would have been checked in to the original flight and stuck with the delay but now I will be leaving 40 minutes earlier than my scheduled flight and as a perk she even sent my luggage on the ground to my new flight. Thank you Hashem for the traffic and for helping me to not get angry.
  • For some reason I ended up in Lakewood and found myself in the Bagel store. All of a sudden I get a tap on my shoulder and it is a friend that just happened to be in Lakewood visiting from abroad. I have not seen him for a very long time and some how Hashem pushed the buttons and put both of us here at this moment when neither one of us lives in Lakewood.
  • I prayed at a shul I do not regularly attend and picked up a divrei Torah to read. It is amazing how these words were exactly what I needed to read about at that given moment in my life. I folded the paper up and kept it with me so I can read it over and over again and work on myself. Thank you Hashem , I believe this was a message straight from you.
  • Visiting a friend in the hospital I was able to be reminded of all the wonderful chesed that is done by klal Yisrael. The visiting, the packages , the food you name it. It is very inspiring and made me proud to be a jew.
  • I went to the Dr. to check on something I was concerned about and Baruch Hashem it was something extremely minor that we treated within minutes and went away. Thank you Hashem for curing me.
  • Got to spend a very inspiring shabbos with some of the most special people. It was very uplifting and encouraged me to try and do more misvos with love and warmth.
  • Thank you Hashem for the Rabbis of our community who stop at nothing to help us in our time of need. Please shower them with much beracha.
  • was shopping and saw something that was more than I wanted to spend, one of the workers tells me by the way that item is on special and not as marked let me scan it. They scan it and it was perfectly priced for me. Thank you Hashem for this savings.

Thank You Hashem – Week 99

  • Was very proud to come home from work and see my daughter and our neighbor preparing to go and visit an elderly neighbor of ours. They bought her a cupcake in honor of Shabbat and bought her a card to go with it. They wrote a beautiful thoughtful card to her. They wrapped the cupcake in a box and wrapped it with a shabbat flower. Our elderly neighbor was very touched and very happy and I saw that she has kept the card displayed in her living room. Thank you Hashem for wonderful children. Ps- we went for another visit and my younger son also participated in the misvah- Hazak Ubaruch-Thank you Hashem
  • Was feeling bummed out and completely upset because a deal did not turn out the way I thought it would. Went to a memorial service of a friend and realized there is more to life , you win some and loose some.Then met up with new friends who invited me to join them for dinner 🙂
  • Mabrook on the lovely Bar-Misvah-harbeh nachat
  • I had a flight scheduled to go to  Las Vegas early in the morning. Due to severe weather the driving was very slow and I wasn’t sure if I would make it on time to the airport. I made it on time but there was a very big line. They told me if I need to fly with my luggage I will have to take the next flight. I said ok what can I do? I will take the next flight. I was curious to see what Hashem had planned for me,let me see where this goes. I knew this was not for nothing. I ended up sitting next to executives of a large company on the next flight. We got to talking and one thing led to another and I ended up getting a $7000 job from them. Thank you Hashem for putting me on this flight.
  • Brit milah today mazal tov to all!!!
  • Thank you Hashem for sending my daughter such a beautiful chatan with the finest midot-I can’t express the gratitude I feel today on the day of her wedding. My wife and daughter were getting nervous after she dated 8 different   boys and it did not work out. I told her not to worry -Hashem has it all figured out for you already just keep up the Tefilot. Sure enough the next boy that came around was the one we were waiting for… Thank you Hashem
  • I finished listening to the very inspiring radio interview on my computer at work with Gabby Sassoon (jroot radio , can hear it on their website-highly recommend) and afterwards was just sitting there absorbing all that I heard as the radio program continued with its chesed hour. People calling in with all types of chesed offerings, jobs, luggage handywork. All of a sudden a boy calls in and says he found an ipod next to Bnei Binyamin if anyone lost it call 718-. I jumped out and said, My sons Ipod! Min hashamyim, I quickly called and gave simanim and shortly after had the lost ipod in my pocket. My son brought his ipod for the shuls carnival so they can use it for the music but at the end of the day the ipod was gone. The shul was very considerate and didn’t want my son to feel bad about doing a chesed and losing his ipod so they gave him money to buy a new one. So now the shul can have the money back as well….gets better, I went to pick up the ipod and the young boy who found it answers the door and I am holding money in my hand to give him as a reward. I tell him thank you so much, here you go, go and get some delicious ice cream. He takes a step back and says no thank you, I only want the reward for the misvah. I try and push him to take it as a gift separate from the misvah but all he can say is no thank you I only want the misvah for returning it I do not want anything else. I even tried forcing the money into his hand and he stepped back and kept saying all I want is the misvah.Who is like our wonderful children-they are so special. Additionally I explained to him that because he returned it, the shul will have the additional money back so it is a double misvah.This made him even happier.
  • Thank you Hashem for my eyes and thank you Hashem for the ability to close my eyelids instantly in case something improper appears in front of them, Hashem you think of everything!
  • Bris this week-mabruk
  • my friends child is getting married tonight and another friends tomorrow night- Thank you Hashem for simachot
  • My daughters Birthday-thank you Hashem
  • Thank you Hashem for all the wonderful luxuries you let me enjoy in life. Such as my eyes , my fingers , my heart , my legs , my kidneys , my lungs , my ability to speak and communicate , my beautiful family just to name a few of the millions you have bestowed upon me and many in your world. Thank you Hashem for the chesed that you do for us every breathing moment.

Thank You Hashem–Week 98

  • Was just reminded of 2 instances where the chesed of Hashems “Nature” saved peoples lives. Thank you Hashem for the chesed of making body weight lighter in the water, remembered 2 cases of children able to lift up a person that was under water and possibly drowning. Outside of the water they would not have had the strength to pick them up but because of Hashems chesed of making body weight lighter in the water they were saved!
  • Thank you to all who are responsible for this terrific email. It is very uplifting. Thank you Hashem for Thank you Hashem
  • Thankful for my trip to Israel and being able to share it with my son & husband.Thankful for a new perspective from Hashem on NYC, and its purpose for me.
  • I was driving in Lakewood and saw a beautiful bus type of van that was from Bikur Cholim to drive people to and from the hospital . Shortly after I saw another similar type of beautiful van from Bikur holim also to use for Hospital transpotation. Only by our great people do you see these considerate ideas in helping out one another. Thank you Hashem.
  • Thank you Hashem for happy occasions to share with family and friend
  • My friends daughter has become a kallah,mazel tov

from Rabbi Miller-Every person who’s called a Jew should thank Hashem when he opens his eyes in the morning. It should be his first thought in the day. If a person learns to thank Hashem for life and to recognize Hashem in nature around him, then it won’t be too difficult for him to understand that the Am Yisrael has been chosen for a special privilege, and Torah and mitzvos are gifts on top of everything else.

  • HashgachatPratit heard from my neighbor- a man who was a widower went on a business trip to Las vegas. Was a trade show there and many people from our neighborhood were also on this trip. While there this man suffered a heart attack and baruch Hashem there were our Brooklyn Hatzalah members present and they took care of him immediately and watched over him as he recovered. While there with him in Las vegas one of the Hatzalah members mentioned to this man that he has a wonderful mother inlaw who is a widdow and he would like them to meet when they get back to Brooklyn. He agreed and Today they are happily married Baruch Hashem. Hashem is the master of everything.
  • Thank you Hashem for answering my tefillah today
  • from Mitzvah man- Just received a text from a volunteer that said the following.” I sat down in my store today to write a check for $360 for a child to go to camp” As soon as I signed the check,4 customers walked in my store” each customer bought an item for $450 each that I NEVER SELL “I didn’t do this for any reward but it was very nice to get rewarded on the spot”  The giver is Happy,the parents of the child are Happy.and the child is Happy. Everyone’s a Happy Camper.. Shabbat Shalom.
  •  I went to visit an elderly woman and was having a nice visit and she happily and proudly directed my attention to her beautiful shabbat flowers that Mitzvah man delivers to her each week-kidush Hashem- Thank you Hashem for our great people , ps-going for a bikur holim visit today and because I saw the flowers had the idea to contact Mitzvah Man to see if he has flowers available for this patient and sure enough he instantly on the spot replies with info where to pick them up from. Mi Kiamcha Yisrael
  • Listen to this, had a Bris a Wedding and an Engagement party to go to on Wednesday and a Bris a Wedding and an Engagement party to go to on Thursday- Thank you Hashem for simachot
  • My car lease was up and had to be returned the next morning. Was at a friends house the night before and when I got back to my car the door handle was hanging down practically scraping the street and the door had scratch marks all over it. Someone tried to break in and steal it. Now I had to return the car the next morning without being able to fix it. I was sure they would charge me a fortune for returning the car with that damage. Baruch Hashem , got the final bill and they did not ask for a red cent. An open miracle being when you return a leased car they examine the car looking to tally up a nice bill for you. Thank you Hashem
  • Thank You Hashem for the Torah that lights up my life
  • Went to a wedding last night with a friend and Got to see a gadol Hador ,Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetzky shlita’ and bh’ we were able to get a Beracha.

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